If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


This has been the buggiest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played hundreds of games over PC, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox


Whether or not it’s the buggiest is of no consequence to me. I just want the next patch this week


We all want the next patch this week. :wink:


they should delay the patch. because if they release the patch, it won’t include a lot of fixes, and people will cry and be butthurt, so it’s best if they hold the patch until middle of march to include the most important and crucial updates.


Do you really think people are just here to whine about falsified game breaking bugs? Like, first we were just whining idiots but now we’re actually malicious trolls out to get you by complaining?


Don’t expect this or even the next patch to be the last :eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth: that said, yeah, getting the critical patch right more important than releasing a half measure quickly


Very flawed, but brilliant game. It’s so frustrating at times, but I can’t stop playing it.


People also gets pissed off because usually the critic and complaints are given as facts and that the game state is universally terribly bugged and has insane flaws. This is not true to everyone and its not the experience of everyone.

I can say that for me and my friend (both just completed the game with around 60+ hours in it) the game was smooth. Alot smoother than many big games out there at launch. I encountered one major bug that lost me 1,5h of gameplay and my friend lost about the same. There were couple minor bugs aswell but those didnt really bother me at all.

What comes to the gameplay and mechanics of the game, I just loved it. There could be more perks yes but it wasnt a big deal for me since I think there was enough.

So the reason why people might attack complainers is that there are alot of people that has similar or even better experience about the game. And like I said before, alot of the complaints are voiced out like that the game is broken for everyone and that it is at unplayable state so people get pissed.


I can guarentee there are some. It happens with every new game, dlc, xpac and update. There are some who just need to feel included and get upvotes so they jump on the bandwagon of the newest hot topic. Welcome to video game forums in 2018 its why 99.999℅ of gamers never step foot in them.


How about you stop trying to direct others and worry about yourself. Who made you the leader of the complainers? Every forum has someone like who thinks he can solve all the problems and be the self proclaimed leader. Just worry about yourself and how you want to complain.


No buddy some people are just sick of people like you who spam the forums with their self righteous garbage. Telling those like you to give it a rest isn’t being a fanboy its normal human behavior.

If a video game really is causing you this much pain in your life it might be time to just move on.


I can guarantee that people like you are the reason 99.999% of gamers never set foot on these forums.


Well yeah of course you would say that. You can’t handle the fact its actually your fault and those other toxic kids crying about video games.


It’s my fault that I paid 60 dollars for a product that is so unstable it prevents me from completing the game? I am literally only here to voice that one fact. I paid 60 dollars, same price as PC and Xbone players, and I have nothing to show for it. That’s really the only point I ever wanted to make on this forum.

I think you should think pretty hard about what it means to be toxic. Having an issue with the product and voicing that is not toxic. Going on a forum and shitting on other people for having an issue with a product is toxic.

You are toxic. You are actually spending your time crying about “kids crying,” and the thing is, I’m neither a child nor am I crying. Saying that people are spewing “self righteous garbage” is toxic, and really ironic, because that’s all you are doing.

All of your anger at us for complaining should just be redirected right back at yourself for some reflection, because you are doing everything you are complaining about.


The game has been released in a pretty bad state and many people are facing game breaking issues, including main quest progression blocks and massive progress loses. This is not the first time something like this happens in a commercial game, but to be honest you need to look really hard to find other cases of games released in a similar state. Arguably, the hardcore saving mechanic and linear quest structure make the situation much worse.

The game comes with a full price tag, which it fully deserves considering the production values and ambitions, but this comes with the corresponding responsibility attached. Things like the save file corruption or being unable to finish the main quest should block the game from being released (you may get lucky and not experience those in your playthrough, but believe me, they are not rare at all). They didn’t.

Keep in mind some of those bugs are causing extreme grief, which guarantees hate mail and forum post vitriol, even if that helps nobody. At this point in time everybody needs to take a deep breath while the developer recognizes the issues and works hard on fixing them. KC has the potential to be a true gem, even a ground-breaking game, but at this point in time the best thing to do is to sit down and wait for a few patches and see how it goes.


Oh buddy the only angry one here is you… Its even in your name.


does your appetite have to be sated right now?

to my mind, $60 bought some expected level of changes to address bugs and (re)design issues. for them, the delivery is post release, and not just within first month post release


some expected level of changes to address bugs is to be expected, I agree.

If you actually own this game on a regular PS4, and you have never encounted a fatal error that has cost you many hours of progress, AND you are happy with the current graphics, then you are a fucking unicorn.

I do expect that a game needs to be stable enough to save my progress. That “appetite” does need to be sated. It needed to be sated at release. It needed to be sated at 1.1, 1.2, and 1.25.

Getting a non-working product for 60 dollars and everyone is acting like i’m taking crazy pills for being vocal about the fact that it doesn’t work.


I’m a Unicorn.


2 fatal CE crashes on reg PS4. perhaps not a unicorn but a griffin