I usually never do this. But Seriously people !?


I usually never do this, That is write in a forum to complain about a game, Less to make an account just to say what i truly think about something on a game forum. I usually bite my lip and let the bugs and errors if they exist pass because of the rest of the game is a masterpiece. But common. Now i cant rly be silent anymore. Because this is so far from either a AAA game or a masterpiece anyone can come.

I have tried to like this game sense the day i bought it but i have to force my self to play it every, Single, Time. Where should we start with this failure that is called Kingdom what ever…

the slow and clunky fighting that imo is a complete joke and that could have been made in 50 other ways that both would have kept the difficult level while making it way smoother with better flow?

For flak sake, We are in 2018 and this game have the smoothness and flow like a game that came out in 2010? I mean at least the people that call them selves developers could at least have talked to ONE of the thousand other game developers that exist out there and asked “how” could we have maybe made the combat a little better? Seriosusly, Ask yourself, When you play your own game, Do you feel the fighting system is where it should be for an AAA game? And those big fights you talked about and sold us on in BETA/ALPHA is nothing more then a cluster frack you realized the first day you made them dident you? And YET you dident ask around anyone for help?

They did not even do it when news papers started to write and ask about if the combat system actually could not be enchanted a little at least?. They just sat there with there and did not either listen or care of what the BETA/ALPHA PLAYERS said about the fighting system now did you?

MAYBE you could have talked to other devs, You know that other gamedevelopers from other studios GLADLY do about how the horse riding could have been done a little better and how you actually dont have to make bushes to walls in 2018. (two times i have had to restart 1½h back because i am stuck in a fucking bush… in 2018… in an rpg game… yea feels great) You know you had a BETA for that or even an ALPHA? But yea… ( i dont have anything against the saves, Just that your game is fracking broken and FORCE you to restart 1h back because you are stuck in a bush or in a doorway. (2018…AAA game … my fracking ass)

Please dont even try to argue with that “you had to little time”. You had perfect amount of time and money if you had listened to the Beta and Alpha testers. Hell i my self gave you a lot of my hard earned cash to make this game and you could not even ask around other developers to help you out? Or at least ask them what they thought about stuff in the game and what was needed to make a top tier game that you said it was going to be? (its not even close in my and many others opinion) Rather a Single “A” game if even that.

Instead we have a joke of a pickpocket and a “pick-lock” system, We have a complete joke of a fighting system and archery system, We have a story that ends in a complete and utter lazy failure and if you thought you were going to care for it what so ever, dont fool yourself. I have said it again and again every time i have tried to get back in to this game. These devs are a complete joke and should not be allowed to make a single game ever again. If they cant pay for it them selves that is.

I could write a god damn book with all the fracking problems with this game. Its sad rly, We are in 2018 and this game is worth the money of a game that came out in 2000. Maybe next time you should talk to CD project Red? you know the guys THAT KNOW how to make games.

But yea, This will either be hated on or downvoted or trolled about and i cant rly care because in the end its not my fault kids and adults these days have so fracking low standards in games so its scary so they give s**t like this 10/10 and a AAA status. The sad thing about this is that these devs now have money to do an other game like this, That probably will be complete shit also.


This is just long long long bullshit of spoiled 15 yo brat. You know what? quit playing the game, very easy, stop your pain…


Oh oh. Sounds like someone needs a hug. You know you didn’t have to buy the game to access the forums. Could have saved yourse…saved us some grief.


Refund and move on. It’s that simple. Hopefully you learn from this and don’t bother people who enjoy the game.


At first I thought all the systems in this game (combat, archery, lock picking, etc.) sucked… Then I practiced with them, and over time I became proficient at them. It’s almost like Warhorse was striving for realism or something, who knows? Now I love all of them. Stop complaining, learn the skills, and you’ll probably enjoy them.


Too many letters.


this asshole is just a troll… easy


I usually never do this,

I bet that’s a complete fucking lie.


Knowing the WH was a start up and KCD its maiden product, why did you buy?


For someone who “never usually does this” you sure do whine like a pro.


Emoji in thread title, bullshit “I usually never do this” disclaimer as if that justifies anything, written by someone who replaces “s” with “z” in their name and use of needless caps lock. Apologies for not keeping this strictly within forum guidelines, but this is a nothing thread written by someone clearly incapable and/or unwilling to discuss anything in a reasonable manner. Just close this damn thread please mods, nothing is gonna get accomplished here.

  • consults other game developers to find out what shit game he’s referring to.


Probably also never cries after sex…


Did you ever tried a sword with an armor on your back? Not sure if you will be actually faster than Henry :wink:


Someone give him a hug… bless him


Ah and then, just for fun : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgucKLb0fdk
If you wonder what it can be in reality (ok here this is sport only but still)


Just play something else until it gets patched? or go to the gym and get buff and fuck lots of chicks?


This guy thinks developers from other studios help their competitors. You’re either a child or extremely misinformed and niave


I don’t know what world you’re living in, but the beta, and alpha feed back to those systems were very positive.

Really the only major complaint the testers had was performance. Which although is not great for some, is light years ahead of what it was in the Beta.


You only have yourself to blame for your missguided expectations