If you're sick of the save system, here's a guide to fix it


Options are the key. I love Survival Mode style gameplay but even I kinda want the option for a Temporary Save on Exit feature, as this is an Indie Open World game… bugs happen. Sometimes, I just need to reload my Game because for some inexplicable reason, I can’t sprint anymore. Or sometimes, I need to stop playing the game and I’m not at a convenient spot to do that.

A casual option to disable that hardcore element is not something that’ll hurt.


Would like to see Devs add an option to have a schnapps potion that never runs out. Give people the choice to use or not use it. Give us the freedom to have some power over our game experience.

A footnote. I am going thru chemo, and it makes me sick…sometimes without warning. I am sure there are others like me who would appreciate some mercy from a tyrannical save system. Please Devs, hear our plea.


It was the other one I used and I don’t have the Schnapps in my inventory


I am personally in the camp of adding in manual saves, but to be honest as long as we can get a save-on-exit system, I will be much happier with the game. I love pretty much everything else about the game, but this save system just feels like such a hurdle sometimes.


Nice, thanks. Now if I can only find lock picks.


Just adding that we need a save on exit for the consoles at the very least. I wasn’t 20 minutes into my first play and I got a call to pick up my daughter from school. I ended up just restarting, which was less than ideal.

I get and respect the idea of limiting save options, but removing “save on exit” was stupid and short-sighted. The developer just guaranteed that I will play the game less than I would like to.


I got the unlimited save mod.

Am enjoying the game more.

Feel sorry for our console brothers that they can’t get this.


Cool. Hopefully they add something like this in a future update for us console players.


Yeah, I bit the bullet and picked this up.

I am trying to stick with the spirit of the game and only use it when I’m quitting the game - or otherwise pay a Schnapps to save - but it still does create an advantage and does undermine things when you can’t delete the save and go back to the previous legit one.

Please, please build a Save on Exit feature that creates a temporary save when you leave the game, then allows you to load from that point… and deletes the save.


To not be able to save when you need to stop playing and when you are out of saving potions is just silly. This is a waste of our precious gaming time.


Love that this has been posted 50 times to knew vewiers, why cant one of these be pinned?


Found it quite bothering as well,doable for now,but what happens when you start open world roaming etc


Fortunately the mod works, so that I can now actually play the game in my 30 mins I have now and there. I am quite surprised that they scraped the Save on exit feature just before release. I would like to hear an official statement on this from the devs, curious what the thought process was.


Greetings to all of you complaining about the implementation of the savior schanpps!
Here is a little video guide on how to brew it yourselves for 5.5 Groschen:


Thanks for the video. Perhaps this should be covered in the Prologue; a great way to get people into Alchemy…
although I’d still like an Exit Save.


BTW do you need to have a certain level of Alchemy skill to brew Savior Schnapps?


No, you only need the ingredients (Nettle & Belladonna)


For saving option fix…


I actually made an account to complain about the save system. Like seriously two times now I spent several hours in Rattay trading a lot of gear finishing side quests to leave town to raid a bandit camp and die and lose a total of 4 hours all together of progress because the game (1) doesn’t allwasy auto save (2) doesn’t let me choose when to save unless I have some savior snaps. Stupid, worst idea for a save system every. THE WORST.


After first quest for the miller Pešek I learnt how to steal and open locks. I have enough money to buy unlimited amount of saviour schnapps. :slight_smile: But I would welcome “save & quit” feature anyway.