If you gonna be all that happy, noncritical with unfinished bug riddled game how do you think WH is gonna take it?


Not sure if you’re serious…
If that’s a troll, gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8


I’m not saying you shouldn’t be, constructive criticism helps. The problem is the outliers of this, the frothing at the mouth children who can’t seem to hold their tempers on both sides, the bashers and the fanboys.


I knew some might take it as a jab. People are so proud of their expensive toys. It was a bit tongue in cheek.


the outliers are a din that din makes it a challenge to have some semblance of a constructive dialogue


I want war horse to succeed I hope with this being their first game this learning experience sharpens them up for the future but I hope they stick the medieval and historical gaming and they don’t do something f****** crazy like just your typical cliche future games with robots and gay s*** like that that s***'s a dime a dozen but there’s nobody doing historical gaming that’s why they have a Nish that could expand I could see people just general players playing this honestly I could see this being the next skyrim

But I think it’s smart I’ve not seen a lot of advertisements I would do a lot of pausing on promotion right now and as soon as I get this s*** worked out I would promote the s*** out of this again I would literally spend a good amount of money on advertisement it would be worth it and I guarantee they would get more money the game is amazing and everybody that has seen it has been amazed even people that don’t play games that have watch me play it enjoy just sitting down and listening to the rain and watching me stroll through the forest I mean it’s literally just a variety of things from intense moments to calming soothing moments two random thunderstorms and rain fall that just soothes the soul too intense sword fighting in the clanging of swords this game is like a Skyrim 2.0 but without the gay s*** Skyrim is like vodka punch and kingdomcome is like whiskey

Either way it would be cool I could see them also doing other games in the Viking. And the Norman. Medieval. Cliche as it may be even Roman period


I agree, people who are not critical actually do more harm than good, what is needed is bug reporting and WH to get those fixes patches out ASAP!

They can still manage to do damage control, however there is only so much time to deal with the game breaking bugs, players are not making them up, so there is a need to get it fixed.

Next step would be to give the whole story and connecting side quests and new pass to correct some of the odd interactions after you completed the quest. This is an unpolished gem, with a great potential, but it must be managed right to flourish.


they sole +1.000.000 copies, I would say they even made a good profit of the game.


Myself isnt lucky with the actual release version and bug situation but…
Everyone (every user/backer/player) who owns the game knows that it needs more fixes, improvements and optimization. But most people havent the time for waiting because they are thinking they can made such things better and faster without problems, like CDPR, EA, PB, Ubi with her thousand of patches. They are thinking they are gods and no humans anymore.
Telling that WH is something which handles fourm threads like politic in north korea isnt a critic, Or saying they are handicapped and should go bankrupt. And the best one was, the person who said he would never spend money on fascist people. It is very poor if these people cant skip her time with something other… kk sometimes it is a little bit funny too.




I actually convinced myself that I was hallucinating when I read that part of their post.

No offense @Justin1. But it’s exactly this degree of ignorance which justfies the PCMR’s bestowment of the perjorative “Console Peasant” title upon the non PC gamer masses…

@Incaa this response is 10/10 and the most classic I’ve seen to date.:joy:


haha cheers, I just call 'em like I see 'em :wink:


none taken :smile:


I’m inclined to agree, especially if the $36M+ development cost is to be believed

At 1M copies sold by the 2nd week (after which sales exponentially decline given players growing awareness of KCD’s bugfest issues) this is $60M USD gross in sales.

Which would imply a profit of around $24M+ based on that 1M sales in copies alone. This also implies WH Studios now have the potential ability to beef up their QA/QC department --aka hire more game development staff– to address the broken mess that the game has become with each release. And no, this inability to complete the game does NOT come from using 3rd party mods/tweaks which is the sin of PC gamers. It’s coming from console gamers who can’t take advantage of said performance/bug tweak mods to play their game. Many console gamers have started over on 1.4.1 with same result. Some can’t even complete the Skalitz tutorial because of consistent CTD.

Players are logically pissed off from this alone. So it definitely doesn’t help when the customer gets the impression WH made a $24M+ profit off a game that is an increasingly buggy and broken mess. Even worse, the only source of feedback players are getting, is from the social media sewers of tw@tter and Fakebook—instead of Varva, the dev team, or more ideally-- dedicated QA/QC support forum mod personnel – REGULARLY POSTING FEEDBACK ON HERE. :roll_eyes:

So I’d definitely downplay that 1M sales in copies if I were you. Doesn’t exactly put the developer in a positive light.


I don’t know if it’s different in Europe but 1.4.1 hasn’t been released on consoles in the states. As a ps4 owner I have no Idea what difficulties you face on your platform. I fully support your right to get issues you have with the game functionality resolved. When the first mass effect game released I loved it. It had bugs but it was a type of game that I had been waiting for a long time and I thought it was great. The vocal gaming community on the forums however was much like you with constant complaints and brash accusations. I stayed quiet thinking they could only make it better. Boy was I wrong.
My point? Try to temper your frustration with due admittance of what WH is accomplishing hear. You obviously like the game or you wouldn’t be hear. You just want it to work, which it will. WH wants to stay in business, they will finish what they started.


Saying we are small isn’t the proper way to set expectations. Saying that in the near term we’re going to focus on a, b, c because of x, y, z is.

Most reasonable clients will recalibrate their expectations if the vendor communicates well about scope of the problem and their strategy for dealing with it in near term [example - in the next patch, we’re focusing on implementing fixes for 5 out of the 12 known MQ game breaking bugs]


I’m in US in the shake and bake state aka California.

And yes, 1.4.1 has long been released for the PC on this side of the salt pond.

Which consequently is the source for all my vitriolc rants in these forums to date

And yes, I have a top end gaming system. Which hardware resources have yet to be tapped by how the game’s software coding instructs my system hardware API to date.

Example: poor & inefficient way the game’s graphic data has instructed my Nvidia’s CUDA cores to process the game’s 3D graphics and environment. Not on ultra setting (which WH advises against) but high settings. This is the first $60 title I’ve ever played where I couldn’t play on high–nevermind ultra–settings. But whatever. WHS is supposed to get a fanbase pass for being a small dev studio-- despite the fact they produced a $36M non AAA game.

Regardless, based on what I’ve seen of the released updates so far, I’ve begun to question whether it will be possible to ever finish this game…


We PS4 users didn’t get all the 1.3.x releases either. We got 1.3.

Think we’re headed down same path with 1.4. We don’t want 1.4 and then the hot fix for it (1.4.1) some days later after certification/qualification


I saw an earlier post which said the next console patch would incorporate all patches including the next pc patch 1.4.2(or whatever).


1.4.2 isn’t even out so that means … delay :face_with_head_bandage:. The WH comments then at time of 1.4 posting in steam … misleading :dizzy_face:.

Daniel: Regarding patch 1.4.2 which is gonna fix some crashes and few other issues. Its done and being tested now. I would love to give it to you before the weekend, but we know how it “worked” last week, so give us some more time. Its gonna be released for consoles as well with 1.4.

1.4.2 released as 1.4 assumes there are no hotfixes need to address 1.4.2. Bets anyone?

To avoid some issues and to give you improved gameplay, we have consolidated all the PC 1.4 versions up to 1.4.2 as 1.4 for console users. PS4 and XB users should expect certification of 1.4 to occur 7-14 business days after release of 1.4.2


@frelmedieval is 100% on point. WHS is in the big boy leauges now by default of releasing a $60 priced AAA game which cost $36M+ budget to make. Not a leviathan like Bethesda or Rockstar. But sure as hell not an Indie dev. Those cost and sales number put KCD’S development well out of the Indie league.

Which means WHS is now on that most fickle and unforgiving AAA gamer radar (and so must now 100% be ready to weather any ensuing tsunamis if KCD ends up on the AAA sh#t list). Which means WHS must deal with all the snarky Press/fan base criticisms, fan boi love & troll hate that are now happening. Publishing a $60 game (which MQ progression becomes a phantom achievement for some 33% of the console/PC franchise players), will land you as a Dev on that AAA sh*t list.

You say be patient? OK. No problem there. Time is an independent variable after all. Gamer interest however, is a fickle, fleeting thing. Players (that’s both PC AND console gamers) won’t wait around forever.

So just realize: If this ineptitude at resolving game progression isn’t addressed over the next 6-8 months, then all that favorable PR and momentum the game had back in Feb will be a wasted opportunity. And if this happens, KCD will be most likely DoA for that 33% or so gamers who’ve rated it a negative experience (from feedback on Steam and from Microsoft Xbox site). Once WH loses these gamers, it’s unlikely it will ever get them back. If the marjority of these are PC gamers (if KCD’s Steam rank #64 and other PC game forum trends are any indicator) then you can kiss modding goodbye in KCD for good.

Not trying to rain on your parade here. Just being realistic.


Danny, Danny. I’d hate to think the Liar, Liar, pants on fire could apply to you:

"…When the game is in Beta stage, we will release the full game beta as Early Access on PC (or any other platform where it’s going to be possible) for all backers up from the Knight Tier…"

Da Fuq??? What the hell did I miss? :crazy_face: Should I succumb to my cynical paranoia and presume this beta testing is secretly happening as I type? Or is this a No Man’s Sky Part Deux?

Thank God I’m just a lowly ranking, ignorant n00b of a peasant. Would’ve most likely suffered a fatal apoplectic seizure by now had I been born a Knight into the 2014 Kickstarter universe…

Edit: If wikipedia is right then a Beta DID happen back on 3 March 2016 for backers. If this is the case, then how is it I’ve yet to encounter the popout glitch hell & overall quest buggyness on playthroughs like ESO (assuming he’s on PC) or other Youtube vloggers? Did console backers ever get the opportunity to beta test the game?