I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


obviously enough to highlight three words


iow, city life? repeatable, periodic events and activities to invest in and interact with YOUR hamlet folk AFTER the core structures have been built (ie Divish objective met)


Which doesn’t mean that rembrandt works are evaluated only with $ and could be compared with van gogh by how many evening lunches you can buy for it or how people who don’t understand art rated them


are we in with the Harry Potter lot or the Lord of the Rings lot?

suppose we take a premise … i’ll call it playable realism… and then let’s evaluate ashes relative to that premise.

does ashes well provide playable realism for the daily challenges, opportunities, tasks and rewards of a medieval bailiff in the Holy Roman Empire c 1400? to me, ashes is a good faith effort and a really decent start. but, to answer directly and candidly, no. there’s more to be done in order to attain playable realism for the role of bailiff in a province suffering from banditry and pillaging


Unfortunately, if we are not critical enough (not saying you aren’t) with Warhorse mistakes and leave our hopes for modders (demanding more to modders than to developers) acting like fanboys who will buy whatever it sales, that would be part of the problem instead of the solution. I don’t want Warhorse becoming Bethesda (in its scale) because of modders saving their games longevity.


I like this idea, but this wouldn’t be fair, too. KC:D doesn’t seem to be, or try to be THE realistic game. Wh did many inaccuracies on purpose for the sake of giving more ‘fun’ and freedom to players. I feel like Ashes expansion was made for people who love sandbox stuff (and many indeed asked for it).
Can’t judge the DLC from this point of view because I personally don’t give a f, I don’t have this ‘sweet home’ feeling in any game, and I find Hearthfire expansion for Skyrim (since someone mentioned it here) incredibly boring and pointless. but in Ashes I enjoyed the additional content and liked that I could help refugees find their place and clean Rattay a bit


which is why they are still begging in the street and not offered to move. Real help from the DLC ya


ok, i get the home DLC aversion. i don’t have it but i get it.

don’t look at it that way. look at it from the perspective that you are paying $10 for ashes to play the role of bailiff. does ashes provide enough meat to live in that role over an extended period of time.

@Yettyen has expressed a sentiment that is held by not a few people who’ve played ashes. that sentiment would say playable realism for the role of bailiff wasn’t achieved. didn’t mean they didn’t like any or much of the DLC. it’s just that not enough is there to get lost in the role and not enough is there to get lost in the place of your making and maintenance


HELL NO. :frowning:


This is exactly what I meant!
Thank you very much, my english wasn’t good enough to express it that way.


Happy to have helped. Just got lucky. Give a monkey a keyboard and time and sometimes you’ll get a cogent sentence or two


Finally someone who appreciates a great idea.


These last few comments, back to longshots mention of refugees… sums this up fairly well for me.

It has never been the price… its the vision and whether it hits it mark.
If it released big free and as a complete vision (irrelevant of size/scope), looking complete: that goes towards stregthening WH in the marketplace.

That is what I want: great games/gaming.

This discussion (yes not primadonnaing, actually read and write in forums for a purpose) has made me feel more comfortable about this add on (I truly do want it).

I mentioned Hearthfire, and how much my family wanted it. Being on PC I had alternative free options, community made mods, giving better than Hearthfire (in some aspects) homesteads.

I kinda though Hearthfire was shallow, and by that measurement, Id go on to say that FtA exceeds that scope (Hearthfire) substantially.

With polish and playtesting it might have launched with better reviews than a 6.5 average.

That doesnt make people run out and buy KCD if they were on the fence.
Thats my gripe.
WH missed opportunity- first paid for content shouldnt have released until developers believed it was an 8 review score average.

Sure its an assigned number - many gamers pass up products rated 7 or less.
Sad as some of my fave games net 7 review scores.
Generally when they add nothing new to the formula and have a few niggly issues.

@Frel: kick arse confirming that PS4 outgrunts longshots PC.
That PC is powerful, just not so capable with a game designed for six plus cores…
I agree on finding methods to consolidate yhe mayhs required for large scale battles.
Heck ps3 had ‘massive action game’ capable of 512 players online battles, yes… (sure)
Hussite wars on next gen only? Maybe not.



Yes you are… and it isnt getting funnier.

If reading is an issue (and a picture paints a thousand words),… cheers for sidelining a discussion.

Or are you saying we are ‘off topic’ and should stop bantering?

Tell your date her breath is bad. Lets get people all self conscious and feeling relaxed. People seem to contribute their best when feeling nervous and being second guest.

Id give a picture but you seem to like counting words.

Im tired- what’s your excuse?


Haha that’s brilliant. Flogging a dead horse. :joy:


Most likely only next generation would be able. As they mentioned CryEngine is not best for open world games. However, they recommended system weaker than mine for High settings but I still have technical issues. Not only me, but also GTX 1080, so I suspect we should blame engine, I don’t see deep into this. It is how I under the problem.


Vavra didn’t say exactly, I think it was testing level. Furthermore, I only hope they choose Unreal Engine or other capable one for Hussite Wars.


i was really looking forward to all the new armor the most out of everything. there is nothing new at all with the armor. that hat made me so mad lol. i wanted that like everyone else the second i seen it . i really wanted to see some new armor with some gold inlay or some etching on it,something unique. but nope nothing new . also the fact i couldnt pick every building i wanted really pissed me off with the dlc the most of all. but over all of that i still like the dlc and just like radzigs red scarf thing i still want that hat .lol


They had “village” in the working schedule, they had something ready but they expanded the idea as community requested their own home.