If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


Don’t get me wrong here. I think that the game is good. I’m also not trying to attack anyone. I appreciate the work and effort that WH put in the game. I gave WH constructive criticism through support mail and hope they gonna work on that howgh!


I’ll tell ya one thing that is really starting to piss me off is the random infinite load screens. Sometimes it happens when I start a convo. Sometimes, like just now, it happens after sleeping.


The blind fanboy praise that i see a lot of here only does a disservice to warhorse, this community and prospective buyers who might stop in here because theyre curious.

The condition of this game thus far at its very best is beta quality. Period. But it is equally true that if you have the patience and can look past the many rough spots there is a gem at its core.

I want warhorse to be successful and make many more games. There are countless events and times in history that deserve to have a light shined on them, and Warhorse seems to be the only studio that is willing and able to take us there. As real fans, the best thing we can do to help is to be honest and critical so this studio knows exactly where its flaws are.


Some even great games keep the bugs for the fun of it. You want a bug reduced (not saying bug free, even top shelf AAA tiles still have those after years) game, wait for a Game of Year version, or some such version a year or two down the road.

I find it amusing that there is a call out to “blind fanboys” , really? Even a casual glance at Steam reviews or MetaCritic will tell that there are no such base. It’s a more beautiful game than some others that cost more to produce, and frankly you will spend more time playing it. So dollar per hour spent playing value is definitely in the game.

i think the Devs know that they still have a LOT of work, but acting like it’s a busted title and asking for your money back is your loss. The rest of us will enjoy the game for what it is, not for what it’s currently lacking.

just in case anyone is lazy to look up reviews, here take a look, hardly a flawless scope:


The part that bothers me is that ginger and hans are corrupt. Being buggy (frame rate, rendering, save files) is one thing but having a corrupt main quest line is bad form.

Attention to detail wasn’t a strong suit of this release. Basic obvious things should’ve been caught and fixed… invisible neck, fast travel on horse that puts you looking 90 degrees off center, etc


If i see someone raging and talking about the game being trash im going to speak up. They have bugs that they are working on clearly. But more importantly this is an out of the popular box kinda game and i want more of it. Been way too many years of clones of clones of cookie cuttter games


Trust me, every person including me thats defending this game from pissed whiners is also constantly reporting different bugs, emailing and pressuring the devs. Nobody’s letting them off the hook. It’s just that people sometimes exaggerated too much and completely ignore the facts about the WH team and how they started and start attacking them needlessly. No matter what you say, the sheer content and mechanics that this game brings to the table, no other game even comes close. Give it time, they have bills to pay but don’t have the wallets of EA.


I’m happy it released.
Theres a difference between being criticizing constructively, which i have no problem with, and being a complete asshole like 90% of the threads are with bugs. Sure, warhorse’ll listen to those threads but in the end I don’t think good results will come out of it.


ELEX was worse, but thankfully i waited like 3-4 months before buying
sadly this is now a standard to release unfinished, unpolished games
CDPR was the closest of the bunch to release a bug-free game (well… almost)


Yeah I agree am on ps4 I encountered some bugs but didn’t really bother me that much as I found a workaround to fix them, my biggest problem is late game becomes easy to a point I can’t play anymore.

however I addressed my issue to WH made a few thread about them rather than attacking WH and being an asshole, and am currently waiting for them to fix my issues and I have complete trust in them.


glad to see you’re still being a polite user of the forums who definitely isn’t biased bro


“exaggerated too much”

what exactly do you mean by that? are you a person on PS4 who experiences an unstable product to the point of constant save deletion and inability to progress past midgame?

do you think, maybe, that other people are experiencing more intense and frequent bugs than you? maybe these people aren’t belly aching children, they’re just rational people with a different and much less pleasant experience?

please tell me what platform you play on.


I’m on the pc. I understand that you may have game breaking bugs so then take it up with the devs or sue them if you’re that disgruntled. What do you think will come out of shouting on forums? I’ve seen many comments from you bashing the devs and the game. Nothings gonna come out of it unless you’re just venting


Just wanted to drop these off here. A couple compilations of funny fails and bugs. Theyre everywhere. Might as well laugh at them, no sense in raging. I recommend watching eso’s playthrough fighting runt (link below), a funny helmet bug makes an apearance during all of the boss fights cinematics. Fast forward to 20:49


The PC is vastly more stable and graphically optimized. Check Metacritic reviews to see an obvious difference in average experience, just as a general rule of thumb in this situation.

I don’t doubt this game is playable and enjoyable on PC. I don’t think you spend a lot of time trying to comprehend that some people have a port of that game that does not work, and they paid the exact same as you. Those people should not be put down for voicing their anger for recieving such an inferior product.

Here’s what I hope will come out of shouting on forums: One, Warhorse will have to see some of this and maybe feel a little ashamed of their behavior towards PS4 customers, and open the way for refunds.

Here’s what I think will actually come from this: Someone on PS4 who has not yet purchased this may do research and see this forum before purchasing. I would like them to read about my experience here and know that they are getting a vastly inferior product compared to the PC version.

I see you constantly telling people with opinion that we need to stop using the forum for this purpose. You don’t have a right to do this. We are not in threads insulting you for enjoying a product that is frankly different than ours. Stop telling people who have a different opinion and experience than you that they are just venting, and just leave the thread alone. It’s that easy. Put down your keyboard.


It’s not a funny bug when it causes your entire playline to get deleted.


Alright mate do what you want. Sorry about your bad experience, I certainly hope they make the game a lot better for you and other console players.


Tell you guys what, if there are no dickheads crying over a split piece of software because they bought into the hype and kissasses stop bending down to have a good one because it’s the next jesus christ, we’re all better for it in this forums.

KCD is unpolished, but an unpolished gem nonetheless, it’s not a turd.


I love the game. This is the kind of game I’ve wanted for many, many years as a fan of history as well as melee combat. Actually, a few years ago I said to a friend that I wanted a first person game which focus on realism and is set during the middle ages, viking age or antiquity and my wish came true.

The game has flaws, yes. No one can deny that. I’m even writing a list that needs fixing or that I want to see changed/added to the game. I am rooting a lot for Warhorse that they’ll be succesful (money wise as well as reputation wise) so that they continue with sequels (Kingdom Come: Viking Age anyone? :D) and expansions.

They need cred for taking such a risk and doing things that others doesn’t even if they actually afford a set back.

But they should’ve had more development time (3-6 months) which would have resulted in a more optimized and smooth (bug wise) experience.


I lost 29 hours of progress for a bug! Amazing game but shotty experience!!