If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


Tinyjester27, my concern is that FO4 came out in Nov 2015. file saving issue was/is a problem for that huge product (users were told not to use quick save, etc). how is it that WH didn’t know and adequately stress test?!?


I wish you could see how many of these “save” people actually play the game. Its very common these days for new games like this to be brigaded by trolls who have nothing better to do than cry about a new video game they don’t play.


Clearly you don’t understand human psychology. Complaining is more likely to get someone to tell you to piss off and ignore you. If you want changes, you are better off framing something positively. Think in terms of how can we make the game better, not in terms of how the game is messed up. Attitude matters. A lot.


Istoppucks, fair enough. i’m not trolling. i play FO4 (with and without mods) as well as KCD. I’m now getting more fatal CE crashes on KCD than before. yesterday, i didn’t die but lost hours worth of play due to crash when i accessed Miller Peshek chest. (reported to support). i keep fewer than 15 save files at a time.


Hopefully they can fix a lot of stuff quickly. It would be a disaster publicly if it takes 3-6 months right now


Oh I’m not saying everyone is lying it would just be a nice feature to weed out the ones who are just trolling.

To be honest that doesn’t always help as bungie is a complete cesspool lol.


You’re damn right attitude matters a lot.
People paid full price for this.
People have a right to be upset.
Granted I have not been one whom has been generally upset or bashing like others have.
I sent all my issues to their support and development dept and hope the game gets fixed. I won’t start again till I know for sure the saved issue is resolved. I can play around most of the other stuff once that save bug/glitch is fixed, but with that being said?

I read a lot of these threads and completely understand why so many are upset. Just not with the game, but I see them getting trolled and bullied on a epic level telling them to basically #$%@ off and it isn’t the game for them.
These players gave full price to Warhorse. Didn’t expect to have a game with this many issues right off the bat.
Then they come on here to say this or that about controls not responding, can’t brew potions, can’t sleep, can’t save, glitched into doorways, quests aren’t loading, quests can’t be finished, ect, ect, ect…
Then the moment I see that?
I see vultures circle to bash that individual in some cases.

That isn’t cool. I usually go to their defense in most cases.
These players didn’t make the game. They gave over their hard earned money and have every right to complain.
They don’t need to be bashed by fanboys defending a flawed game.

Neither side is right after things get heated and people start throwing insults.
I am sure some of these complaining could be more constructive upon stating their issues, but I understand their anger after I lost all my data too from over 50 hours of grinding.
I didn’t lash out like they did, but understand their frustration.

Those having no issues at all and endlessly praising the game? Good for them.
Don’t trash other players whom aren’t having that luck.
Imagine your data being deleted and back up files corrupted.

You’re not going to be sunshine and cheerios when that happens so yeah.
I never had one of my drill instructors during basic kindly tell me what I needed to do to improve in a positive manner.
No one is powdering your ass here. You’re a developer. You’re a adult. You make games.
You sold a game at full price loaded with game breaking bugs and pissed off many people.
You’re not going to get hugs from everyone.


Nobody says their frustration isn’t warranted. But reality is reality. If you act like a jerk to people, they ignore you.

When I’m reading feedback from customers of my business, you know what happens? The ones who put forth ideas to make our service better, or tell me what would improve our products, get sorted, read, and discussed internally. The ones that are rude and complaining without actually stating anything useful just get sent to the trash bin. I don’t have time for useless drivel. Opportunity cost is real, and my time is better spent going over meaningful discussion. If they are rude people, I don’t want to do business with them. I have plenty of customers to stay in business without them.

I’m not saying this to be mean or spiteful, but rather educate people on how to get what they want. Of course, if what they actually want is to rant, then so be it.


Then your business outlook is flawed.
Everyone counts when it comes to reputation.
If you dismiss someone because of a crappy attitude when they purchased your product?
Not letting them vent first and then gather thoughts for correction?
Instead just dissing and throwing them off?
That word of mouth will spread.
Others will not only see that but side with the one that you refused business with after the sale.

I understand your words, but just stating the obvious.
Not everyone has the Public relation skills or customer service experience so there are times you have to work or get things fixed with these kinds of people.

Being in combat I didn’t always have the best of personalities at my six, but I had to make it work so we all got our jobs done and back to camp alive or with as little damage done as possible.
That is the same thing in real life.
I’d be damned if I left some guy on the field because he didn’t see eye to eye with me.

Business is business. If you sell a bad product that invokes this kind of provocation from people? Then you need to stand and take it regardless of their attitude. Make it right.
Not take a arrogant attitude and say $#@% them. I can survive off my more polite base.


Talk rude at fast food place and see what special treatment/‘sauce’ your order gets. Sure, they listen but the response won’t be what you want


Have all your data deleted and back up files corrupted and see how you respond right after.
Just saying.
This is here and now.
Not burgers.
And it isn’t just one person complaining.
Have you read all these threads? Seen the stuff going on outside this forum?
Over a Million copies sold and many of these people very pissed off.

One person griping over a burger will get crap in it.
A town full of people getting crappy service from that establishment complaining? May get the entire staff replaced.
You have a whole county ripping that place for issues? District would get involved or maybe even state enforcement.

This isn’t one person or a few like you think.
There are a great deal of people upset.


I am one upset but I know Marek isn’t going to take my feedback to heart if my email is filled with bile and invective

People that simply vent often express a lot of emotion but provide little in the way of actionable info. Hence the opportunity cost mentioned by ZL647


The only thing I wanted to achieve by this post to kind of show the direction we should address WH. No one says that complaining about stuff is something negative right?? It might be useful and helpful. Ofc. is good to do so in constructive way. I payed full price and I don’tt want my money back as I would do in any other circumstances. I know this is a new game and it can be fixed by patching but it’s necessary to inform WH strictly that next time they can’t charge full price for unfinished/unpolished game. To kind of show them that we won’t tolerate this. That’s what I wanted to point out.


Hopefully others calm down enough to make sense, but you can’t blame them for not being upset.
Not everyone has a calm demeanor or way to communicate well when angry.

I’ve seen that on too many posts so far haha, but like I said above. I see far more bullying of those players complaining than I do the actual complaints. I am sure that won’t help them calm down to make sense and instead chase them away from this game. That word of mouth could influence others to not buy it as well because of that treatment on top of the bugs.
Neither side is good at that point.
Ones endlessly defending a bugged game and those pissed off about it lol…

I just hope all can get their wits and improve this whole situation quick. I want to be playing again… It has almost been 5 days now without playing. I was enjoying myself greatly before I lost everything.


Don’t blame peeps for being upset.


The fanboys on this forum will attack anybody and everybody who has something to say that’s critical about this game.


Amen. Jesus Christ be praised


Well it’s kind of psychological thing. As a fanboy you don’t want to hear negative things because it might affect the joy the game is giving you.


Well then they are pretty weak willed then if they can easily allow others to dictate their enjoyment over something.


Thinking why they are saying wish we had more time to polish the game etc. I’d rather wait longer then to get this.
If players paid full price and then they have a game where after load the world is building up in front of them or there is no horse after reload or you suddenly end up 100 feet in the air and free fall etc. Not saying that some people have even bigger troubles.