If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


Jesus, what sort of bug is that?


Just google “game load failed” :slight_smile:


Well this “what’s the fuss” is exactly the problem. I have warned about this long time ago, that this ignorant behavior will encourage game teams to release half-finished games, which is what we have today, especially in the recent years. Not to mention downgrades, broken promises, etc.

This is your creation!

Btw, this team is not unexperienced. These are game dev veterans.


They are a small studio. Give them a 1.5$ mil in kickstarter and charge 60$ for the game which doesn’t work. But they are a small studio!

This type of behaviour is why we are paying money to a studio to beta test their games and report bugs to them


Well, you are right.
But I recognize what he (or she, what do I know) is saying.
It happens that all critic, even when it is intended to be constructive and help to make the game better, can count on a lot of onreasonable reactions on this forum. Some people think that on this forum you have to love the game onconditional and without critic. If you don’t, then they start calling you a child that only plays Battlefield games or something.

You don’t need to agree on things, but please, let everybody with all respect speak out their opinion about this game.


Actually, even the people Loving the Game don’t say it’s perfect, there’s much Work to be done.

It’s Only that Threads Like “uhhhh dis Game is crap i want a refund it is to hard it is ful of bugs” are not helping anyone and we’re Just sick of it.

If we want the Game to get to the top then we need to Support the devs. I’m Not Happy about that either, i got a Buggy Game too, But hey, when i’m angry it doesn’t Change anything. So i’m trying to make the best of it.

Peoples nowadays are Just Generally unhappy and easy to complain about anything. It’s Not Like it’s the end of the world… Try laughing a bit more, really makes life nicer.


The game is by far one my favourite games I had ever played, but having game breaking bugs prevents me from being immersed in the game and enjoying it. That’s why am angry, because they are ruining what could have been one of my best videogame experiences by releasing ab unfinished game. That’s why we rant, we don’t want this behaviour to be Ok and normal.


From what we heard them speak of and the upcoming patch’s notes, I believe they are aware of the issues. We don’t have to be overly happy I suppose… but also not overly negative. I do enjoy the game a whole lot despite the things that don’t work at times and am happy that the game exists.
I agree that the game could have been much better still, if the most aggravating bugs would be addressed.

Is there a place to mention the bugs that have annoyed you the most? Oh I see a ‘Known Bugs and reporting new ones.’ board. I do suggest that everyone lists bugs or even typo’s in there because they can’t know what we don’t show.


So far I haven’t come across too many issues but KCD is far more polished than the turd Bioware released with Dragon Age 2 back in 2011. I could not even drive myself to finish Act I, never felt so betrayed by a developer in my life. And to think that came from the same developer that made such classics as Baldurs Gate series, Neverwinter Nights and the first Dragon Age.


Actually in that thread they said we are no longer accepting bugs here, send your issues to an email address which is understandable since they got like 2000 posts on the thread. Check their twitter account for the email address.


The Mail Adress is stated right above in the sticky. It’s support@kingdomcomerpg.com


So, a bug that is literally pissing me off right now is automatically crashing when I open my chest. I can’t do anything that even comes close to get things from there as it will crash and I have to reload the game and it happens again.

This game is nice, I like it a lot. The fact that they are a small company charging a lot of money for a product that seems like it was cut in half just to create DLC or EXPANSIONS that will likely cost even more money.

If this actually becomes a DLC or expansion just to finish the two main quests that I have had from the start of the game, there is an issue. I haven’t paid 60 bucks for a half a game and then God knows how much for the extra shit down the road.

This needs be clear, it’s not gonna work if half my game is basically missing and will show up in some expansions.


Please Report to support@kingdomcomerpg.com stating If you’ve ever Used Mods with that Game, tried to reinstall/checked for corrupt Game Files and best attach your Savegame. Also try If this Bug ist reproducable with an older Savegame or a fresh start.


I’m going to send an email, I didn’t have this issue in my first playthrough so maybe too many items in it? Keeping this in mind though.


Wait until you spent an entire day killing bandits, hunting, and doing multiple quests, only to find that when you rent a room to sleep since you can’t save - your character gets stuck in the door, and if you need to do alchamy to lets say complete a major quest you find yourself flying off the map every time you try to use the alchemy bench


“I…I liked Andromeda” — Blasphemy!!! Burn the Heretic!!
Just wait till I find my torch and pitchfork you abomination.

In all seriousness, I thought Andromeda would have been OK if it was a standalone game, or the first entry in the series. But it comepletely sucked as ass compared to the original trilogy, and that is why its hated so much. The Mass Effect bar was pretty damn high. In fact, before TW3 came out the Mass Effect Trilogy were my favourite games (plus Dragon Age Origins) so Andromeda had a very high bar to reach, and it failed miserably.


I’ve encountered several game breaking bugs, crashes, saves not loading up properly, etc. That being said I still enjoy this game. If you look at Bethesda, their elder scrolls game has just as many bugs. The difference: Bethesda has a larger budget, and a larger team working on their titles. I’m willing to give WH studios time to fix these issues.


"the game works better than AAA games."

I still enjoy the game though


Not when you lose all of your progress for a bug


Lost over 50 hours here due to my PS4 deleting my main saves and then my external drive for safety back up was corrupted in the reinstall process.
Sure it can be a fun game…
But I can’t count the games bugs and there was a ton… that I played through for 50 plus hours before that save bug killed all my data.
You lose all your data and then try and get where he is coming from before chastising him.
I don’t think anyone wanted to hear what was coming out of my mouth when that happened to me.

Yeah all games release with bugs, but few are at this level.
This is seriously like The Divisions release.

Warhorse needs to hear about all these bugs in order to fix it.
Doesn’t matter if the person is polite or critical in a asshole sense.
Those people paid full price for 10 hours to 120 hours in some cases of people losing their data.
I just saw a beta version from 2016 on youtube where the testers is playing this game and COVERS this same bug that is corrupting and deleting saves. He recorded it and play shared it. You get to see what all of us that have lost data are seeing before we go livid.
You CANNOT tell me they could have fixed this two years ago when it was a well known problem by youtube beta testers on THIS GAME.
Come on now.
That deserves all kinds of cussing.
Not gentle wipe their ass and powdering of it people.

Sure I can’t wait to play a fixed version of this, but man…it is going to take me a bit to even work up the want to play this from the start again after that.