I think I'm leaving this forum


cry me a river. how about you learn to interact with people like an adult instead. ignore the bullshit, and move on like the rest of us.


I really feel for the importance of keeping threads ‘easy to find info’.
Once its up, its up for all time.
There is a large number of readers over the posts life - (more than just this week)

When people use forums properly (ie following the rules)… threads achieve a lot and prove very helpful.

It great when we need a fix and the first hit in Google provides a fix. You might have to read a few paragraphs, but a fix will be in a thread. It is not the norm that we are the first to experience anything in a world as large as this. If we are the first-we create a thread on it. Then every one chimes in on topic and the solution happens (eventually).

Cmon I am sure we have all had ample opportunity to see threads on the net which have posts months and years earlier to be found in them.

Perspective is beaut, we need our eyes open!

@nr1predator 'did you actually just tell the thread starter to start a thread? Whats the topic?


Most lightly administered forums are going to be toxic. The internet allows almost limitless free speech without repercussions that would stay most peoples mouths if interacting in person.

The fact of the matter is the game shouldn’t have been released in its original state because of all the bugs. They should have thoroughly beta tested it more. The game itself was still enjoyable however I never finished it because of all the bugs and I crashed every 20 minutes on the Xbox X which made continuing to play pointless. You can still see that more than half of the forum posts on here are about bugs still.


You are familiar with games’ forums, no?

I guess not.

Also, why on earth would it upset you as much as that? I mean, really? Get a grip.

lol you big ol’ drama-queen you.


because everything in his life and about him is so perfect that when he played kdc and it ruined his life and upset the balance .


What i meant was if the thread starter would like more positive threads on this forum he could just start by making one (as i dont really take this thread for a positive one).


Like we could talk favorite music to listen too whilst gaming or discuss whether the DLC soundtrack should be released as FLAC or whether compressed music (orchestral) is a thing to avoid…

I vouch for bluetooth.

Everything is better with bluetooth.
Can we get some bluetooth in here please?



For reals? Get over yourself dude.


just come back when the entitled children have left.


Make the best out of it. I find most of these crying baby skyrim threads funny!
Rex, Familia et Ultio


But, you did not start this thread. :rofl:


I was about to reply to bones’:
Dude, this will happen only when public interest into KCD/WH will drop. Only then this forum will be as it used to be.
Srsly I do not follow anymore due to shitloads of repeating posts. I even Constructive criticism disappeared with release.

But then @rataj posted and behold! I suddenly remembered the forgotten, the very foundation of this forum! And I saw it in the mist.
Fetch me the MEMEGENERATOR, the time is nigh!


I completely understand toxicity in posts. Another game just released recently (2 weeks ago) and it’s forum is filled with toxic hatred. And unfortunately, the toxicity was on both sides. It’s enough to make you want to take a trip to the moon. Unfortunately, some games, like you said, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. People just need to learn to look at the good things and walk away from something if it’s not working out. But to continue toxic hatred is not healthy. My personal experience with KCD has been awesome. I loved the game completely and look forward to the next chapter.


Im going to stay because i wish to know when and how the game improves to a better level, although i more then likely won’t be actively arguing for the game and keeping my opinions to myself.


I dont get the ‘actively arguing for the game’…
Sounds like then mentality of the noise has gotten to you.
I think, short of following trolls wherever they go (dont- cause they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience ) we dont jave to defend anything.

On appropriate threads where a new misguided poster tries to say lots of silly and unfounded things- it can be our role to highlight some errors in their logic… if it isobvious they have blinders on and wont losten to reason and are just angry/here to whinge… then we leave them alone.

These people arent happy. Probably werent before KCD released and will go on doing what they know best.

The one thing KCD offers them: an outlet (for their anger)!

Let them have it.

Please do have a voice in neutral thread topics (eg not system specific bug reporting etc)… as ‘opinions’ is all these forums CAN be filled with.

And fact.
Fact (as given in these forums) is always based on subjective reality though, yes. Objective reality/fact… definately share these truths if any can be found… id love to ‘know thyself’.

I invest time daily on this quest :wink:


I’ve found it to be the opposite. You can’t make a point about the game without some diehard fanboy derailing the topics with “WORKS FOR ME BRO WHY DON’T YOU GTFO.” There will be children on every forum who just like to be contrarian offer nothing of value. This problems as old as the internet.


I agree and +1…

Except semantics of problem is as old as the internet.

Stereotyping a lot here (but for this case it proves uncannily acute)…
When the net first came about: filled with students and educative types - it was a great community.
Sure chat rooms were themed (like threads are),… bit generally stuff like talking aboit hardware amd roleplaying games was filled with positivity.

We were always struggling to make stuff work…

General consensus though, having lived through many boards getting a ‘mainstream audience’ (read: little johnny)… is that a certain demographic bring with it a certain entitlement.
Gsmarena and head-fi are great examples of boards previously ruled by hardware and tech enthusiastd that got DESTROYED with little johnnys swearing their 200$ phone is better than flagships and that all DACs operate at their spec sheet level and are all the same (likely justifying that same $200 phone as the worlds best audio source).

Those webpages were destroyed by a new wave of people in their communities.

Its crazy in here, seeing all the same sillyness unfolding knowing that in the past RPG games was the most likely genre to find a typically ‘golden days of the net’ community.

How many D&D bulletin boards helped pave the way to the world wide web? (Add battletech/steve jackson games /every roleplay system ever…)

For years these forums would have had a beaut community… then pow - less than two months after game is released- where are THEY at?
No doubt having seen the fall from grace these boards now contain; thise users would feel remorse at visiting this place.

Anyhow… “as stated” - be the change…


So who are you? I never really knew you in the first place. Well have a nice life whoever you are​:turtle::turtle:



listen, I have more than 30 years of gaming behind me & I’m a fan of RPG, when a “bug” does not block me in game it does not bother me, but from the moment that it blocks you in your adventure there I say NO, I have + 140h of game but 50h of lost because of all the bug of gameplay, corrupted backups & quests that do not launch or do not end! it’s real bugs that blocks you in the game, I’m not the type to criticize all the games I play but I have never encountered so many problems on a game! I’m sorry but they took the game much too early & I say it again, to release a patch day one of 22go it is not normal, now the game received some patches but I was so disappointed & this game ’ so upset that I can not put my hands on it! although it could have been a good game without all these bugs in shambles, but for now I would not continue …
ps: sorry for my language but I do not speak english (thank you google translation)