I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


I went for bakery and stables, that means I get (so sorry!) an ugly shield which I never need, because I already have a very beautiful one.
And the horse helmets I get from the stables anyway.

Why is that lepiota so special?

And since we all work on our skills towards a certain point of the game (endboss etc.) I would have thought we need our skills then, like horseriding skills, reading, speechchecks that those would actually matter.


Also someone said there are new skills in the code for the game which have yet to be implemented…I think more is coming, I just think a week is a bit early to suggest that everything has been 100 percent exhausted.

This game relies on “chapters” of the story where the world changes(NPC quests will activate/deactivate, NPC locations will change, etc.). I started a fresh game and am playing FtA in my opinion to be as intended. So hopefully as the game state changes so will some stuff at Pribyslavitz.

If nothing else, I like the sandbox feel so I could see myself setting there as Master Huntsman of Talmberg and being relative close to Uzhitz and Talmberg and honestly it’s a nice ride to Rattay, don’t really mind it.


Its special to have an opportunity to preserve food, so it wont spoil.

As people can have “dustbin” perk, or get a lot of dried fruit from the slain cumans… Its kind of thing you can easily implement, and players may get additional option when deciding how to use perks, and preserve food in preparation for lenghty quest.


I’ve put a lot of meat in the bakery’s drying room, and you can also dry salami etc. too which produces (presumably unspoiling) dried salami. Expensive stuff too, so good if you’re short of cash.


WH has an asset. That is developing a product that is different for a purpose. That purpose is to provide a sense of playable realism not (well) captured in other games.

I see that in ashes. Unlike Fallout 4, you don’t just turn on a beacon and get random NPCs. There’s a town square announcement followed up by individual offers to people you’ve had dealings with during your travels. That’s good design. The part where it comes up short is you can’t offer to some of the people I’d ask first: Theresa, Alex, Antonia (+husband), Beran (+wife), … probably even Maruna (can’t hold too much against her for the failings of her son)

Maybe relocating those Skalitz people requires more effort than WH is willing to make. Ok. Then, just create dialog for an offer and a refusal. This is a relatively simple fix. Not one that I want but it is one that addresses a glaring gap.


Yea. I think some people have too big of visions for this game, WH included.

We are taking steps in a more VR type game without a full VR set up in that, like you said, we are trying to get a more realistic sense of why things happen.

KCD is the first game, in a long time anyway and probably the best to attempt, at something like this. So this game may not wholly deliver to everyone’s standards and will have bugs and will fall short of even the devs standards and will, most likely, need add ons to feel complete…but it is the first project in a line of projects where every full title release, not the patches and DLCs , will be better and more immersive than the last.

You, not you specifically lol, need to realize there is a fine line between realism that is playable/fun and making something so realistic it is tedius…like the Monk mission, needle in a haystack or whatever, if the whole game was that tedious the average consumer would not want to play it. WH is trying to cater to somewhere between the hardcore consumer who thinks HC mode should have been how it was all along and the casual gamer who is the reason save and exit got implemented and so forth.

I’m a fan


This I can agree with, good post!


I’m curious why we rebuilt Pribyslavitz and move Skalitz refugees there when, aside from some small fire still smoldering, Skalitz is still there ready to be rebuilt itself…Pribyslavitz is cool but it’s literally right next door to their burnt down, actual home :laughing:


Skalitz was rebuilt a few months or years later irl. The stone from the castle was used to build a new church. This could explain why not all refugees move to pribislavitz.

Besides, as a silver mine, Skalitz belongs to the king, who can’t order its rebuilding while imprisonned.


good info.
good point.


Well, Radzig, who is the governor of the town, would presumably have the authority to get it back into working order. I think the issue is more the fact that there’s still a war going on, and that the King’s Hetman attempting to rebuild an indefensible strategic resource would be irresponsibly risky in terms of human lives, as well as a diversion from the war effort itself.


People need to understand that the HRE was very decentralized during the era when the event of the game plays out. This means that there was imperial laws but most lords did not care that much about them. The individual dukes and other lords like the electors etc where often more powerful than the emperor.

Go back a few hundred years and the HRE was way more centralized but as said, during the era of the game that was not the situation.


Mack is a bit crazy to be fair. He admitted to be a football hooligan earlier in life. Also he seems to hate almost everything about modern gaming which is sad.


Yep, it is the rebuilding of pribislavitz that makes no sense story wise, not the prolonged abandonnement of Skalitz, but people wanted the « story driven rpg » that KCD is to become somekind of « baillif simulator » or simcity 2018


Somebody’s listening…


So who does Pribyslavitz “belong to”…or is it unclaimed so Sir Divish is claiming it?


woulda been nice to rebuild Skalitz instead and get your parent’s house as your own

Some parts of history were changed for this game, so unless we’re going to revisit Skalitz later in time I think it was a better choice story wise…but idk where they’re going with all this to be honest


It belonged to Divish before the attack by the guy who took Talmberg from him and threw him in his own dungeon. Havel Medik


I love KCD but i havent bought the new dlc (yet) because it doesnt look that great.


It’s fun so far, granted I havn’t built much. I would say, A. it’s only like $10 and B. if you play a new game you can do hardcore mode, which is rewarding, and you can experience the DLC a bit more slow as you won’t have a whole butt ton of money to just go and build everything.

And you should have less problems with hiring/recruting Skalitz peeps because you won’t have found them all jobs already.

But again, I’m only 3 building in because I’m doing it slow so what do I know I guess…