I'm going to Prague could need help finding cheap room xD


Hello Everyone I’m going to prague and I want to also see the Czech Republic…

But rooms at this time are expensive does anyone know any cheap rooms(7 nights, double bed ~4000 czk) or a national website where people rent rooms cheaper… since booking is too professional…

A place with good access to prague would be fine as well.

Can any fellow Czech backers help an international backer(Portugal)… :sweat_smile:



Well there are plenty of hotel/rent websites but nothing national or The One we would go for. For Prague I would use standard booking, hotels etc. Maybe try trivago that should compare those all sites and take best price of them. If you have small budget, maybe hostels are solution for you, or even adventurous couchsurfing :wink:

For tips, tricks, recommendations, guides and more about Prague and Czech Republic have a look at Honest Guide


This doesnt belong in the other languages section does it?
Probably off topic


I think the thread is more for Czech people who live or know about Czech republic. So it’s for them xD


For example if a student goes to university or some one is going to work in Prague how do you find a room to rent?


Also try AirBnb. I also recommend to watch Honest Guide.

There are lots of students hostels/campuses in Prague, so usually there is no problem for the students.

When are you going to visit us? I might be able to help you.


Hi I saw you message…

We are going for prague so something near the center is better or with good transports to there like 30mins top, we will be staying there for 7 nights from 27 to 2 of january but we are looking for a room with double bed and not cold of course, with sheets and blanket.

I search for rooms in czech languague and tried to send sms but got no reply.
Like this:

Tell me if you can help… thank you


Hi, unfortunately I can´t help with these dates :frowning:
Maybe next time :wink:

I am surprised that this webpage still works. It is more like for rent - not just for couple of nights. I think AirBnb is the best option.