I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


They probably just want to encourage multiple plays and have weight in decisions…especially since most people probably didn’t start fresh and experience the DLC that way. With all the money a player has saved up they could just throw it together in no time…plus I felt it was a great opporunity to do a hardcore play through


i was hoping for a decorated bell shaped kettle hat. nope. i’m such a greedy, whiny bastard


There isn’t 10 hours worth of content to experience, there isn’t even half that. Stop apologizing for shitty DLC; it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, it’s obvious that it shipped incomplete for some reason.

OP: I agree with you fully, it feels like we only got half of the DLC or, if it is an actual good piece of content, only a third.


Same here :laughing:
I can imagine how much work it is to build new armor and painting the textures. even one or two things would have been enough for me.

and yes, I would loved to have all the buildings, because it all makes sense (imho) to have them. we are so far away from bigger towns, we need horses and protection.
I’m allowed to hunt, people need bread daily, it would (imho) make sense to have butcher and bakery.


Worth a buy, made a review:

So, there are a few people more who feel like some people here.


and it kind of echoes my feelings. As most of the people in this forum. I cannot help but feel slightly disappointed at FtA since it does not give me enough time and actions to play Bailiff. In that regard I found being master Huntsman much more interesting. Also, I know it is not realistic, but the lack of stands to put arms and armour on exhibit and the lack of some crucial buildings for our homebase makes stings a bit. And the fact that 1.6 seems to have brought more bugs than 1.5 and overall seems worse is also annoying. Hardcore mode however was spot on imho.


Pretty much the same as what everyone except the troll has been saying. But I do approve of shadowfrax ref. Gotta love rust


Why would you expect new armor with the expansion where you rebuild and city in a province where every other city/village sells the same stuff as each other…why would this one have anything more? Just enjoy what you get and realize more is coming. From what I hear this DLC seems short as compared to what was advertised as though maybe it isnt finished and releases in two parts or with a patch to do more later. idk though

Sounds like people had too much money, blew through the DLC really quick and then are bored…shoulda launched a new hardcore game and started fresh, its much more time consuming trying to do that and the main story/other side missions


Because it was said on every occasion where the dlc was showcased, that in your town unique items will be available which you can’t get anywhere else.

I really have high hopes that there will be more to come.

For me this game is a dream, I don’t want to wake up from.
That’s and I only can speak for myself, the reason I am a little upset that there is nothing more to do.
I enjoy those times in the game, when it’s peaceful, when I wake up in the early morning and can almost feel the misty air and the warm morning sun. This gives me a feeling I had many years ago IRL, it’s so real, the nostalgia I feel when I play this game.
That’s why I wished for a bit more to do.


I’d already started the game again this time around, but before hardcore came out. I was not about to let the game get stale by playing the same missions again - yes there are some alternate endings and paths to choose, but not enough that it feels fresh, even on the second play through.

The frustration is because while it’s delivered technically what it said it would, it’s not well done. The building limits make no sense given how much space is left in the town. The rulings you make as bailiff are pointless and have no impact, which is good because the choices you are given are very limited and often not logical. There are still refugees from Skalitz in Rattay, and you can’t even try to bring them to your new town - not even attempt to do so - this is just daft.

The only thing preventing you from ploughing through the DLC is money. There are no other limits, and that is daft.


I checekd the review. Apparenlty the guy wasnt very careful when playing. KCD does not hold your hand when you do anything, you have to find out - Thats part of hardcore RPG approach it had.

Reviewer missed new sword, new shield, new bow… He noticed horses and probably horse helmets.


Gotcha, I didn’t know they said that to be honest…kinda missed the whole DLC announcement while taking a break after beating the game lol…I got back into it like 3 days before 1.6/Hardcore mode

So that makes sense. So based on that and someone else had posted it was supposed to be about 250k Groschen to do everything but they only spent 100-150k so it sounds like the DLC is not complete; or that they will add more to it.

Heres to hoping!


In regards to plowing through it, that is kind of both the player and WH’s fault…the DLC is obviously intended to be used as you play through the game. It’s supposed to be put some money in, build a thing, do some quests, get some money, put some money in, build a thing, etc…not get DLC with 23094098k Groschen, put it all in and build all the things.

I restarted on HC in order to have a HC play through and to experience the DLC as intended and I gotta tell you I really think that is how it is intended…vs adding a new area of a map or more missions/story, more gear, whatever.


That comes from the marketing of the ashes DLC.


And such items are part of the DLC… Its not incredible amount of new items, but its there…


All the time added because you do missions to get people in your town, doesn´t count as time the DLC added. The missions were already in the game, and you most likely would have done them with or without the DLC. This DLC adds new stores with barely any new items. No bathhouse, no both armor and weapon smith, no tailor, no cobbler. You need such things to be a center on the map. Why would you go to Pyrvislavitz when you can do equally as good in Rattay or Sassau. The fighting area is good but it is too little added for the price. This DLC should have been 5 bucks, for it is only worth half a DLC. What we have is good, but we need the rest of the DLC.


That’s a shame, I thought he knew about the “not holding hand” approach, since he gave the main game a good review and I thought he mentioned this as a huge plus.

Sadly I missed those items too, because I didn’t build those shops :confused:

But I have to add, I don’t agree on everything he said, since I never had a totally gambreaking bug, rather then some minor glitches which I could fix via load game.

But still I agree on some points he made, that even if it didn’t cost that much, it wasn’t that much content either.


Yea I admittedly missed a lot of the marketing for the DLC and just happened to get back on the forums like a week out from release. Watched a couple videos and that’s it.

But again, that just leaves me to believe that the DLC will be extended over time or have a second part release. Apparently content is missing and people reported it cheaper to complete as compared to what was advertised in the ads.

Maybe I’m naive but I like to think WH won’t continue to purposely advertise one thing, release another and keep doing so because those of us loyal customers who are holding out will continue to hold out lol


Guardhouse - Sinew Bow
Armorer - Boar Shield and some Horse helemts. There is no new armor, which was bit disapointing.
Swordmaster - Sword called Tusk and few more i havent seen before (not sure about stats).
Stables - new horses.

Also it appears that FtA contain a lot of “cryptic” content which people might miss when not looking. For example, in bakery is Drying room. You put a lepiota there, you get “dryed lepiota” which will not spoil. Smorehouse will work in a similar way with meat…

Also I would guess that sidequests to get better woodworkers, innkeepers and others are omitted as well.

Some people mentioned new drops from the encounters (shields).

Truth is I wuold expect to see even old items which were not being sold before at armorer - Such as houndskull (at weight 4 gives 22 points of defense, wich is great) or arching helm. Its quite common to drop, but its not being sold anywhere.

Making new customizd armor set… well… hard to tell how much complicated it is for the graphic team.


I think what was delivered was of very respectable quality but there are some areas where improvements can be made. I made, this could be a sublime DLC.

As far as build choices, WH tried to impose some reality here. I get it and appreciate the attempt. That said, the remaining undeveloped areas (between tavern and foot bridge, terraced area between beehives and judgment tree, area between stables/guardhouse and woodcutter camp) make the choice seem unreasonably forced.