I think I'm leaving this forum


Glad this thread gives reason for OP to want to stay.


Damn now I am questioning what am I here for?! (Its the coffee)

Anyone want to start a howl/yawn?



I can’t help it that you don’t seem to see the difference between taking something lightly or not. I thought I posted enough here to give even a simple mind a good look at how I approach these things. Apparently, there a still some out there that don’t get it.

Anyway, enough about me. How about you? Can’t sleep either because of all the bad things people say about your beloved game? Want to leave the forum too?
Surely the devs will miss you here…


I left this forum for the same reason this forum isn’t a place for people who enjoy the game its more like for people who wanna shit on the game I only see a little positive thread.

many of you would say don’t let them get you but I had enough of every time I log in I see people shiting on the game that I like and I always get my self into a pointless argument I just had enough.

funny thing is I just came back after so long and this is the 1rst thread I see.


Be the change you wish to see! Optimists unite!


how does this post improve the poor signal to noise ratio you are complaining about?


It would be nice if there were dedicated threads for positive comments. It’s important to be able to discus issues with the game in a majority of the forum, but some times you just want to share some joy without people crapping in your fruit bowl. A little more moderation would be nice.


Well, I can think of four…
Screenshots thread
Show us your Henry
and Favorite Line
oh! and Addiction Anon.


of course I even myself have made some threads about bugs and many problems the game have in a constructive manner but its completely different when someone just shits on the game especially those people who complain about game mechanics like lock picking and not being able to save whenever they want.


Yes the game doesnt have enough elves
I am glad that this thread is the appropriate place to discuss it.

And if it isnt I will hijack it now and make it about elves


Whaddya mean I have to chew my food. … the staff served it to me and I paid good money for it. I shouldnt have to do anything. It should just taste great without me having to eat it.


I have been reading Threads in this Forum for some time now and started posting recently. I saw very little critism without a good reason exept one thread where someone meant the game killed hos monitor (lol). What most of you people encountering little to no bugs dont seem to understand is the players complaing are actually complaining because they care about the game and want to play it. Are some comments over the top and clearly typed with high blood preasure? Sure. Does this make their critics blind rage without any sense? I dont think so. I think its normal that people complain if a patch comes out and makes the situation actually worse for some players then it was before and lets not forget it happened on the easter weekend where undoubtfully many people wanted to play the game and couldnt. The 1.4 patch corrupting savegames where some players had 50-90 hours playtime wich is now lost isnt helping either. Yes, Warhorse is kind of a Indie studio but savegamekilling patches, 26 GB Updates, corrupted patchfiles and so on just doesnt make the devs look very professional. It is simple really. There is something like, lets say a minimum standard for patching and polishing games recive this days and being an indie developer cant be used as an excuse for everything plus lets not forget many of them worked on triple A games before. I think we all can agree that a few more months of development time would have done the game good.


I play on ps4 got one save corrupted and encountered some bugs and made some threads about them in a civilized manner but its completely different when someone just simply didn’t like the game and shits on the game all day making infinite threads or when they are simply complaining about actual game mechanics like saving system and lock picking.


I think anyone with half a brain knows those ‘facts’… the thing is restating them when people are enjoying their time at the watercooler; where restating bad news over and over again wins no audience. . It is about appropriateness to share (and less so, for me, how it is shared (scream away)).

This thread was created by someone thinking of leavimg the forum- sure it opens to wider themes. … but would this thread be the best place to criticise box cover art? No!
Peiple reading this thread wouldnt care to discuss it. They would go to a thread entitled ‘box cover art’.

The detractors seem to think that destroyimg the game experience for everyone across all threads is vital.
I will never deny a user their experience. Life is too random.
I will try and help… but the consensus with a few over voiced whingers is to educate others to not ’ fix things for themselves’ rather it is to het everybody joining in their chant.

I know there are extremists on both sides of the coin.
Raving doesnt help anyone; no matter how elegant the argument for said rave…

When ranting and raving gets in the way… then we have sickness, yes?

These forums were unecessarily sick.
Same thing happened to many internet forums when a certain demographic hit them (gsmarena/head-fi etc)

Whilst the game has a few things needing further work (true of every open world rpg I have ever seen/and that is a lot) - the game also has some great things working for it (for many posters here - the good outweighs the bad)…
We need things to be represented fairly.
These forums lost their purpose - this thread is about that (maybe?) … at the end of the day there is a thread, an original poster (OP), and discussion about a specific topic.

If entitled whingers cant follow basic rules- other entitled whingers are allowed (equally) to share their experience.
The world can afford both views.
And a range in between. (The beauty of grey)

Most pro KCDers understand how much it would suck to not be able to play it. There IS a lot of empathy here.
The greatest noise generators use some crazy argument that it isnt the case… and justify going from thread to thread destroying a community for their shoet term -ill thought out- goal.
Where no one wins.

Suppose we should just stand around and let it happen.
Or we could be a adult- solution orientated and happiness focused.

Personally- a video game doesnt rule my life. Doesnt rule my thoughts and DOESNT have me throw away years of civil and civic duty that my grandparents instilled.
I also have the ability to control my lips and cease brain farts coming out.
But then I can delay gratification and can take responsibility for my lot in life. Apparently these are ‘advanced roleplay features for surviving society’.
In my parents day it was just called living.


Ok, among all the forum participants here, how many have gone to the most annoying forum by Jan Rucker and expressed concern over WH patching of KCD? And if not patching, whatever their greatest problem is



Or… “yes”, +1
(Listing biggest issues with game in appropriate thread)
I did. Do I get a toy?


nope just


Damn- its not slow enough

Will see if I can rapidly scroll up and down and make my phone smoke in the process.

Yep that did it. . It varies in speed but I can make it a ‘slow clap’.


hahaha ur awesome!


Well most people just make their on threads or post where they think it will get the most attention. You should not forget that only a few are following the forums very closly, the rest starts coming if they have a problem and usually they dont read old posts about others having the same problem or wich thread is appropriate for their, lets say suggestions. I personally like this game very much and since i played Fallout and Skyrim i am quite used to bugs and glitches and always willing to search for some workaround. But to get back to @lutzderlurch Dont give up yet, just focus on the positive opinions and the ones that have fun with this game there are quite some threads not only hinting the negative or you could create your own.
Heads up.


Nice !! You Have made my day