If you're sick of the save system, here's a guide to fix it


So the fact my game glitches and has crashed several times it’s because I can’t play it and brew potions, makes sense. I’m not against not being able to save whenever I want, I’m against being unable to save when the game is at at state that when I first played it, it felt like an unfinished game in a very early BETA phase. And if we talk about realism, are those stupid snaps realistic at all? Make a poll and check how pretty much everybody’s against this save system at this early stage of the game.


Oh I apologize, I didn’t know adding quicksaves completely removes glitches and crashes… All bad players are against the current save system. Of course saviour schnapps aren’t realistic and I could handle being without the saviour schnapps as well unlike you and the others complaining about the saving system.

Since you’re bad at the game and have zero desire to improve I suggest you quit playing instead of imposing terrible ideas upon this game. People like you should never be listened to, games have already become waaaaay too easy and you’re not helping


Save on exit would be great.
I have resorted to sleeping or using the bath house to save my games.


Sorry, most people are unable to be legendary original gangsters and keyboard warriors like you, hope you’re introduced in the gaming hall of fame. Most people have real lives and can only spend a few minutes per day playing this broken game. Was a nice chat though, have fun!


I have a better solution:
-only use savior snaps when you have to stop playing suddenly or if you are in a tricky quest otherwise you are wasting them.
-level up alchemy so you can create savior snaps
-get plenty of sleep in game (almost every bed you see in game will give you a save use it and sleep even for just one hour)
-get the speech perk so that bathhouse services are free ( you get a save when you get the full service package)

@Expert I think the intention of savior snapps was to create a way to save and quit that makes sense to the level of realism in the game. You basically need to sleep to save the game so getting drunk and passing out or actually going to bed are the ways to save. I think the problem is many players are so used to handholding in other games that they call new systems that are different bad game design.


A couple minutes are enough and if you’re an adult you have at least some control over your own schedule and when you go to bed meaning you should have no issue finding time to brew some saviour schnapps which is ridiculously easy. Not to mention that there’s already a save mod created meaning there is ZERO reason to put quicksaves into the game to please lazy players like you.

All people have real lives, you’re just not a good player. Did you cry about Dark Souls being too difficult too? I think you should also have a name change because you’re clearly not an expert at anything


You are completely right, I’m not an expert in gaming, I spend most of my precious time being an expert in what I do for a living and I feel the right to be able to enjoy a game in less hardcore and more arcade way to relax in the evening. But well, agree to disagree, no need to keep flaming this topic. I’ve never played Dark Souls, I don’t like fantasy games. Have fun with Kingdom Come!


I play xbox. So if i’ve done a few things since my last save, but don’t want to walk back to a saveable bed, ill just switch to another game or turn the xbox off. The xbox effectively pauses the game until you return.

That being said, its extremely cheap to make savior schnappes, and you starr with the recipe.

Limiting saves prevents you from walking into a town or bandit camp and stealth killing/ then save/ repeat.

Once you get into the game youll appreciate the way this has been done. This is very much a “plan your move” kinda game.


I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun with a game.


Well why the hell would u save the game so often… back in the Days u could not do that, i like the save system it makes it harder, and go to sleep and it will save…


i totaly agree with u


This is the fourth time I reload my game and have to face the black screen of loading for more than 10 minutes so I will have to load a previous game which was freaking several hours prior the last save because of this fake realism saving system.

Thanks for this link and for those mods, you just saved this game from being uninstalled for good.


uhhh savior shnapps allows you to save whenever you want. Quit bitching and buy/make some.


Unfortunately these medieval traders do not accept my credit card.


I really hope Devs keep the Schnaps Save system, or they let both. I be able to brew my spirits with alchemy and i find it a very good system.



Savior Schnapps is ungodly easy and cheap to make. You should be buying ingredients and making as many as you can every time you go into a town that has a bench/herbalist, or at least frequent Rattay every in game day you can.


I really like this idea VanRaven; probably the best in this thread because it appeals to both sides.

Safe travels and best of luck in your fight against cancer
PS made this account for this comment+


Thank you friend! :slight_smile:


Just my 2 cents worth about saving. This is not much different from Dark Souls games. There you can only save at bonfires which are few and far between. At least you dont loose a portion of your life when you die.


There’s no need for any of that hogwash. Make some schnapps at the alchemy table. By the time you do as the poster suggested you could have already made some. Or go to a bed sleep for more than an hour. Done. If u don’t have time for a video game than get your priorities straight and stop playing video games. Nothing wrong with the save system and nothing wrong with the lock picking either. I just picked a very hard lock first try.