I think I'm leaving this forum


your a crack head


Crack is whack y’all, well said Yolix.


Sometimes I have the same feeling but after a strong breath I come back from time to time to see if there is a article I’m interested in and it is sometimes the case.


I have a dark secret to confess. I’ve been constantly baffled as to why all of TES elvenkind has been living rent free in my subconscious since Gregorian calendar date of 11.11.11

My Stormcloak Nord was the one who woke me up to the revelation why. After he gleefully buried his battle axe for the 69th time in the face of a Thalmor Justicar. Who --like his former peers–had an unfortunate habit of crossing paths with my dedicated Son of Skyrim on the road…while foolhardily escorting one of his Nord kinsmen in chains.

It wasn’t until after my Nord had completed his latest artistic masterpiece decorating the road with Aldmer blood, guts and entrails, that Talos finally enlightened me.

My Nord is a Mer racist.

A status which btw, continues being completely fine by me to date :grin:

edit: It’s too bad the Bosmeri are Mer race. Given the ongoing Civil War, goods and particularly meat have increasingly become luxury commodities. But as a Bosmer, my Stormcloak would’ve been drowning from thousands of savings in gold. Particularly given all the free deals on choice cuts of meat he’s become so proficient in butchering to date :grin:


That’s why I always play Bretons. That and Magicka Resist :wink:


I like playing a Nord that joins the Imperials and a Imperial that joins the Storm cloaks :laughing:


Yes…but that would make your PC bi-racially half human. aka being afflicted with a dastardly contamination of Mer chromosomes into the pure human gene pool…

Now why would you burden your PC with such genetic bastardization?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because it’s a game and they are not real lol…

Sorry (spoiler warning :warning:) savage moment ahead


No. because Aldermi Dominion is not a game and so it IS very real.

You’re clearly a Thalmor spy. Bugger off

To everyone else being an annoying looky loo: nothing to see here. Move along please


I get your Mer hate, friend. While other races are getting more sexy over time, in TES5 the Mer races achieved maximal fugliness since Morrowind.


This is not a normal game. The reason for the large patches has been explained. Look it up. If you are on xbone then I’m sorry about your bad luck. But if your on one of the other platforms then your either abusing your hardware or your used to RPG’s that send you from point a to point b and all you have to do is push a button. This is not that kind of game, thank the maker.


I am more of a double agent :ok_hand:

Shhhhhh they may hear you✌


To be fair, I was being obnoxiously racist, not rude. :rofl:

All racially cosmetic overhauls aside, humans in Tamriel didn’t appear to have any issues making bacon with each other. The children of Skyrim are proof of that. But I’d swear I’ve seen a couple of street urchins (Blasie? the stable boy and of all biological horrors Braith of Whiterun) whom seemed to be biracially mixed (other than what the game canonically declares them as racially as).

Blaise is supposed to be Breton. But looks like a Nord mix with Reduguard. Braith is canonically a redguard, but seems to be Imperial/Redguard mix. And then there is Kayd in Solitude who’s supposed to be Breton but looks 100% Imperial. Now what self respecting Imperial would go around naming their Imperial kid Kayd (which sounds like a Redguard name? Especially given Hammerfell’s ongoing estrangement from the Empire to date? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The plot thickens). The list is confoundingly endless… :crazy_face:

That being said, I’ve yet to see a beast race/human or beast race/Mer biracial mix in any vanilla TES game.

Orcs get a pass by default of being Orsimer. And for pissing off a Daedric Prince to boot…

Anyhow, who would’ve guessed those greybeard scholars who wrote the encyclopedia of “Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology” would’ve actually be on to something…


I think Braith’s Mom was creepin lol


OK. I apologize for OT derailment of this thread.

I agree with the OP’s emotional need for having to leave this forum

This was a subversive Ad Hominem attack. For WHS not disclosing the truth about a certain MQ character’s background heritage.

I mean seriously, being subjected to Hans Capon’s Mer-ish Waifu features. Every time Hal gets within rendering pixel distance of the exotic creature. Talk about adding insult to injury. Making my eyes bleed in addition to the crazy texture pop outs I’ve had to endure to date.

A complete :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: FUBAR crime IMO


I will not be playing the game again until I know the screen stutter is fixed.
I’m afraid that if I leave the forum I won’t. Know if the bugs are fixed so I can finish the game, and maybe play through again.


I’m not “raging” but my game has issues, which I hope get fixed.
The only problem is is that there are very few people complaining about my problem: screen stutter and freezing.
This problem makes my game unplayable.
I more sad than mad.


Bight the bullet and delete game and all saves. Reload and start fresh. If that dosen’t work you should consider getting a different console if you want to play this game. While there is a chance a new xbone might work, a used ps4 slim would be one of the cheapest reliable platforms.







And you wonder why ppl have quit playing this game in droves :roll_eyes:


Yeah, Justin1 is a troll. I don’t think he has actually even played the game yet.