If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


We all know WH is new studio but if you gonna be happy with the game in it’s current state like many of you are. “give them more time” “It’s not that bad” “complaining consumer” If you like the game and it’s concept that’s why you should complain A LOT to squeeze a shit of good work from WH.


I agree with that, and considering how Warhorse marketed KCD as close as to a AAA game, they got to have some standard… But still, the quality of the game evens out the terrible bugs. It’s not the next holy grail, but I wont beat the devs for their sins. Ha.


They’ll probably take it better than you, that’s for sure.

Moving on.


lmfao! what are you even talking about? grow up kid, just because someone has an opinion about your favorite game, you attack them. you dont belong here.


nobody is denying that the game needs work, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and childish whining and the latter should be mocked and ridiculed at all times.


I’m 40 +hrs into the game and I didn’t encounter any major gameplay spoiling bug. I know they exist, but my experience is flawless so far.

Bethesda is doing the same game over and over (from oblivion to fallouts) and every new game is bugged 10x more than kingdom come from Warhorse, which is a smaller, less experienced developer.

So really, what’s the fuss.


I won’t point out the flaws in the game, we all know what they are. I will say that even with the flaws, I can’t put this game down. I’m hooked like I was back when KotOR came out, or Morrowind.


The game has issues. But lets be realistic here… WH is a small studio and they had limited funds. Taking those two things into consideration the level of detail and work they put into this game with extremely limited resources is impressive.

WH is also aware of many issues with the game and are working to resolve them.

People need to contribute in making the game better by reporting bugs and being constructive.

WH isn’t some mega developer that has hundreds of millions to make a game.

Hell how many big triple A titles were put out in the past year with 60-100+ million dollar budgets that turned out to be dog shit and atill have game breaking issues to this day? Lol almost all of them ! Especially Andromeda and Battlefront 2 – those are 100 million dollar piles of poop. Both games suck.

In a few patches this game will be a gem.


I…I liked Andromeda. :sunglasses:
Hell Fallout 4 is glitchy as crap.


I’m not complacent, and have sent many reports, but I’m not going to let the current bugs ruin my day. They’ll take our criticisms in to consideration and continue to improve the game.

Constructive criticism is a far cry from a lot of the game bashing and whiny ranting I’ve seen on this forum.


It totally gave me Morrowind flashbacks.


Stop trying to troll, the game works better than AAA games.

If you want to complain about devs, go to the forums of COD, BF, etc, where the devs keep reskinning the previous game year and charging 70€ for 1/3 of the game and another 60€ for season passes.



Persoally I don’t feel like very many people are praising the game and completely turning a blind eye to the problems. Most people who enjoy the game, like myself, seem to be quite honest about what needs work. I feel like the game has gotten a lot of praise as well as criticism - often from the same person, and the devs seem to be responding with patches/transparency. I have a ton of pro’s for the game, and a big list of things I would like improved, and I feel that’s the general consensus, and that’s being conveyed to the developers. Most people aren’t going to complain more than they feel is fair, just to make sure they’re keeping the developers on their toes. That probably would hold them to a higher standard I agree, but it’s not like we can get everyone to do that. Let’s just hope the Dev’s react accordingly to the complaints/praises.

I cant imagine the devs are content with how rocky the launch has been in some regards. I don’t feel like they think they’re getting away with something. The user score on metacritic isn’t anything astronomical. The critical reviews especially have been somewhat mixed with an average score of 76 on PC (metacritic). I just don’t think the general feeling of the devs is “well people seem happy enough! No need to raise the bar in the future”. With such a hyped game and a very messy launch, and mediocre critic reviews, the devs can’t be totally satisfied. I think anything they do in the future, people will be a bit more wary! That said I think it’s a great game as it is now, and if their future projects can improve on what they did with KCD even just a bit then I’d be satisfied personally.


That is what I am talking about…


I am done with that and I am not trolling whatever this stupid word means.


I am talking about KCD. You attacking me and calling me kid and you still here?? Seems like you are more kid than me.


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it posted to the op instead of who i was directing the comment to. i agree, the games quests, fighting, stats, and perks need a rework. perks are either over powered or worthless, no bow, unarmed, or pole arm perks. i love this game i hope they keep updating, if not we paid for trash.


I agree, I have addressed my issues with the game in a civilized manner and reported my bugs and currently waiting for them to fix the game, but most people don’t do that instead they curse WH and shit on the game all day, instead they should be addressing there issue not trying to roast WH.

and WH has replied to all my issues i had and said they are hard on work on fixing it so i dont need to make infinite threads complaining.