I seriously can't kill anything in this game

I’m just a casual gamer wanting to play this through since i spent the $60 on it. I would of never got this game if i knew that the combat was this nonuser-friendly.

Ever since i finished the beginning i haven’t been able to finish any quest that involve some kind of fight. It’s pathetic. I’ve now spent 12 hours and still unable to figure this hockey system out. There needs to be a setting that makes the game tens of times easier. I’m all about challenges, but I’m sick and tired of spending several hours and not being able to progress what so ever.

Coming from skyrim, the combat is horrible. And i feel like it is even worse on console (I’m on xbox).

So, any tips for someone that is absolutely god awful at this game?


Learn. Adapt. Practice. If you can’t be bothered to do these things, you won’t get anywhere with this game. It gets stupidly easy in a few hours.


I wish i could get my money back.

Use bow to the face, easy mode.


Spend some time in the training arena. Many techniques are not actually available to Henry until somebody teaches them to him.


I would say master archery. Have some fun doing some Legolas shit and come back to swordplay with a cooler head and better gear.

The guy doesn’t even want to learn basics of swordplay, he’ll find archery even more frustrating


you need to pay attention to the weapons you are using and the armor you’re wearing
Swords are good against low armored enemies, maces against armored enemies, axes are in between.
Also you need to skill your strength agility etc. and get some perks, you can do that by training with bernard e.g.


The captain is never there for me. So i haven’t been able to train. I’ve waited whole days. Is it possible he’s stuck somewhere?

Lol! What?! I grow my strength for 17 and sword mastery for 16 and now i kill everyone with one shot! And i can’t say that i’m happy because game come to easy.


How do i train to get higher levels? This game should have came with a book.


maybe bernard is at neuhoff atm?

That’s what I’m thinking. Would i need to get him back to Rattay to be able to train with him?

Really dont see any problems with. Do side quests, train skills with captian in Rattay.

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Well Pay Attention to the mechanics, you got a tab with Tutorials in your kodex-menu and in your Player Menü every Skill is described in Detail.

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yes, he will return and spent some time every day at the arena where you can train with him. But im not sure when he will return, directly after neuhoff investigation or one quest later.

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I think he is trolling you all. Or the worse gamer ever.


I’ve been practicing the mechanics of combat. I do little to absolutely no damage.

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if you are used to skyrim and witcher combat systems, this could be easy possible. I trained in Beta and was unable to do anything first, but later on it worked out well. It simply takes some attention.

at the beginning use that technique where you fake the attack from one direction and quickly change the attack direction before the hit. Beside this only try to dont get hit by moving a lot. This could work for the first fights, it did for me.