If you're sick of the save system, here's a guide to fix it


I know there are 2 sides within the KCD community. One who wants to have the save system redone ASAP, and the other who doesn’t because they think the game will become too easy and “casual”. I would appreciate if it would be redesigned WITHOUT the fear it becomes to easy and “casual” the reson is this:
I was at the mill (that after the prolog/“Tutorial” chapter) where the miller offered me to learn pickpocketing. I thought: “sure! why not?” As he says I can try to pickpocket him without consequences. I kept trying (and failing) and tried and tried. And of a sudden that guy moves, probbably becasue his AI, told him to continue his “daily routines” and that just the momebnt I clicked for another try to pickpocket him. So that bastard yelled for the guards and run away.
if he would have todl me that the training is over I would have stopped pickpcket him. In other words, I have to pay the conseuquences vor something that would normaly not have happened, if properly simulated, means tha guy talks to me so I know what’s going on and not moves and calls for the feaking guards! Now I have a “wantedt status” and a reputation of 0 (nade, niente) at the mill and a “Wanted” status in Rattay.
My last save game before that situation is more than 1 hour old. Therfore I also wish that WarHorse redesigns the Save System. As it has nothing to do making the game easier or “casual”. It’s to make it fair to avoid situations like mine!


Well after about 20hours of playing this game I can say that the saving system is nearly perfect. It is very fresh, original and because of that we have a tons of great playability. They announced the game will be realistic and this is one of the thing that add realism to the game… I am really sad that so many players complained about that so quickly and did not even get to the game properly. You need to work a little bit do not be so lazy guys!!! Learn how to make sejvovice. You need to finish? There is a fast travel straight in to your bed/save. Come on it is really strange that so many people find it so bad it is not bad at all. The saving system in this game is great idea and it should stay there. I personally would add save in any bed or quit/save thats it. I hope they not gonna ruin this game by making it easier like easy lockpicking or quick save and all other shi.t


Of course. I had the same accident with the miller. I could either live with the undeserved consequences or replay the last one and a half hour, picking the same herbs, eating the same food, haggling with the same merchants, walking the same roads and repeating the same conversation trees. I did the last, but was much annoyed.

People automatically assume normal saving leads to save scumming. But in fact schnapps is no cure for that: you don’t need much schnapps to save before lockpicking, difficult fights or other challenges. You only need 1 schnapps for unlimited reloads.

It’s for all the other reasons that normal saving is useful: bugs, glitches, honest misclicks, your 4-year old getting to your keyboard, having to quit earlier than you expected, misinterpreting the game rules and mechanics, and what have you. Nothing to do with making things easy. Everything to do with getting the most quality out of your limited gaming time.


the savegame system is really very bad (for me), with the drink to safe. please change it , or do an option in menue , to make safegame allways without drink and option safegame with drink, for thease palyer wich find it better…

the safegame, with sleeping in bed doesent really work everytime, that often i sleep in bed and no safegame will be made by the game, i cant count, maybe i do something worng…but to sleep ingame is not that hard to do…


There is mod for saving without drink


I am a PS4 player. 56yrs old and disabled. I have good days and bad days and times that change suddenly (stopping me from doing whatever I was doing at the time). While not my personal first choice for a “save system” (yes, I have save-scummed from time to time), I am happy to live with the constraints this system creates however, no-save-on-exit is insane in my book!

Do what was done in Fallout 4 - they added save-on-exit, and the save is then deleted when the game loads (meaning you can only use it when first “continuing the game”… if you choose to load a different save, it still gets deleted! BEST of both worlds! Quit whenever you want/need to, but zero save-scumming available.

As much as I love this game (random bugs and all) I must personally set this game aside until such time that “Save-on-exit” is added to the PS4 version.


Or just drink a savior potion… easy to make and pretty cheap if you need to buy them.


Save on Exit would be the one feature I’d wish for in an upcoming update. To prevent save scumming, why not simply delete this save on load? Sure, people could backup the save before starting the game, but who cares what people do in a single player game. With the save system as it is now, it’s not really compatible with my family life, but entirely modding out the current system doesn’t seem right either.


don’t mods disable steam achievements? Why isn’t the whole thing an option? What is the problem with people saving so often anyway? it’s a single player game let folks enjoy it how they want.


Once you get far enough into story you learn how to make own save potions


there is also a mod for this if you do not like the implemented save system https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/1


A third part mod is by no means an acceptable solution Period.


You people know that you can brew savior schnapps from early in the game right? You even get the recipe for free right from the get go. Ever since hour 5 of the game I have like 15 of them loaded on my horse at any given moment. What is the big problem here?


Iam using this mod since day one and its the BEST … it works like a charm I had only one crash from hundreds of saves…

WARHORSE - I was spending HOURS in the F… MINES…then i did the quest… finished hard fight…had a cutscene…then I was killed…and I found out that even after epic ending and cutscene GAME DID NOT SAVED automatically and I had to wonder mines AGAIN…what made me so miserable I was thinking of leaving whole game…and please tell me who is responsible for the mines system…because I live in czech republic and I will personally slap his face…sorry :smiley:


Will this modification disable the ability to gain achievments? Sometimes Steam will mark the game and will disable achievments.

I died twice in a row when I was inside a tower and something pushed me to the hole in the ground (no person was present around). There was a ladder, but I fell down died. Lost 20 minutes gameplay twice in a row due to bug (i suppose). Well, the saving system made me angry and I quit the game. I decided to play it agaon ONLY once the devs will change their mind OR until this modificiation will be available together with achievments.

Many of my friends play this game and are extremly angry with the saving mechanic. They are far further in story then I am and experienced more situations when they were astonished that the game did not save any progress and also quit. We played DOTA instead (which I hate). Seriously, this is not a question of being casual or not. I have other stuff to do and the possibility to save is so scarce, that I would refund the game if I didnt support it in the kickstarter campaign… Althought I love the game and devs… :frowning:


At first I was not a big fan of the save system and then I was. After a couple of days, I like the system, BUT … I’ve run into 3 bugs that cost me hours of playtime.

The 1st was an infinite combat bug where I killed some bandits, but wasn’t going to survive a fight with the last one. I high-tailed it out of the fight, but the music never stopped, despite getting miles away from the fight. Unable to sleep or heal, I figured I’d go back and try and finish him off with the bow, only when I went back, I couldn’t find him, but the combat still wouldn’t end. I searched for a solid hour with no luck. The fight was unplanned and I was completely unprepared so its not like I could have downed a schnaps before.

The 2nd was a random crash to desktop. I had mostly finished up the monastery quests in Sasau and it crashed half way through my fight with Zmola.

The 3rd time, I did most of the quest, but stopped at the inn to catch a quick nap before going to see Zmola. I then managed to get my butt handed to me by Zmola, but when I reloaded the inn save it was corrupted. I was stuck in the bed, couldn’t move or use any controls. I quit and reloaded, same thing. I ended up doing the entire quest a third time.

While I appreciate the purpose and mindset behind the save system, the game in its current state is not up to the task. Its sad because I love the game and want to play every chance I can, but I find myself playing something else because I can more neatly fit it into the time I have available at the time.

That being said, I do not want to see a Skyrim-esque save system. It changes how the game plays too much. I like that I have to be careful and I like that inns are relevant, but the game does need some VERY MINOR tweaks to allow for stability issues and RL getting in the way. My proposal would be…

  1. Add a suspend on exit that is lost when the game starts up again. It is just there to help those that have to stop playing due to real life.
  2. Implement an auto-save for every 15 minutes that is only there to rescue you from a crash, bug, or power outage. It should always overwrite the last autosave and could even be deleted after it has been used to load.


Instead of doing something like that this will be a simple guide as to how to get fucktons of saviour schnapps essentially working as a quicksave

  1. Buy belladonna and nettles from herbalists for pretty much nothing
  2. Brew loads of saviour schnapps

Suddenly all your saving problems are solved

If you’re having problems with this try getting better at the game first


Not having save on exit in this game is just idiotic. It’s a freaking single player game, people pay for it so why shouldn’t they decide whether they just want to enjoy it and save it whenever they want or go for realism? We have real lives and sometimes shit happens and we have to leave the game. Yesterday I spent around 3 hours playing the Reeky mission, hunting, I went back to the Mill and I slept and the game decided to glitch and it didn’t save. Today I resumed playing (I have an Xbox so I can leave it on), the game froze and guess what, when I restarted it I didn’t even meet the innkeeper yet and I had lost my game. This is insane.

I bought the game only 3 days ago but I’m already at the point that I just don’t play it because I know I won’t be able to save and as a university student I don’t have much time to spend playing.

Add save on exit for God’s sake.

  1. Get your character alcoholic.

So just because I’m not good at a game yet it means I’m a piece of shit and I deserve to lose hours and hours of gameplay because I have a life and the game is constantly glitching. You’re right dude.


I have yet to become alcoholic, so that’s not an issue at all and you can also get perks making potions weaker meaning it will take longer to get pissed on them.

“I have a life and the game is constantly glitching” No you’re just terrible at the game incapable of even brewing potions. Learn to play the game and stop with the terrible excuses