I want to finish the game, but I don't understand it


Yeah I can agree with you on the inconsistency. Don’t worry I had my fair share of rants hear on the forums about it aswell, so you not alone lol


I guess a lot of people don’t mind coming to forums, guides, or watching videos about how to complete a quest. I do. For me that completely ruins the game. It’s just unfortunate that the game itself is sloppy at providing the data I need, and does it inconsistently. Every time I have a problem, I can find 50+ reddit threads and forum posts about the same exact issue, so it’s a reoccurring theme among players. It would be more appropriate if the game came with a guide, or a more fleshed out quest log. Thanks for your help.


The Merhojed plague is well explained I would say. If you talk to anybody there, he will speak about it. And I am sure that someone mentions monks in the monastery. I had some problems with the game, but not here.

My problem was searching for murderer of Lubosh after you fail priest Godwin’s preaching quest. It never occured to me that I need to talk to bailif AGAIN; I had to find it in walkthroughs. And I also had problems with finding Pious in monastery; the way you are expected to expose him still seems illogical to me. But other than that … if you don’t skip dialogs and listen to people, you will find that information is always there.


My problem is the consistency with the game. The main story is not prompting me to do what everybody is telling me. People are telling me about side quests, and 77 missions in all of the sudden the game is mandating side quests.


Well, if you cant’ remember it, then there is a log where Henry stores something like his diary, with all important info. You can read it anytime.


Again, I hadn’t completed a single side quest since I installed the game, and here i am 77 quests into the game, and it’s mandating i complete a side quest. I would have never known to do that had i not come to the forums. That’s the whole problem.


95% of the time I’m playing the game, it tells me where to go, who to speak with, and what to do in the actual quest log. The quest log is supposed to provide me with the information I need to complete the quests, and does so 95% of the time. It’s the other 5% of the time the game refuses to give me the data I need, or randomly expects me to start doing side quests, or read minds. It’s inconsistent and it’s leading to lots of frustration. If this were a problem exclusive to me, I wouldn’t find dozens of reddit threads , steam threads, and forum posts of frustrated people asking the same exact questions. And everybody says “the game doesn’t hold your hand”. Bs. The game holds my hand 95% of the time. It’s the random 5% of the time that throws me off, and i wish people would acknowledge this problem.


I was also stuck on this. You need to go to all NPCs, back to quest givers, then try speaking to those who may know about the problem. People are sick, who do you need? Healer. Last healer took care of Skalitz refugees, where is he? Find him and then if he doesn’t give you answer. Find it yourself, try to break the game. Find and interrogate the captive. He is locked and guarded. How to get there? Steal keys, kill guard, wait till they feed him. Wait till he dies and then just look for other clues.


I’ve already done all of that. I’ve already got into the room where the captive is. It’s telling me “help the captive”. Nowhere in the main quests does it provide me with any information on how to help the captive. It’s nowhere in the main quest story log. There’s a side quest that talks about seeing johanka. Why would i start doing side quests this late into the game? Weird.


I also think a lot of the problems with this game come with the “save” option that was added later. The developers never expected people to be able to randomly save the game, and because of it, people are loading back into games, and the quests are getting all mixed up. Perhaps if I hadn’t completed this quest completely, it would have sent me back to the very beginning, where I could revisit the missing data, via random conversation with somebody. Because I was able to save the game where I did, I have no idea what to do or where to go. It’s absurd. This game bums me out big time because I really wanted to keep giving it a chance, and get through it. At this point I can’t deal with the inconsistency. Either tell me what to do , or don’t. Stop telling me what to do 95% of the time, and then randomly cut the leash and expect me to figure everything out. I don’t have the patience for it. Mods can close this thread. I’ve started a new thread about this issue, because it needs to be addressed by the developers if they want to make better games. It involves players actually letting go of their ego, and admitting this is a problem, instead of bragging about how clever and smart they were. None of this stuff is “hard” or “challenging”. I would be more likely to use words like “annoying” or “confusing”.


It’s maybe side quest but connected to main one. It doesn’t matter cstegory. Captive is also sick. You must help first the villagers, however you do not have to wait for cure. You must convince Melichar to trust you.


Yeah, that’s what I mean. It took 77 quests before the game decided side quests were going to be mandatory to complete main story quests. That’s very confusing as a player.


I know that you will not take it, but there is kind of logic there. When you first talk to Melichar, he will tell you about pestilence and will send you to Johanka for cure. If you break to captive (lockpick, or whatever), you will find that he is also ill. Logical thing would be to go and find the cure, which will solve both problems. But you don’t want to do it, because a quest is marked as “side” and not “main”. I agree that it is a bit strange from the position of a game (quest should be marked as main), but in reality you would have no main/side distinction. It is logical to search for the cure if you need someone cured.


Yeah, it’s not just that 77 quests into the game, all of the sudden it’s mandating a side quest. This sort of weird programming is popping up in the game very often. Very often there’s inconsistencies with the game, where I get used to completing things a certain way almost always, and then randomly it changes things up , and expects me to know what to do. I then go to forums where people brag about how clever and skilled they are. To your guys credit, none of you have done that. And I really do appreciate it.


In fact you recently said that 95% of quests are ok, but some have minor problems that forces you to ask other players. If game has 100 quests, then only 5 of them would be a bit problematic. In my oppinion Warhorse did a really god job here :slight_smile: I


Traditionally I would agree. If 95% of the game were fleshed out, I would agree, that’s one hell of a job. However, this is pretty polarizing for me. A problem like this is far worse than a bug. This is a problem with the story telling itself. In other words, you could build a car where 95% of the car is in perfect working order, but it doesn’t have any tires. It’s that sort of thing. Where it really doesn’t matter that most of the game is fine. This problem is getting in between me and the story line, and it’s breaking the immersion entirely.


As I understand your objections, then the only problem is that quest is marked as “side” but not as “main”. That is a very minor bug if you think about it. I can see that you it causes problems to you, but in fact it is not a big deal. There were far worse bugs after release.


I don’t mind if quest is main or side. Once I’m stuck on main I go to do something else. Maybe level up and come back stronger and maybe the solution will come out naturally when you bump into some lead. Here, the problem was same for me. I could not figure out how to progress
I did what I wrote. Then I had problem to actually figure out why they are sick and thus deduct the right cure for them which I could make myself then. I had to read and I didn’t really touch alchemy until then, because it was rather unappealing for me to make speed potions, however recipe has instructions which you must 100% fulfil and trying to figure out which key binding to use and which tool to use was rather confusing for me at start. That’s were I googled, now I know how to use alchemy tools without a guide.


Kaven, it’s not just the main/side anomaly. It’s very hard to put into words the problem I’ve been having with this game because often times people will tell me exactly what to do. And that’s not what I’m asking. It’s more or less a data collection inconsistency, and it pops up periodically through the game. At least 4 or 5 times now I’ve run into these anomalies, and it’s a similar situation every time. Most of the time lots of people had a problem with the same exact thing, and most people found out what to do through a guide, or a forum post. I have never had to visit a forum, or watch a video to complete a quest in any other game in my entire life, and I will add that as far as challenge goes, I would put KCD near the bottom of the list. That’s what I mean by hard to explain. It’s not challenging me in an intellectual way. It’s challenging me to find out inconsistencies with the game, that I can almost guarantee were not intentional by the developers.


It was made to try and get you to think like Henry, oblivious to the world at the start and then learning who does what and where…