If you're sick of the save system, here's a guide to fix it


I really, REALLY do not appreciate this system, it makes me plan my life OUTSIDE of the game to suit it (I.E allocating enough time to get to a save option or NOT play the game in the time I have, because progress will be lost. Why would you want me to NOT play your game?), rather than my choices WITHIN the game. The desired effect could have been reached with just the existing single save slot/overwrite by autosave, but save anytime. I’d still be stuck with my bad decisions and not have to write this post.

I didn’t lose much time before finding out about this nonsense, only about 10 minutes, but also another 20 to find a fix for it online. That is 30 minutes of MY real life time which has been wasted by a Warhorse design decision in the game I had paid for.

Warhose, I do not appreciate you accepting my money and then wasting my time, however minute the impact has been so far. I’ve only started the prologue, this was my first impression of your game, so you get a fitting rebuttal.

Helpful community always coming up with a better solution: https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/1?tab=description
All necessary information in the mod description

Guide to get rid of the necessity for Saviour Schnapps:

  1. Go into your SteamLibrary (this is usually located at C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common)

  2. Navigate to your Kingdom Come installation folder (named KingdomComeDeliverance) and open up the “Data” folder.

  3. Take a copy of the “GameData.pak” file in case you make a mistake.

Now for the actual editing you will need a program to open archives with.

  1. To open it with 7-ZIP you right-click the “GameData.pak” and select “7-ZIP” > “Open Archive”.

  2. Navigate to “Libs\UI\UIActions\” and open up the file called “MM_SaveGame.xml” with any text editor. (right-click->edit works in 7-zip)

  3. Scroll down to line 67 (or just search for “potion”) where you will see the following:

  4. Change the UsePotion=”1″ to UsePotion=”0″ (simply change the 1 to a 0)

  5. Repeat what you just did on step 7 on line 70.

  6. Save the file and close it. 7-ZIP will ask if you want to save your changes made to the archive, click “Yes”.

  7. Close the archive and start the game.

If anything went wrong simply replace the file with the copied backup, or try verifying the integrity of your game cache in Steam.

You still need to have at least 1, as far as I can tell.

Copied from (but I do not vouch for the safety of this website, so use the link at you own risk) :

Let! Me! Save!
Let! Me! Save!

Gonna try this asap. If it works, you are an hero.


Better still, there’s a mod now. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1300472152


no luck for console :frowning:


This save system design by a crazy man. Please respect the casual gamers WARHORSE, you can’t make it if you only just depends the community / hardcore gamers to play this game.

We as a casual gamers, have a real life, not having much time for retry a failed mission over and over again, we have a family, we just want to enjoy this game. Not making us go to mental asylum.



I have no problem with the save system, so I wouldn’t use these mods.
But for all players who hate the save system this is in my opinion a good solution so I pinned it.


Man I am so glad of this!

I get why devs wanted to avoid save scumming but this system is really offputting for people who cant put in hours and hours. Last night I started to play, wondered round a bit, then it was late and needed to go do some things for work before i went bed. what happened? I COULDNT SAVE!! I lost all the work i had done that far.

This mod is just what i needed, but seriously devs, stop punishing those gamers who cant play for hours and hours at a time. Introduce quick save without schnapps or put a save on exit in there. PC can mod - console cant. Dont alienate console players who (as much as i hate to admit it) are big cash cows for devs.

Until you introduce a better save system, i guess mods will have their way…


The system is great and works just as planned, just with the tiny tiny exception of missing the save on exit :confused: And with the bad excuse, that save on exit could be used to savescum the game anyway - like anybody will Exit->reload->try->ALTF4 just to savescum. Only thing this decision brought is massive rage, backlash and instant mod rendering whole system useless and pointless :frowning:


I don’t mind the save system personally but would appreciate one addtion a save on exit option.

As a 30 year old man with a family and business to run I would really appreciate being able to save on exit. I don’t mind if the save system stays the same just with that one added addition.


Exactly - save on exit. Simple solution to all this backlash. Only a hardcore majority with very little real life distractions would have the time to sit and play for hours and not be annoyed by the save issue.

Save on exit suits everyone. Losing an hours progress is enough to not want to go back again.


But In the game when it explains save system it also says that it will save when you exit?
So is this a Bug or was exit-save false information of the game?
Or is it maybe even working?


Throughout the development, it was stated that autosave on exit would be present. Never it was mentioned that it would not be here. In december, I started testing the game, and was surprised that its not there - I just thought that its oversight and will be added later, even community managers still though that save on exit would be present.
it was only about month later when we got version 1.0 to test, that we learned that SaveOnExit was scrapped (for the dumb reason I wrote above). I think that some designers just went bit over their heads with this one. I also read that there was HUGE disagreement throughout the studio over this feature - so I hope that the reasonable part can now use our support to convice the unreasonable part of studio to add this fucking basic feature :slight_smile:


That we can’t save all the time is fine.
but that the game don’t save where we are when we quit the game is just idiotic. Sometimes real life get in the way of gaming…


I noticed that some people have a real problem with the save system. If Warhorse had implemented a automated save when leaving the game the outcry would be smaller.
I only say that I have no problem with the system. I left Skalice with 9 save-potions.
So best at the moment is in my opinion to look for quick solutions.


Absolutely crazy to not have save on exit.

This needs to be fixed by the dev in a proper patch. Not just let the community do the work for them and mod it. Its clearly a hated feature by most and only a hardcore fan group are singing its praises. Well I hope the “core” have deep pockets to keep the company going with any future release as things like this can kill a new developer.

As for leaving with 9 potions - if you have time enough to play to gain 9 potions good for you. A lot of people can only play for half hour/hour before needing to go do something. SAVE ON EXIT NEEDED


Yes, this one small addition would keep the system intact and workin as intended, without the further frustration.

I played start of the game few times… but it still annoys me to hell. And its not fair, that somebody who can play only in 1 hour chunks throughout the day has worse experience then somebody who can give it 10 consecutive hours.


TY for this mod, i hope it’ll work.

And yes, actual saving system is horrible idiocy, worst part of the game.

Saving when you exit

Tried this it didn’t work


Really? Worked for me. You sure you put it in the right folder? Also I used the “needs a single Schnapps” one just for the hell of it. Maybe the other one doesn’t work.