If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


This happens with every singleplayer game at the end.
It seems most people always think that such a game in our time is being continuously pulled like mmo titles from the last years. But who needs thousand of fans. Greetz to the WoG & PB


Your right. But what do you suggest they do? Higher a bunch of new people who will inevitably screw it up worse having not been on board throughout its development? They are working on it. What purpose do you think you are serving hear?


‘village-countryside to explore mechanics’… add a castle, port in game inventory and sounds like the start of decent sandbox DLC


Far Cry (730k 4mon) didn’t do as well as KCD (1mil 1mon). FC5 made an estimated $320mil in 1 week. Just sayin


And? These are the people who buying every new game. Consumption!
Incidentally, Far Cry is one of the boring titles, and struggles with CoD for the throne of meaninglessness. But nice numbers for such crap game!


No. You obviously need to keep the dev team intact. They despearately need to hire a DEDICATED QA/QC team to run interferance here on the KCD forums. Proactively follow up with bugs ppl are posting in the Bug and Gameplay forums. There IS at least one? WHS affiliated team member? who’s doing this now on the Bugs forum. But they need a stronger presence. This whole fecal matter PR tsunami fallout with the screwed up PC release of 1.4.0 (and even buggier 1.4.1) could’ve been avoided if WHS had dedicated a team to tracking and managing a bug traceability matrix.

Good Lord. They have enough cash flow by now to basically hire a small admin/mod team to make a presence here on this forum. I’m not talking about the Kickstarter founders aka (Barons, Viscounts, Knights etc etc). I’m mean real WHS employees who are hired to focus, manage and agressively run down bug complaints in these forums. NOT ON FAKEBOOK OR TW@TTER FFS. I mean simply posting/replying in player threads in these forums several times a day? Week? would make the world of difference.

And it would definitely help if they hired several admin/mods to oversee the non English forums. I keep seeing non English forum gamers posting in the English forums. With the same damned issues English forum players keep spamming said English forums with. There is no attempt to organize the gamer feedback at this site whatsoever. :roll_eyes:


WH has enough interest to survive. (Holt is more doom and gloom than I am; guess it’s a Cali, non-Cali thing)

to thrive, it needs to improve its patching, offer DLC with meat, and enable modding tools (if permissible by law/contract). Want it to thrive


Yes, I agree to 100 percent


I can see how that might make you and others feel better. But having a team of people constantly taping the programmers on the shoulder to satisfy every anxious gamers need to know will only hamper the processes. If you want the bugs fixed sooner rather than later, report specific problems and then leave them be to do their work.


Hey…I’m in California too(though not the cali part) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


<-- Very true since I’m an inmate – I mean an unwilling tax payer–living in the prison of the largest
Sanctuary State in the US. :rofl:

Yes. And while it’s going to be hard for you to believe, I too would also love for KCD to thrive. It’s the strategic way in which WH has taken in marketing and following up on KCD’s release to date which gives me a cause for concern.

However, I’m also a realist and so preparing myself for the worst case scenario.

i.e. When presented with a 6 inch glass with water, the glass is neither half full or empty. It simply has water.

A resource which will likely evaporate if neglected in the sun for too long. Or leak out if the glass has cracks.

Interpret the above bizarre analogy however you want. Just know that infamous publisher known as the Exceptional Assholes is 100% responsible for conditioning this healthy degree of personal paranoia on my end. Too many broken promises and ruined software dev franchises from that industry Leviathan I guess :rofl:


Oh … I get it… Your on a self righteous crusade to rid the world if its evil doers. Rant on my friend. Rant on.


Quality is quality. It takes time and doesn’t happen by accident.

Does WH have things under control? Not so far. Something’s gotta give if quality is a WH studio goal

Watch the documentary and read the subtitles about bugs, QA, and product readiness for release. And then, think about initial go live, all post go live releases and their quality.

I have my own take but don’t want to bias. Watch, think and share yours.


Were can I find it? Is it only for kickstarter?

nevermind. Found it.


What the f@ck are you on about exactly here? If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’re one of the Exceptional Assholes employees :sweat_smile:


@Holt_Bathgate Come on… 10 chars


For others then…


What am I on about? For the last half hour or so I’ve been chatting with you, trying to figure out what your deal is. And then you posted your explanation strait from your self described prison colony.


@Justin1 Still completely baffled how expressing my 1st amendment right to despise a certain game publisher (which has systemically destroyed smaller Indie companies, milking the franchises of said assimilated software companies for all they’re worth before shuttering them, & continuing to publish shabby AAA titles to date) would put a damper on your otherwise sunny day. My experience with that software publisher has made me extremely cynical in outlook as a result like I indicated. That being said, you really need to relax. Do try to stop taking yourself so seriously in life. Or if you have to, try Yoga. It’s supposed to be very therapeutic.

@frelmedieval thanks for posting that. Very insightful


This observation is 100% on point. Another plausible reason that I’ve increasingly come to suspect, is because KCD was designed for the console platform. There are many game play mechanics (best example is the restricted save game feature) which strongly suggest KCD was ported to PC. Similar to how Bethesda hardcode Fallout 4 for the console and screwed over PC gamers with fundamental game mechanics like restrictive controls,. Or game play mechanics like overly simplified speech dialogue trees etc etc.

If that’s truly the case, then I suspect KCD’s game performance on the PC platform will never run optimally. Also
statistically in the gaming industry, successive patches/hotfixes have been known to involuntarily break/adversely impact some other aspect of the game.

This may be also why it appears more PC players are reporting a poor game play experience from game breaking bugs, pervasive texture pop out etc.

Anyhow, excellent and insightful post.