If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


This is why I ALWAYS play on the PC. Because when a given game goes to sh#t, it’s a simple matter of terminating the vacation & returning home to Skyrim. I’ve got Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind, Wyrmstooth, Falaskaar, Skywind and Skyoblivion to go beta test. Didn’t get suckered into paying $60 to beta test any of these. And going to have a sh#t load of fun doing it.


First of all i love this game and have had minimal issues. But ill agree that the PR team isn’t very proactive, at least on this forum. However they might be more active on twitter or something i don’t pay attention to


You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about if you think any business can hire an employee in less than 21 days of learning that their just released product sold well enough to hire more people. Let alone onboard and train them to be ready to interact with their customers directly or code patches.


Actually, it’s called a CONTINGENCY PLAN. The first sign of good RISK MANAGEMENT given market unpredictability in the software cycle. So if they had the temerity to release the game prematurely (and then go on record stating that it could’ve “used more polish”) then this signals to me that the management should’ve planned ahead for contingencies well in advance. Hire temp QC professionals over short term to help address the game issues.

Surely management would’ve had the foresight to plan for future IT/CS support as the game’s production schedule entered its final dev stages before going gold. Because they HAD to have known there would be fan base push back/repercussions for this premature release. I have to believe they had a plan for the ensuing PR fallout, should their attempt to pass off a poorly tested release as a AAA title fail. Which has been the case with KCD for an increasing number of gamers to date.


Well certainly not on Tw@tter or Fakebook as far as I can see to date…


Daniel is running interference. Indicates 2 things: (1) He owns it. Good-very good. (2) He hasn’t delegated communication (liaison between product improvement function and PR). Not so good and suggestive evidence haven’t scaled operations yet


all that just to cater to the special snowflakes who aren’t the real audience of the game anyway?


It’s the Internet … everyone is an engineer, market specialist and successful business manager.

Funny thing is, these people would be fired in a matter of days if they were actually given the responsibilities of the people in place.

Everything is easy behind a keyboard.


I partly agree but you don’t take into account how much game studios depend on big publishers. It#s actually the publisher who decides on funding for human ressources at any point in the product lifecycle. It’s also the publisher that decides on deadlines and release dates. So as I have mentioned before: DeepSilver should be blamed for a premature release of KCD.
On the other hand, we all don’t know how many times DS already extended the deadline or increased funding. At some point you just have to release a game to benefit from the marketing situation or prevent it from being already technically outdated upon release. Both has happened a LOT OF TIMES before…
Anyone remembering Gothic 3 or shrug Duke Nukem 3D?


Yep. Even selling unfinished and broken product for the full price…


Eh, I will praise them for their game because fortunately I am a lucky one. I have never experienced a game-breaking or quest-ruining bug in the 80 hours I’ve played it. Crashed a total of once in that same amount of time. There’s some clipping and texture issues, but, seriously if thats game breaking for you, you need a break. AAA titles have come out more of a buggy mess.

Edit: I have SO many more hours to put into this title, but even as it stands now, the $0.75/hour i’ve paid is well more than worth it. Great Game.


First play through about 140 hours. I am now close to 350 hours on my 2nd play through. A few minor bugs like the polearms all over rattay and the 1.4 patch that froze for a hair cut. Other than that no real problems here, and my rig is a potato :laughing:


im just gunna be happy i decided to play this on pcd2242284a2ea4fe98b114f004372bd2c


Less than $0.40/hour here, on PS4, and I agree with you completely. Be nice if the shredded paper rain were fixed, though.


Look at Jan’s twitter: working on rain and kids… among other things.


Loved the game. 5% bugs, 95% perfect. Can’t wait for Act 2 or the continuation of the story!


I am now finishing up my 2nd playthrough.
I have clocked in 250 hours and im on Ps4.
Two crashes,the halberds,pop in,the load time after FT.
Other than that nothing.
The bugs are by far not game breaking.

I had the best gaming experience playing this game since ES Oblivion. The wandering around the world and the super crazy ways to achieve your goal.
The complexity of the game and the intelligent design slaps me i in the face every now and then even after so many hours.
To see people miss this experience or in utter rage overlook the experience, looking for a reward,is why i come here and try to offer support to other players and put some fun in this community.

It says it one of the stickys,wich you are recommended to read but didnt,like the countless agreements you made with foreign companies to read your emails,that posting a bug or complaint here doesnt guarantee a reply or even a read.

Mail for bugs to : support@kingdomcomerpg.com


now that you’ve invested considerable time and effort, pls respond to Jan’s question (link)


Because of fanboys. Game is garbage and totally broken at present state. KCD think that people cant wait forever to see a finished bug-free product but they are all wrong. According to Steam charts, game is losing a shit ton of average players in recent times. Steam recent reviews are almost all negative.


Jesus Christ Be Praised! Thanks for the info - I should check on the WH tweeters more frequently…