I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


I mean this thing,
As long as it was used sometimes it could be in as it is historically correct. But of course there are many other weapons that should have been added. I am just giving an example. I have a book somewhere with medieval armor which looks really cool. Maybe I will post some of those examples later. My point is, more items should be added. Just a single new item per store is meager.


Kirksty you dont get me and you show little interest 3st to understand others points of view.

I dig KCD. I love open world games.

My family went crazy for Hearthfire addition to Skyrim on basis of adding adoptive children and ‘building a home’.
This mod is one of the few mods to ANY game that interests myself (and more importantly- my family- for whom I buy entertainment), and would, based on how much I love the KCD open world experience- be a ‘no brainer’ day one purchase.

So why wasnt it?
Well I figured it might prove shallow and be a bugfest and ruin my KCD experience.
It isnt a polished playable gem ‘out the gate’.

It should have been to reaffirm belief in the studio.

If I was responsible for release it would be held back extra days/weeks whatever, until it was polished and a complete package.

Skyrim didnt lauch Heartfire for a very long time after TES V came out… and they did another largerscale mod first whilst they figured out/mastered the requisite ‘people aspects’ of the game.

The add ons (like the Witcher add ons) were well priced and added a lot of potential entertainment.
Or value for money…

Everyone has different metrics for justifying a purchase.
A second hand copy of dragons dogma or dragons crown would net me way more entertainment than this DLC.
Saving towards Ni No Kuni 2 would also net better value.
Or maybe its time for me to buy planetary landings module for Elite?!

I dont see value in EA products and wont buy them anymore. (Got shafted on Battlefield Hardline and then again with Star Wars Battlefront), expensive paid for additions to keep playing a game ‘with the whole community’ might make them money but it doesnt help their games or win them friends.
EA just do it wrong. Many may agree with this…

I think Titanfall (2) did it correct with goving the full game and letting players buy visual acknowledgements for their avatars/player characters…
Most were fans and wanted to support the devs with some extra cash. I’d be tempted- mostly cause it isnt ‘pay to win’…

KCD needs to polish itself.
Whilst I believe that many are hard at work at Warhorse ‘beavering away’, and that DLC development doesnt necessarily mean that needed main game work misses out… releasing unpolished updates looks very ‘cash grabby’; from a studio trying to prove to us that it has OUR INTERESTS at heart.

The cost is so little that if they had given it for free: all the idjuts who believe this isnt a AAA game (it IS at least a AA game) deserving of a ‘non indy’ pricepoint (I personally see this game at full price as great value) would acknowledge the devs are keen to give value.
It could have been the concession that launch was a shmozzle and a ‘thankyou’ to early teethers.

For ‘any amount of money’ it needed to be polished and add true value.
Polishing can still happen- but the fact it is needed flies in the face of Warhorse telling us that they wouldn’t do it again if it was under their control.

I want the game to succeed, I want Warhorse to survive.
I do keep seeing some silly decisions that dont play out as intended. How long before gamers start saying ‘if it looks like a duck…’

This content sadly, as ‘no brainer’ this purchase would be for my family, is being passed up on, maybe temporarily, until Warhorse show some backbone.

I stand by my version of KCD playing perfectly well and being without the common issues others report.
Having a road be built in ‘a day’ misses the roleplay mark by a longshot.
Kirksty- that is the meat of my issue.

Ten dollars spent on rogue legacy or ziggurat would buy me hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Cashcow addons to unfinished game(s) will be the death of fun gaming.


Very weird is that they actually implemented sn old forgotten awesome concept - time limited quests - and yet did everything you’ve described to completely destroy the ‘4th dimension’


If we had modding support, maybe there would be some improvements. Modders I guess could add everything that they didn´t bother to add.


Hence my viewwpoint and first comment saying ‘the studio needs to understand its target market’.

There was a business owner in my local community who yook advice from his aged friends/mentors and from single parents and from casual weekend diners and, well, everyone…

Whilst he had his business run by a string of replaceable managers (none could deliver on his lack of consistant vision) the business folded- no one willing to work there- the owner had burnt every bridge and door open to them…

A year later, the business is sold on (at loss no doubt) all because of a lack of a mission statement.

Know your customer/know your product.
Not what is happening with this game.
And all us holding out waiting for perfection? What if we keep just getting bad decision after bad decision… it will dilute the community and what brought us here (a game with specific design ideals), will become all different things to different people.

This might work in popular genres but rpg is too niche (too small a pie slice).
With KCD, Warhorse had built a clear direction. With a paid for follow up they have shattered firm belief in who/what they are doing.

$10 DLCs shouldnt kill their parent.
They should supplement/add joy/longevity.

Creating two patch environments going forward, from a company having issues delivering on one focus is a VERY BAD IDEA.

If anyone reckons I am bonkers to feel this way- lets resume the discussion in four weeks…

Its not the $10, its the lack of confidence it generates…


your entitled to your opinion and thats all fine and dandy

what i dont like is people shitting on the game saying its a waste of money when they dont own it.


Still this money/price issue is what I’ll never understand. Because there are no standards for ‘full price’ or ‘indie price’, they all were made up. By who? AAA corporations? Probably, I dunno. Market rules are bs - in general and in case with games especially - since games ain’t ‘consumer products’, they ain’t cars or food or fancy clothes that you use and throw away. Games are art/entertainment


Modding support is also planned with new patches and as a free DLC as long as I can rememer.


Yes but that will be in the summer next year. Looking at the amount of players from the Steam charts and the upcoming games, I doubt any modders will be left.


There are already mods being made, and those guys received support from Warhorse…


I think it was pretty interesting, granted as paying $10 it “technically” was the cheapest you could pay right seeing as pound and euro worth a fair amount more. The grindstone hurts, and really pains me. If i could delete, i would kill the armorsmith and keep it a blacksmith. At least then i can get sword sharpened, armor kits, and blacksmith kits. Amorsmith is kind of a bummer. Still Shoes are the rarest item in the game as there is only 2 cobblers, and no one sells shoes at trader. It seems incomplete, much like the game does, but what can you say i am happy to have it. The Inn and Guardhouse are by far the most impressive parts of the village. 2 dice tables is sweet, and getting a load on and doing some fist fights always entertaining. About 50% of the time i drink my self to oblivion i wind up in Rattay which is hilarious.


I was glad I could give Kunesh a job at last - I’m happy with DLC if only for that


Where did you find Kunesh. After gathering in Rattay, he disappeared.


Paid more and got more…well that makes sense doesn’t it?


Ea is a pardon my French :poop:I don’t like them either but kcd may have flaws but from what I understand there kinda new Which is why i bought there game I myself was curious to see how warhorse games would be like and I really liked it.of course it need improvements,but I’m just trying to be supportive.and now ive played this one I’m excited to see what they’ll come up with next fantasy or will they stick with historical concept​:thinking:


There’s a more important and fundamental problem here.
(1) the devs and PR said they listened
(2) the devs said they implemented a new process and rolled out (much?) more content than they originally planned
(3) the studio set a modest but not insignificant price for the new DLC (modest defined as within ballpark of cost of lunch at chain restaurant in major US cities)
(4) a good number of avid KCD supporters said they’re underwhelmed by the content. There’s just not as much meat as they hoped or expected

Now reconcile (1) and (2) with (4). You can’t. You can say a build DLC was desired and produced, but beyond that there’s a significant disconnnect.

WH needs to do a better job of:
—setting expectations


oh, this is going to be good

whilst you complain about it here i’ll be enjoying the dlc


My own take is a lot less cynical and a lot less negative than you (@Yettyen, @Whitedragem, etc).

I take this as a DLC learning experience. Daniel doesn’t want to do COD-like micro transactions. Fine. Then, he’s got to figure what content his audience wants and then what he’s willing to deliver.

If WH leaves ashes alone, we’re in trouble. With a number of changes, I truly think ashes can be sublime. Hope WH improves upon ashes and learns some lessons to be applied going forward. If so, we’ll be ok


Just look at Steam reviews, only 65% gave a positive review about this DLC. I really hope they improve the DLC, which I must say, doubt. All we can hope for is that the next DLC will be properly made.


I’m not complaining about the DLC. I much enjoy it.