If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


“im not angry! u r”

wow, you showed me all right. really flexin’ that stellar IQ


Good. Voice your opinion. Tell people it works for you. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my experience.


Yeah stellar IQ and stellar facts. Keep up the tears little buddy its always fun watching those like you embarrass themselves by crying and throwing a temper tantrum for days about a video game!


I’m a little disappointeed in your return to the “kids crying” diss, I already refuted that one, and it’s pretty stale.

good luck carrying around all that toxicity in your life, i’m sure your loved ones think very highly of you


Stating facts isn’t being toxic kid. Don’t worry when you get over your temper tantrum about a video game you might understand how ridiculous spending 7 days crying about a video game is.

Got to love these entitled kids.

Angrygoat “If you don’t think the way I think you are a unicorn” and the little guy calls others toxic.


A cliché as heck thread that has ended in name-calling and bad-mouthing of people’s parents. What a surprise. Here I was thinking that there would be a point to be found after 106 posts.


I’m familiar with how forums work, but I appreciate your permission and encouragement =)


Did I say I am the leader of the complainers?? I am not. I explained somewhere here what I wanted to achieve by this post. Why should I be worried about myself? This is forum I can say my opinion can’t I???


My post is clearly something that hit you a lot. Why then?? Seems like be the leader is something you just dream off.


Why can’t any of you crying kids put together one coherent sentence?

What the hell is this supposed to say?

“Seems like be the leader is something you just dream off.”

I feel like I’m not dealing with people who are working with a full deck.


For me I bought horizon zero dawn from an online store and got it for 20$ and the game had a not for sale stamp. I enjoyed the bug free game experience so much that I bought the dlc and thinking of buying the game at full price again on psn just because of the guilt that I wanted to support the studio for doing such a good job. Gamers will back studios who are doing a good job. In this case, you can’t blame gamers for voicing their opinion on the issues they are having despite trolls trying to attack others right of voicing an opinion.


they already stated they working on issues.


I just wish i didnt love the game so much, because ive lost so much sleep the past almost 3 weeks


KCD is a bock. slightly sweet, moderately bitter, packs a bit of a kick, and somewhat crude in execution. not suitable for all palates. another round pls.


In all fairness people are complaining a lot and the fact that they are using this forum as a way to communicate with gamers show that they are working hard to get issues resolved. Hell, there’s like what? Two or three patches already with a major one coming this next week or two? If anything, that shows they want to make it right. With this level of communication I do believe they are looking at it as a work in progress and I have no problem with patches as long as they are legitimately trying to improve the playability and stability of the game.


Yeah I agree with you in that


Never saw Todd Howard publicly acknowledge a buggy as hell FO4 and provide bug tracking numbers for critical fixes along with other in progress changes. Perspective


I put my game on hiatus until they fix it properly.
I mean, it’s not like there’s no games to play … I barely have time to catch up, so this gives me the opportunity.

I understand that this situation is upsetting, but throwing a tantrum isn’t going to make things any better.
Devs are probably crawling under emails and twitter complaints at this stage, and working hard to fix the game.

When I read this forum it reminds me of impatient childs that cannot bear to wait for something.

There are millions of people out there that bought the game, imagine if every single one of them came here to cry about the bugs. Just report them and move on, they will get fixed in due time.

If you have an issue about the games releasing too early, blame the industry. Because this is becoming more and more of a standard. Release in beta/alpha state and fix the game later.

Simply because development costs went through the roof and time is money. Without money you cannot pay your employees, without employees you cannot finish your game, common sense.

Bear in mind that I would love to jump back into the game and that this whole situation is still irritating for me, but the constant crashing is just annoying. So I’d rather wait for it to be fixed.

And if you honestly believe a niche of players being vocal is going to change anything in the actual course of patching the game … good luck with that mentality. Because in case you haven’t realized, they surpassed 1 million copies sold, and all I see on this board is a vocal minority in terms of numbers …


It has nothing to do with childish whining… Just wanted to say my opinion of how the comunity should stand regarding the current state of the game.


If they sold a MILLION units at average $60USD per copy, then–given the $5M to $36M cost to develop the game–they should have PLENTY of cash flow to HIRE MORE employees AKA QA/QC employees to handle the bug issues & PR fallout. And perform critical IT/Tech support. One of them to include better moderation of this forum AND REDESIGNING the fourm to be more poster friendly. Add proactive Customer Service to deal with fan base complaints on social media FFS.