How to make 'From the Ashes' 10/10 (Spoilers)


When you have an issue as big as this you need to use a messenger big enough to deal with such issues. I checked the birthday of Vavra and connected this with his Zodiac sign. I am sad to say, the stars are not in favor of both a butcher and a baker at the same time.


This is also true. I as a Swede know quite well what we did in Bohemia. We even to this day have some very special books that we plundered from Prague and our government refuse to give them back.


doesn’t that go against the Prime Directive unless of course the whole planet is a social/biological lab experimnt


This just looks like a really shitty lazy dlc to me, I’ve not touched it as I just thought it looked tacked on lazy crap, why not stop wasting effort on this shite and make story dlc with characters and quests. Only building dlc I’d like is my own home, decent storage and stuff


because that’s not what this was…this was an attempt at an interactive way to see how villages were set up.

Time frames may be unrealistic but you see the drastic change the village goes through, population increase, the kind of help you would need to get, the kind of resources you would need to get and you play through it all instead of finding a book adding to your already extensive codex; which was only implemented as an educational add on and is comprised of notes taken during tours of these areas pre making of the game.

It’s not a story add on, it’s a “build/manage a village” add on…could still be more to it though


Very interesting. this is where historical nuance (if followed) should be played up in the ledger. the reality is i don’t really know the reality and context for much of medieval life. having the game provide the context would aid considerably at calibrating gameplay expectations


I didn’t realise you were one of those statue-nose-breakers! :wink: By the way, I have a very good story from the times of the 30-year war from an old lady with an unusual surname. Ms Giant (in Czech) was the descendant of a young woman whose family nursed a wounded Swedish soldier back to health after the war. He never learnt a word of Czech but the two people nonetheless fell in love and married. Noone ever bothered to ask the Swede his name (!), and because everyone simply called him Giant, they became Mr and Mrs Giant.


We only seem to have French candles. So, we’ll need to save a traveling French merchant from a band of bastards to activate this structure in the ledger


that would be kind of neat if this FtA is kind of on “pause” and that’s why it seems unfinished, and then as DLC comes out and the story progresses FtA updates and allows more to happen…I feel like I would like that better than this being all there is, but if there is more I don’t want to wait until other/all DLCs to come out lol


Sweden was a horrible and aggressive nation back then. It is difficult to imagine that for me today as we Swedes are more or less afraid of every and any conflict.

That was a great story about the Giant couple! I work daily with a woman from Ostrava and she do not play games at all, until I showed her KCD that is! Now she and her son plays it and they love the authenticity of the landscape and how buildings that still exist today are represented in the game. She did not agree with “drinking like a Slav” perk as she maintains that a Slav can drink way more than any other ethnic group, not the other way around! :smiley:


True, most famous is this one Codex Gigas


Exactly! Nice to meet people that knows these kind of things, it is more rare than one would prefer.


People from Ostrava certainly can. :wink: My family is originally from Prague, and most of my family for as many generations as I know of are and always have been teetotallers (for no particular reason), so stereotypes are useless.
As for Sweden’s aggressive past, you’ve given us Abba, so all is forgiven. :wink:


To be perfectly honest, I think the book is currently much safer with the Swedes, seeing the general incompetence in the lands of the Czech Crown at the moment (let’s not make this political).


Thanks! We Swedes loves the Czech-republic, my family has been there three times and it is always a pleasure.


I just feel like they could be spending there time giving us decent dlc


The entire DLC was just a huge letdown. It felt pointless in every way. Why would stone be needed if it’s not even used on the church? I mean, that was the entire reasoning in the dialog for getting the stone, yet the only addition to the church was rebuilding the rickety old wooden tower. The church still looks like a pile of garbage. Everything else about this DLC just felt rushed and empty. I wanted to be excited about this DLC, but as such, there’s nothing to be excited about. Like I said, it was a pointless waste of time. They could have, or still could do so much better.

Where are the attacks to the village that we have to defend? Why the hell can’t I build both a baker and a butcher, and why in the world are my people still sleeping in tents when the entire dialog regarding that was to get them out of the tents in Rattay?

Plus, like the original post, why is this town filled with absolute nobodies? When building a town, why couldn’t we invite the people we’ve known or gotten to know throughout the game? It’s just silly.

SMH, Warhorse…


It looks like you’ve played a completely different DLC. My people don’t sleep in tents (most of them, anyway) and I know loads of them in person. Even Matthew and Fritz are there, the lazy beggars.
And it’s a church in a village, not a cathedral in a city, so the repaired look is actually pretty amazing. (It makes sense that you need stone to repair a stone building even if you’re not completely rebuilding it.)


not to me. It was letdown for more reasons than @alphamachina said.