If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


Regarding patch 1.4.2 which is gonna fix some crashes and few other issues. Its done and being tested now. I would love to give it to you before the weekend, but we know how it “worked” last week, so give us some more time. Its gonna be released for consoles as well with 1.4.

Let’s see how it goes


Nope! Never… the whole CryEngine was designed for a pc game.
And the whole downgrade crying is a result of a console port! :smiley:
It seems more WH relaized that nobody will be able to play the game in beta design!


Tomas Blaho: Warhorse [Studios] is quite small studio in comparison to other studios creating AAA open world RPGs, so we definitely can’t create very different content for PC only. All assets were prepared with consoles in mind. PC has the advantage of more objects, details, clutter etc. in specific level layers that are not exported for consoles. Furthermore, textures are generated as much as 4x higher of a resolution on PC. I personally don’t think Sony or MS would care about PC much. On the other hand, they would demand answers if there are incomprehensible discrepancies between each console platforms.

article well worth reading (link)


I’d agree not to disagree with you. However, given this unknown fact, this is the part where my overly cynical, OCD salty @$$hat rebuttal kicks in.

Cry Engine was designed with PC platform in mind and yet:

1.Game mechanics includes a fixed (translation: EXTREMELY F@CKING STUPID) design that limits the save mechanic to a very low number of save games? When I have a 2TB+ of SSD storage HD space? And another 2GB SATA HD–exclusive of any external plug & play USB HD I can hook into my PC?? This sort of save game architecture is more characteristic of a coding bias toward the hardware limitations of the console platform.

2.Software API coding appears completely incapable of providing my 100K+ Nvidia CUDA cores with the fundamental graphical data/CPU instructions my GPU needs to efficiently post process & render graphics correctly on my PC monitor to date? Despite the HD texture patch I was finally able to convince Steam to download to my HD to date? A texture pack which does ZERO to improve or address the @#$%!&^* graphic texture hell pop outs since day 1 of release?

3.Lack of non graphical CPU intensive content/features in the game environment. aka NPC human spawns and NPC animal spawns. Especially in the woods. Where the wolves howl ad infinitum and I’ve yet to remotely spy ONE such rendered 3D object to date. CPU intensive content that incorporates omitted content (like the smithing craft which apparently got left on cutting room floor due to rushed schedule release constraints). Like the ability for Henry to address and/or trade with every NPC he encounters inside towns and especially on the roads/wilderness.

4.WTH is the WH dev fascination with loading screens anyways? I spend more time staring at a black screen of impending doom than playing the game. I have come to dread speaking with any NPC (or cutscene) as a result of this ridiculous game design feature. WTF couldn’t they have used the Fallout 4 way of speaking with NPCs where the camera simply zooms in/focus in on the NPC you’re having the dialogue with? There is really no excuse for how KCD dialog screens were executed. Unless a Fallout 4 style dialogue feature is a limitation of the Cry Engine.

None of #3 is feasible at this time given WH seems to be running behind the power curve where bug fixes are concerned. But if 1.4.2 doesn’t mitigate the hemorrhaging game performance across all platforms, you can bet the devs won’t be getting around to adding DLC or any other game content anytime soon.

So KCD PC was built for Cry Engine design, yet downgraded to meet lower console specs? Well this degree of coding and game design bias isn’t going to exactly fare well in the PCMR universe. Game popularity among PC gamers is tanking. With the PC player population approximately dropping by half what it was in the preceeding month. Given the game has only been out barely 3 months since launch, then at this downward trend, the number of PC gamers will be damned close to zero in 3-4 months from now. KCD has lost momentum. And WH running out of time IMO.

Tick tock…

Tick tock…


I, and many others, like the save system. Stop equating your own preferences with game functionality.


Good point. Imagine if we were all ok with it. Would there be much improvements? If the devs felt the community was content, would they then be content?


If the game isn’t pretty enough for you move on. Most people think its gorgeous.


It is very beautiful, but not up front, they should shift to Unreal engine as it is a much better platform.


Throw away all their investments in developing tools and customizing cryengine for what… what makes switching a financially responsible decision?


I liked this game, I dont like not being able to finish a game that is fundamentally broken.


the annoying squeaky hinge gets the oil.


Or replaced.


CE is just not good enough for big open worlds, star citizen is a good example, low FPS, popping, and all kinds of strangeness just tells us it would be bettere to change horse.


I’ll admit I don’t know a lot about programing. But that seams like an over simplified solution to a much larger set of problems.


CE was most appropriately named don’t you think? :rofl:


as of today, I bet that you’re still waiting most patiently on 1.4.2 if you’re on console:

I also hedge said bet with the bet that it may require a 1.4.3 hotfix if you’re on PC and already have it…


:baby:t2: … console … :older_man:t3: … hotfix you say? … :skull: