I think I'm leaving this forum


Yeah, the self same stuff beeing repeated ad infinitum, the self same patterns all over of someone being dissatisfied with the game raging on about the game being total shit, and every single time someone tried to come in and present a diffrent perspective or go for nuance, get blaed and slandered as paid chills, ‘fan boi’ sucking WH dick etc. etc.
People who just don’t like some design decisions failing to acknowledge,that this game is just not their cup of tea, loudly screaming from the hilltops, how WH are scam artists and cocksuckers and the game being utterly shite because it doesnt happen to coincide with every single one of their personal preferences…
Idiots burning out their GPU or screens trying to sue WH for it.
Stupid folks crying a river over the prospect of maybe having a few missions playing as a female added later down the road, who are frothing at the mouth against "SJW"s…

This is turning into (or most likely has always been) a septic tank.

Jesus Christ be praised

Been coming in less and less lately for the same reasons. But I don’t think it has always been the septic tank it is now.


I am not leaving. The game is amazing. I really immersed in his world. Maybe this is why I am frustrated right now about the bugs. And on this forum I learned a lot about the game and that’s what interest me. I don’t care about other comments. It’s a free world (or so we hope), so everyone is free to wish something special for him.


The quality of the forum has definitely declined since release, but that’s to be expected due to the huge influx of new people. Still a shame.


Why so dramatic? Just ignore whoever vexes you. Or show them ropes.


Dont let the cuman bastards win.


You shouldn’t let it get to you. If something starts bothering you, just drop it and walk away. Not necessarily the whole forums, but discussions you don’t like getting into.

But, in the defense of some of the people who complain, it’s not that they don’t like the idea of the game, it’s the bugs they’re bothered by and rightfully so since this game has it’s fair share of them. Hopefully they’ll be fixed.


Stay for great topics like “Show us your henry” and “KCD Addiction Anonymous”


I guess more moderation should be good on the forum


More moderation would look like dictatorship. Just my oppinion.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only moderation this forum needs is the tone used by some stating their “requests”.


I don’t think it should come as a surprise people are pissed off that a product they paid $60 for (or more for other regions) doesn’t work as advertised.

From the few threads I’ve seen you in, the only “nuance” and “different perspective” you present is in the form of a grocery list of excuses for Warhorse.

I haven’t seen anyone complaining about SJW’s or playing as a woman, but then again, I don’t come on here to have my eyes bleed from idiocy.


For me it is a suprise that people get really angry at a videogame be it it has flaws for some people.
Currently people are starving because of lack of food.
Puts stuff in perspective.
There is a way to vent your frustration by sending a detailed bug report to wh via mentioned mail adress and not on this forum.


Hang in there comerade… I am seeing less hate…
Mostly because I visit like once a week. This community was beautiful at one time. I hope it returns to that state. And btw the people raging about the game seems to be a smaller percent. It will pass c:


+1 (to a few of you)

I will save handing out the likes cause I know I will run out otherwise :wink:

Definately getting better.
Seems that the trophy collectors desperately upset at not being able to single run through the game (on launch) and get any platinums they are going for… are moving on.
In the last ten days the angerbots have halved.
If the voice/tone had remained positive throughout launch it would have been nice- we might even still see the old loyal/regulars…

In time they will come back.
Especially as like other games similar, this game having legs,… will be a focus for many gamers for a few years yet.

Dont forget your login details (you’ll be back).


An Earl.

One of the highest ranking, most vaunted peers of this realm

Being dispossessed by his inferiors…by lowly, motley peasant vermin that skulk the sewers of these forums.

This is truly a first in forum histronics :joy:


Thin skin? Why leave. There are more gamers favorable to the game than not. If you live long enough that is the % swing in life. It may seem there are a lot of complainers and whiners but it’s an illusion. The whiners just post and scour the forum day and night and complain and bitch to no end. Basically there are empty inside except for rage and bullying they put upon others. While they think in their own little world they are king,they cannot be wrong, they are just whiners and complainers. In the end.It’s a game,that’s all, treat it as such. You life will go on weather the game works or not.


Good point. There are, what, a few dozen daily posters here? Conversely, there are 6,000-10,000 daily players, just on Steam. Add in GOG and consoles, and the actual percentage of people complaining is trivial.


Cry me a river man. Why so dramatic about a game? Correct me, a game forum!
If you really are that bothered by what is said on a shite game forum, all advise I can give you is to get a f*cking life. Really!

Oh, just for the fun of it; it is a septic tank here because the game studio messed up and made a bug fest of a game. The things you mention are just the usual minority idiots you get on every forum (since digital forums seem to let shit float above everything).


Hahaha, and that is coming from the angerbot that even opened a dedicated thread crying about 1.3 without providing any helpful insights for the devs whatsoever. Right, you are the one to tell people to get a life. Good one mate…