I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


Doubt acknowledged. WH previously rolled out free content. I’ll be really disappointed if they’ve seemingly changed character on us and don’t tweak ashes.

A focus group consisting of avid players and WH forum participants might help.


Which has NEVER been me.

Never even argued the studios AAA status and think they deserve to sell a full price game.

Just shouldnt follow up with underbaked products and attempt the whole ‘heres the rest of the game, in bits, for a higher cost’…

As if the initial purchase is a drug sample bag.
Now you’re addicted to the game it took years making with teams of people that sold for full price. (No argument)

Losing ongoing sales due to overpriced modules required to be purchased to get half a game- No!

Warhorse would sell more full priced games if seen as attempting to give everything they can to flesh out their product. Thats value adding and seen as ethical/consumer win positive action.

More people would rave about game, more positive talk about the game.
Evidence exists countering unfounded negative comments that studio is cash grabbimg and releasing sub par product… as they are seen giving the best product they can muster.

Added benefits would be consumer patience and faith for studio to get the game finished and working reliably.
Thanking consumers for enduring a troubled launch is a great move as well.

What we have? A studio accused of cash grabbing (selling unworking/unrefined product at high price), who goes on to sell modules for said product even before game is solid and fit for retail for many users…
Now people are out of pocket for more than the cost of a AAA title. And what those early adopters have isnt being raved about.

Non fans will pick it all up in a Game of the Year version (includes all dlcs at no extra cost) down the track, probably on sale.

Fans for the product and studio having been twice burned wont want to talk it up or encourage others to try it (suggesting to wait for the GOTY version…)
Negative press and 10% of initial product sales paying an extra $10 is nothing compared to selling many more base (full priced) units to new users.
Something positive press does (eg building product to be better than initial reviews with value added content/gameplay/longevity)

Selling more full priced units is where the money is at.
Selling DLC to a limited number of prospective users works when your game has massive unit sales (eg Witcher/Skyrim/Battlefield/the Sims etc)…

Warhorse need to think market strategy.
Or get their product working and be above the negativity-

Blindly stumbling into the desert with no water seems suicidal.
They should be trying to win fans over: not wringing every last piece of coin from their dwindling fan base.
Make the game work well and release working DLC and they are entitled to their coin.
Releasing prematurely a game at full price and then charging more for parts of it that are just as unpolished seems like a last resort from a busted business.

If Warhorse were in it for the long run- they best act that way. Saying they will vastly improve on future quality control and then not doing so when all eyes are on them- not a solid move.

Again; its my passion for them to succeed that makes me critical of them presently.

Whilst this feedback is ‘too little, too late’ for avoiding this pickle; maybe they can give more though (or development/quality control) to future product.

Hopefully goodwill will still exist towards them until they can make it out of the woods.

End of day- as a consumer I vote with my wallet.

Again- this is the DLC my family (and I) would dream of having. Very happy it exists.
“I want to believe.”


Well, to be honest, I totally loved the idea, sucked up every tiny bit of information, even eagerly awaited the E3.
The vibe from this new town is amazing, waking up at 6am with the sun coming through the door (upper floor rathaus)

But after all, it was not what they have advertised, like in the base game.
You had a big cliffhanger although in the gamedescription it was said you would avenge your parents (not sure about that sword thing) then you let the guy simply go his marry way.
You get told that in the dlc you get a home base and even in the dlc it was mentioned you will expand the town.
Then it ends just like that, like the base game.


If that’s your take on ashes, you’ve seemingly maligned WH and their intentions. Users did ask for a build DLC, and WH delivered and not too long after announcing their DLC roadmap.

This is an interesting take. I’ve harped about change management since the earliest post production patch.

What is the quality goal for KCD itself? Not sure we know. Not sure WH has explicitly identified it, operationalized it and is seeing the fruit borne by it. If they have, console users are f🤬cked


They’ll work on KCD2, then Hussite Wars. Vávra mentioned they wanted to make it, but were not quite ready as they wanted huge battles. They were able to put 100 fighting NPCs together but we see the results in KCD.


And likely people like me with not top notch systems won’t be able to play it due to the heavy workload they dump on the CPU without a $1k US + investment.


With the game, it just ended because DS needed product. With the DLC, what would make it not just ended? At conceptual or basic feature level what needs doing?


Are you referring to a KCD battle (eg Pribyslavitz) or a test?


Both big battles for m are fought at 5-11 FPS because of the CPU work load. those fights are just the background and 30-40 moving people.
forget about fancy game mechanics just trying to fight is difficult enough.
100 prolly lock up my system.


Oh man I didnt realize village/home was a community requested DLC…

How come it was the first released if it was the last they began work on?
Sure I’d expect for 1/6 cost of base game that more than a few weeks effort (and a LOT more thought about incorporating into coherant WORKING world) would happen.

Base game was made over years. Involved many artisans and cost bucketloads to get it all done…

True -I havent heard the new voicework or music or assets (although this thread suggests building models are cut n paste reissues of existing models- hope they fixed the stamp/building that bombs performance in game since launch…)

If quests are unthought out (as a playtester the instabuildroad would have been seriously red flagged), and Henry still cant do his own trade… then what have we added?

Oh, a few objects to make appear that remove major groshen from inventory?

But I would pay double the askance for a proper DLC of a ‘home village design’ incorporating balanced currency (eg workers building a road could spend their hardearned coin in a real economy) and proper resource gathering that added weeks of gameplay.

Eg in real time in my realworld game let me build a world Id really love to live in…
Much more balance and playtesting would have made half my wishes come true.
The other half would justify the extra ten bucks.
Yes- id happily pay $20 for a well thought out DLC that gave me more of my fave game to play.

Having read about bugs and lack of polish- why would I want to pay top dollar (DLC wont go up in price) to playtest their product again?

Or wait and pay half as much (on sale) for a refined polished product…doesnt seem like incentive to pay more now for glitchy version.

Ive played glitchy games and sometimes by the time they are made to work- ye just cant be bothered to replay them…

I want a polished game experience. Price be damned.
I still prefer an open world game with bugs to a five hour corridor shooter/romp with no replay ability…

KCD has infinite playtime if made that way.
Building DLCs to go the distance is what will make that happen… not rush jobbing half arsed products that reek of lack of forethought - easily forgiven if not ‘given’ at premium cost.

10$ is cheap, sure…
But lets evaluate- vs the full price large game, thats a lot of extra coin for an untested shallow product.


bunch of premadonnas in here. I dont think any of the last 20 posts were less than 100 word short essays


You already made many great suggestions.

I would loved to see more judgements, to keep my reputation in pribyslavitz up, even after the last “special” npc moved in or the last thing was build.
Maybe a few quests involving the new buildings like a thief in the stables and you have to find the culprit or else the people loose respect.
After building the bakery and such I never visited them again. There was no need.

a few more dialogues mabe just to see how the people are doing.

I don’t know what is possible and what is not, I would like to contribte more to the town, like bringing home stuff/ goods so all my people could benefit from it.
The armorer and trader are rich by now, I would love to see the wealth on the people (clothes mabe).

I would love to go hunting for my people and from time to time make a feast in my town with music and dance, you would think it’s something to celebrate recreating a town…


NO , Just disappointed customers who express well and in full sentences and paragraphs


the same thing over and over and over


lamentable. on my vanilla PS4, it might’ve coughed a couple times but otherwise any lag that existed didn’t interrupt the flow of battle.

the reason i asked the question is twofold. (1) WH staged the battles. so to call them grand battles is misleading. different squads collectively numbering over 50-75 didn’t all fight at the same time

i think the 6 layer armor is a processing sponge. the 6 layer is nice but they need to create a kit rollup to simplify damage mechanics across all the NPCs… at least until we get next gen systems.

in this conception a kit is the summation of the parts into one layer for each of the body parts identified by the combat mechanic. add pieces together and then click ‘fit kit’ button to create the all in kit. during combat, the kit takes damage. and then, afterwards depending on your need and situation, click on ‘disassemble kit’ to swap out any or all of the 6 parts.


People don’t compare prices of Harry Potter books vs LotR, or ticket prices for tarantino movies vs marvel crap. Games ain’t ‘products’ ffs


connecting the recruitment of special NPCs to previous quests was very well thought out. it made up for a fundamental gap in the KCD narrative: impact of current decision on future NPC world (a hallmark of some games such as Fallout New Vegas)

the ashes specific quests are really of 3 types:
(1) obtain resources
(2) build
(3) make money

So, it’s not so much that quests aren’t well thought out. It’s that there’s no real depth beyond start up. no optional and/or mandatory rinse repeat activities beyond passing judgment^. no combat missions for any of the following:
–assemble squad and attack an enemy camp (fixed enemy location),
–assemble squad confront an squad sighted somewhere by point x (enemy moving around an area),
–defend Pribyslavitz itself and make (pay for) repairs for any damage suffered
to heck with historical accuracy, this is a matter of playability. beyond combat quest-like activites, any questing is a bonus.

many of the home bits that are missing are correctable.

^ - i was hoping for more speech checks in judgment. haven’t seen that


Just so you know, a product is: something that is made, grown, or obtained so that it can be sold. I do suppose the word product in place. Source: MacMillian School DIctionary 2011. Something can be art and a product. A rembrand is also a product and art. The DLC is less art compared to the main game. The main game is great, the DLC is garbage. I really like the concept of the DLC, the output is were it went totally wrong.


Just sounds like a lot of people who dont like the game going back and forth trying to convince themselves they didn’t wast money or something…it’s cool if you don’t like it, it’s cool if you stop playing permanently, or stop for a while, or just never stopped…who fuckin cares? You know what isn’t going to help, going back in forth on a forum site designed for people to help with fixes and information they have found, not comparing sticks to stones and apples to oranges…

devs/workers hardly even get on here anyway, send an email or get on their twitter


kaizen… i care