I found that after FtA I feel let down & disappoined


It may be true However, I didn’t want to start all over for like the 6th time and not HC. HC isn’t the be all or end all for the game.


Understandable, I just think it add’s to it (makes it feel a little “less go here and do the thing”), makes you pay more attention to your character/buff/debuffs and, as mentioned, disallows the mass spending of Groschen on a whim to get everything done right this second. But to each their own


If and when I do try HC I will use the mod that put the compass and player icon back. if the DLC doesn’t F it up like it did to 4 of my favorite mods that worked before the DLC


I thought it was going to be terrible but really it isn’t bad, only one time where I got frustrated about being a little lost…trying to find Reekys hideout


I thought it was going to be the worst lol


People wanted sandbox, they got sandbox.


It’s no where near sandbox


Someone’s confusing a sizable pail of sand with a sandbox


The new dlc caters more to sandbox mechanisms than anything else.


Ok how? I mean if it was creative mode then I would agree but your limited by amount of gr and if you have the things needed. So it’s not at all sand box. You also don’t have the freedom to do what ever you like so again not sandbox. I might be missing what your trying to say


Shit box. :wink:


Kittens on/in a box.

To quote Sheldon: “heres you cat, heres your $20”

Guaranteed to fix missile command rain or your money back (they are free/postage included)


Reporting that last post should be based on advertising (not allowed), or ‘off topic’.

I’d acknowledge both.

Obviously I will give the twenty dollars, but will SPEND IT on the postage.

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Pretty funny though! :+1:t2:


Watching Danganronpa (daughters holiday treat and on sale on PSN presently)…

I dont see this forum as being filled with individuals arguing against each other. (Maybe around launch)

Now we have a shared interest and a passion for it to succeed…

I’d enjoy a half baked FtA, but know if I wait it will get polish and I will experience an improved version.

If any other DLCs launch like this one; I will just wait eighteen months for an ‘all inclusive’ (perhaps a game of the year version) and rebuy then…

Its hiw my household works.
We delay gratification.

As an example; Danganronoa 3 demo convinced my daughter it was a ‘must buy’ (at a time when we still hadnt purchased Persona 5)… for $85 aus dollars it wasnt going to happen (we picked up a collectors tin P5 for 40$ish instead)…
The rule here is we evaluate need and figure out a strategy…
With Danganronpa we wondered if we should play the first two prior to #3.
Based on liking the characters in #3 we realised it was the one worth waiting for…

So, whilst we wait for it to go on sale (and Ni No Kuni 2), other long term wishes go on sale… (like grabbing Persona 5)…

The 22$ for Danganronpa 1 and 2 (present sale),… means my daughter still is up over $50 and we will grab #3 at a later date (no doubt cheaper than $50).

In this example, we have three games for less than the cost of one.

It takes a couple of years of not buying new release games before enough are sitting on your wish list for instagrab sale price games to be available at any moment…

Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of the rare ‘new release’ games I have bought in years.

I still get all the gameplay- I just pay dramatically less.
Suppose online games can be the exception (need to buy them whilst the playerbase is hot)

Skyrims DLCs took me forever to buy, and I only grabbed Dragonborn to get the enhanced edition for free. (Limited time offer prior to enhanced edition release).

Many years ago it was established aome studios strip down their product so as to add microtransactions.

Killed immersion in Need for Speed games (drive near an undiscovered car to be taken out of game and offered to buy a car pack!)

I want to expand my land of Bohemia.
If this DLC showed more love given and looked like it was the studios major focus (hard to believe in their present climate) then I would buy it based on faith.

To be honest I didnt know anything about it. (Or GF would have said 'brilliant, lets ‘day one’ purchase it).

The actual content is what we would want.
Sitting on fences makes me a pain in the arse.

I do, like the thread title states, ‘feel let down’.
My let down was that WH didnt make this first $$$ DLC a win in nurturing confidence in them.

Giving it to three hundred KCD loyal would have netted them valuable feedback- six weeks of delay would have netted them many many millions more dollars (base game unit sales).

Simply put refined confident product was what this needed to be- not ‘more of the same’.
No publisher ‘made us do it’ excuse this time; everyone was watching and they blew it.

Same DLC for free would have made them more money.
More positive reviews (free is always great value) and would have reaffirmed studio stance of ‘game will be made complete and polished’.

Confidence would extend and net more sales.
Would also buy best advertising on the planet -re review of game in present state by many professional reviewers.
Who would have a positive spin now on a product that HAS strived to deliver.

This gets consumers interested- ultimately more talking/sharing news of this game.
Its the kinda game that sells itself- just gotta get it known about.
Ideally not surrounded by negative press.