How useful are shields?

Didn’t really get an answer about this in my last thread. I only learned about this awesome game a week ago, so all I’ve seen are the gameplay videos.

Like the title asks, how useful are shields? Is the only benefit being able to block arrows for the extra weight? Is blocking easier with a shield? If someone swings on the left torso side, will a shield block that hit automatically? Or will it be like it’s not there?

It is much easier!

Yes, because weapons and armor are collision based…

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Very. Very. Very useful
Go into battle without a shield and you die… basically

Cool thanks :smile:

from what I’ve learned think I’ll be using an Axe and Shield for the majority of the game. The mixed slashing/blunt damage the Axe gives us is attractive though depending on the ratio of mail/plate might mean I go sword most of the time.

Polearm sounds interesting too, but if archers are as deadly as they seem that might not be the best of ideas.


To be honest, I had quite little issues with archers in game so far - either took them out with my own bow, or charged them while covering myself behind trees etc.

Some notes - polearms are sexy, and strong as fuck - but they are really, really hard to keep close, as you can´t store it in invetory, so you have to carry it in your hands all the time. I eventually always lost my polearms because I forgot where did I put it :confused: So they are like locally placed superweapons and quite rare resource. (Like BFG :D)

Shield + axe is probably the most versatile equipment, but its offensively quite average.
The reason is that with shield equipped you need more stamina for single swing, essentially limiting your offensive potential - and this is paired with fact that while axes have two not that bad damage stats (slash and blunt), they are always lower then damage stats of other weapon with corresponding quality.

So essentially - shield+axe is combo which always works atleast partially, but you will be much more effective if you equip yourself for the occassion - long sword against low-armor opponents, mace and shield (or maybe warhammer if they are actually ingame) against armored opponents.

Its of course up to you, as both tactics have their advantages! For example, carrying shield, longsword, mace and such all together can put quite a strain on your weigth limit, so its good to keep that in mind aswell :slight_smile:


Not really… it comes down to your armor and weapon/s

Well that’s why I was interested in the Axe or polearm, although average and slow respectively swing wise. Damage wise I’d never be totally behind and would only have to master a single style. Obviously when you put enough hours as playthroughs in it doesn’t matter since you’ll have probably mastered all the weapons to some degree. But for my first couple playthroughs I wanna try it sort of realistic. A normal fellow won’t be carrying around an armory of weapons on him, he’ll have one maybe two that he’s mastered.


yeah, thats another advantage, mastering only one type of weapon can prove to be quite advantageous indeed :slight_smile:

Well yeah, but you kinda need a shield until you start wearing full plate

or not even mastered, that he just has so he’s more comfortable with
if you want it to be realistic then you’d probably have a sword as a side arm and some sort of main weapon when you go into battle

Meh… Not full plate but something close to that… yes

How many weapons can you carry?

It´s only limited by weight.

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As much as your carryweight lets you.
But remember you also have to wear clothes/armor
Carry food, bandaids, other necessities

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Bandages sorry
So used to saying band aid

I mean… how many can you have equipped I should have said.

Ah shield
one handed
bow and arrows

Conversely you can have a polearm(or pollarm, dont kill me)
Although im not sure if you can have a shield equipped while using one

I think it comes down to playstyle personally. I just use a longsword and I’ve found that to be my most effective style. Block/parry isn’t my strong point, however, dodging is. The shield seems to slow me down and drain more stamina. Straight after a dodge the opponent is open for a series of strikes.

1 melee and 1 ranged

At this point, after building up my Strength, taking the Mule Perks, training a lot with Bernard and having a horse with a lot of capacity for loot and extra gear, I always carry a longsword for unarmored opponents, and a mace+shield for plate armor opponents, since you can switch weapons mid-combat. Even with plate armor, a bow, and arrows I have enough inventory space that carrying two weapons and a shield is no big issue. Just gotta remember that I can’t combo with longsword and shield so I gotta take off the shield. Plus, I’m roleplaying a Paladin who is smart and prepared and honorable so i had to go with Mace and Shield. The long sword is more of a nobility thing but it’s nice to have against 4-5 unarmored opponents. That and the variety keeps things fresh. I’m thinking of switching out longsword for shortsword (since my character has some agility from using a bow) and always keeing the shield on. Thoughts?