I can’t seem to find money from butcher kochwurst


I can’t seem to find the money from butcher kochwurst in Prybyslavitz.
Its not in the house/butchershop, in the very hardlock chest. The money in there is from the butchers wife.
The butcher has about 20k G. and i am very curious where that might be. Pickpocketing also doesnt work.
Is it maybe because its a special npc?
Anybody an idea?


On PS4 btw


Maybe yes!? He can get immortal etc after you ask him to join in Prybyslavitz.
Many RPG’s using this kind of method to ensure a smooth continue gameplay.
But that is theroy until Mod Support arrives


I understand that, but i’m still curious where his money is. Not that i would take it ofcourse :grin:


Anybody else?