I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


For several reasons,

1.didn’t get an office/home
2. could not build all the buildings
3. underwear bug ( with no mods)
4. went too fast ( having 1.1M groshen helped)
4a. start of the DLC there was too much that was done clearing with no time passage indication( days? weeks months?) Build a 1Km road that dead end in the forest to a deer path and a bridge in a few days really? Along with the rest of the construction ( a few weeks/ month or 3 mebbe) especially without chainsaws and a D8 caterpillar). not get to hire the clearing work crew.
5. did not get to have all the named Skalitz refugees come.
6. Messed with most of my favorite mods and forced me to vanilla the DLC and forced me into ~ 4hours of mod bug hunting to get them to work.
7. can’t talk to most of the hamlet besides not being from skalitz.
8. no grindstone at the armorer.*
9. one and done nothing relating to the hamlet and the world around.
10. Too far and out of the way travel wise from the hubs of the game
11. the place doesn’t really make me want to go back there because of the above.
12. no tailor, cobbler, laundry./bath might as well hang around Sassau or rattay and loot banits.

Not what I was expecting or hoping. wondering to do or not to remove the DLC.


Whilst many here think I am ‘rosey coloured glasses’ for Warhorse- I am not.

I held off buying DLC on basis that the studio is yet to prove themselves with ANY launch.

Seems to me this ongoing missing timescale (eg not actually building road) will become big thorn that breaks realworld immersiveness this game is so close to achieving.

If the Studio could figure out what attracts their customers- they could target their product accordingly.
Seems their vision is without the forth dimension (time); this is actually an easy one to simulate and telies not on cpu/horsepower but game design prowess (good writing and implementation).

Just hope patches dont get truncated going forward (eg microsoft wouldnt dare not keep everything at same version)- if FtA changes base game in ANY way; possibility becomes that two branches of troubleshooting lie before us (one for DLC users, one for vanilla KCD users): obviously this cannot happen.

How silly would a $10 DLC be if it killed off the maiden product…
Worth it?

Tgis should be free until WH sort out the major issues and can deliver meaningful downloadable extras (that forum users describe as being written by one team member and not very well even for that… (rushed?)).

Slow down WH.
Quality, not quantity.


I’m not near as down on it as you. Yeah, there’s room for improvement. I think WH will make some upgrades. And, in the end, the $10 will compare favorably with other games such as those that offer rare skins.


Paid more and got more outa the W3 wine and roses DLC ( was actually sad it ended) or W3 Hearts of Stone DLC.



I do have the feel that I have office within the Rathause, even when its not “mine”

Grindstone at Armory would be nice, but I miss more that there is no tailor to repair my clothe armor and no bathouse or at least laundry.

Its true I would like to see moved to Pribyslavits more refugees from Rattaj, or at least have opportunity to speak with the NPCs about their reasons for staying (even when they did not got job from Aquarius quest).

Looking on map of the Pribislavits its clear there is some planned expansiion of buildings = there is sstill some space so I expect some expansion to the DLC in the future, or that even when all quests related to the building are done, there is still some events to come. From DLC reviews is clear that people were unaware of many of the DLCs new features , plus being filthy rich spoils the fun.

There is some potential to make the economical part of the building the city more interesting, however its clear that when you build bring and traderr you will be in red numbers no matter what. Once you build Tavern or Forge you will be in green numbers no matter what…

I see some potential to expand on the ideas which are indicated on the DLC. For example quests which will further improve sold armor / weaponry, getting captain for guardhouse (i am actually still looking in the game for suitable candidate :D.

Maybe some combat oriented events…

I dont feel its a let down or disapontment, i see some space for improvement for the DLC content. I would not compare it to Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine. Warhorse however does not have so much capacity as CDPR at release of W3, but lets see how the DLC with Theresa will look like.


Sorry to hear that. It’s only £7.99 tho. If you paid £60 then sure…


This DLC is 10 euro full of disappointment. It has a good idea but ended up being half done. Somethings have to be fully made to be useful. This DLC is like building half a bridge, without the other half you can´t use it. I´d say make it 20 euro but give us a full, finished DLC. Personally I haven´t even bothered buying the DLC. I watched a playthough from Cohh and others. I am one of the lucky who hasn´t wasted his wallet on this DLC. We miss a bathhouse, a tailor, a cobbler. This DLC is supposed to be a bigger player home. A center for the player to come to. As it is now, it is only a decent investment and after that there is no more need to come back. Rattay or Sassau are way better to stay at. Rattay has a fence, has a cobbler, bathhouse and tailer, and ever both armor and sword smith. Sassau is the same, only the fence is further away.


If you haven’t played it, you can’t really comment. you need a good 10 hours before you could be able to review the product.


Not true there’s enough feedback and YouTube videos to make a pretty informed decision about things. I see where your going with your comment. But for all you know he could have watched 3 days of video’s about the DLC seen every aspect of it and thought nah. You just never know :eyes:


Bro bro bro??10 freggin dollars and ur complaining it’s sad :disappointed: Cut them some slack if ur mad go buy some ale or watch a movie with ur women or man


He can’t talk like he owned the product to call it “10 euros full of disappointment”. This should be common sense. If I watched 3 days videos about Alien Covenant and said the film was a waste of money, without experiencing it for myself, that’s stupid.

If you don’t like the look of it just say its not for you.


But that’s a film, this is a game. A lot of people make buying desissions based on feedback and video’s. If your expecting something and then you see all back feedback and think it plays poorly in YouTube playthroughs then yes you can be and can call it a disappointment. What you can’t do is then bad mouth the devs for it as you haven’t bought it . You can always express your disappointment. Even if it is based on these things. When it comes to films there another thing. What some like others don’t. And YouTube videos are limited to what they can show.


Sure, mabe you can’t compare Hearts of Stone with from the ashes dev wise, but in the end I am just a consumer who buys with my money- which doesn’t grow on trees.
I for myself don’t have much, low income and a family to feed (have to think twice if I can be that egoistic to buy something just for me) - still I wanted to support the devs and the game.

Now thinking back to HoS and comparing to FtA.
HoS: new outfits - FtA: couldn’t even rob the locators hat
HoS: new cinematics and storyline - FtA: A few judgings and a locator acting as the actual bailiff
HoS: new unexplored places and sidequests - FtA: recycled buildings and silly restrictions

HoS took me at least a week to do everything and left me on the edge of my seat -
FtA took me two days mostly because the traveling (not that bad), the slow locator (he just takes his sweet ass time to get moving!) and forcefully slowly paced dialogues.
And I had a total of 60k to begin with.

In every interview it was said, that this town will be henrys home base, from where he starts out for adventure, sure with broken armor,muddy ripped clothes, etc.
The locator had fancy clothes, which led me to think: “wow we get new cool stuff!” you can’t even take it from him, and I think they showcased it like that on purpose.
Sure, they never said that there will be new stuff, in chats and so on toby always would stay silent on such questions.

So I have to agree, this are 9,99€ of disappointment.
I would have paid more for a better dlc, but I wouldn’t buy any addition to FtA, it’s a matter of principle.


10 Euro’s of disappointment is wrong tho when he hasn’t spent the money on it.

how about “it looks like it’s not worth 10 euro’s”. that would be a better way to say it


I watched streams. Cohh took like 10 hours or so to stream the DLC. He pretty much did as much as everyone would do. This means I saw and because it is life, felt everything of the DLC. This was not a summary I read, I read the entire story. I can firmly say it is 10 euro´s down the drain, 10 euro of disappointment is all it is. I have seen and read every part of the DLC. I hope the next DLC will be worth the money. If they bothered to add a taylor, a bathhouse and a personal room for Henry I would be less disappointed. Of course with more as just 1 new item per store, which is also a big disappointment. The weapon smith only sells the sword Tusk as a new weapon while for example a crossbow or a mace where the haft and the ball are connected by chain would be awesome, instead of just a not even that good of a new sword.


you can’t review a game you haven’t played man… how can i make this any clearer


Ok then buy a pack of Budweiser next time


The DLC is absolutly 10 Euro’s of disappointment. And of course you can just watch some YT Videos to make that decision. Doesn’t make a difference if you look at the few Houses Ingame or on Youtube. Sadly there is no new Gameplay or some interesting Quests. And revisiting the Town is pointless since important Things for a Home Base are missing or not working thanks to new Bugs.

Looking back I regret my purchase. And I really hope WH makes some meaningful updates to the DLC…


We haven’t seen eye to eye on a lot of things but let’s see if we can here.

When you watch twitch. You watch someone play a game like kcd. You feel like it’s you playing. You building. You fighting. When the dlc came out you had expectations for that DLC based on what the devs said. No one else. You watch a 12 hour stream and see that it adds nothing new or of any value . You can then decide it’s a disappointment and a waste of $10. So you don’t buy and you save that $10. Just because he hasn’t had a controller or mouse in his hands doesn’t mean he don’t know what it’s like or what the DLC is


U mean short medieval flair that be awesome but never was rlly used but I see ur perspective