I'm ready to pay another $ 200 for returning the graphics and the forest from the beta version


I’m ready to pay another $ 200 for returning the graphics, forest and vegetation from the beta version. Maybe developers have some kind of beta with a full map? Not necessarily that all the mechanics of the game would work. I liked the graphics from the beta version and I want this graphics with a full map.


I’d play $200 too but with a different distribution:
$50 for graphics, optimization
$100 for mounted units in game (post-Run)
$50 to upgrade Pribyslavitz by adding missing home elements and playable content (group vs group battles) associated with guardhouse/stable


Laughing out loud about you both
You dont need to pay so much. That is possible with less money.
First understand consoles and then think about your great payment willing.
Or better, take the console version off the market and we get our beta graphic.


Of course it’s possible. Point is it hasn’t and might not happen. If it doesn’t happen, KCD will likely be a walk away game sometime after woman’s lot is released. If the aforementioned changes happen, KCD will be played persistently for yrs as FO4 has been (since its release NOV2015)

Strictu sensu, it has nothing to do with consoles. I play FO4 with mods (incl graphics, opti-mods) on console; have been doing so for years. FO4 is yrs older and doesn’t have shitty missile command rain in starry night and partly cloudy skies


On consoles most likely it is impossible, I mean at least an additional patch for powerful PCs. Whom, too, interestingly support subject.


That isnt possible. All available versions has to be exact the same.


the high resolution is absolutely impossible. but, console environmentals have much room for improvement. if having one load universe (instead of load zones) is the cause of missile command rain (irrespective of clouds), stutter, and rampant popins, then WH made a profoundly short-sighted and poor console implementation decision


The Loadzones have to do with AI calculation with time of day


also allows one more control over varying environmentals locally. technical issues associated with fog implementation were cited by WH lead environmental artist in an article published circa release

the larger point is that a particular structure (architecture) was selected and implemented. if that causes KCD to have more profound environmental difficulties than a game released yrs prior to it on the same platform, then it might be time to evaluate that decision


Tomas Blaho: Warhorse [Studios] is quite small studio in comparison to other studios creating AAA open world RPGs, so we definitely can’t create very different content for PC only. All assets were prepared with consoles in mind. PC has the advantage of more objects, details, clutter etc. in specific level layers that are not exported for consoles. Furthermore, textures are generated as much as 4x higher of a resolution on PC. I personally don’t think Sony or MS would care about PC much. On the other hand, they would demand answers if there are incomprehensible discrepancies between each console platforms.

What specific graphics options and graphics features will the PC version include which will not be possible on consoles?

Jakub Holik: Caustics were already mentioned. Parallax occlusion mapping is another thing (high detail settings and up). Apart from that I can’t recall anything in particular. The rest should be present but tuned down.



Yes the higher textures and object detail but nothing which is great different to consoles.
But a complete model replacement for nature will call Sony and MS on the plan.
That would be too drastic a difference to the consoles.
But I said earlier that I do not directly believe that one pc would have mastered the beta style with complete map and A.I… There was never any proof for that.
Everything I’ve ever seen (and also downloaded) of video material does not show a complete tour of the world. In most cases alpha and beta versions are delimited to a specific area. They end up in the skybox or have invisible walls placed in front of a specially shaped terrain to prevent players from leaving the area.


I hope when will support mods, it will be possible to return the model of trees and vegetation and return a softer surround lighting. It would be a dream game. Maybe I’m naive, but I want this game to be perfect.


Yes me too. I was hoping that someone like Gibbed will create a tool to extract the content of beta *.pak files. In the past he was a very good programer for such work. He made many extracting tools or savegame editors e.g. for Mass Effect


You comparing really FO4 against KCD?!
It has to do with consoles. FO4 isnt that tough
And Graphic Mods are only an hooked api and nothing more it isnt intergaretd into direct link library, short DLL. Yeah kk, 4k textures and bla bla bla… nothing wich isnt harder for a console as a complete new engine (especially version)!


for all your technical pretense, you’re ignorant of customer pov


Shit consoles limit the PC.


WH made the bed…


And i can say the same to you. So Dito!
You can pay for what you want but you come here with things that FtA needs more improevemnts in a payed product and now you want to pay for some improevemnsts which should added since relaese. Do what you want, i can say and write what i want.


No, not really. I don’t want to pay 1 f-ing cent or groschen more. WH got enough money. WH chose to launch on console. Not me. What they have on console (missile command rain, stutter, popins, etc) is short on quality. That said, tongue in cheek I’ve offered to pay to fix the poor implementation(s). Read the freakin’ PS4 release notes. WH itself recognizes the quality issue in the last release:

“Texture quality and streaming improved - in 1.6 version we lowered memory allocated to textures, which fixed many crashes, but lowered visual quality. We have now managed to implement a better fix that still prevents crashes, but has less impact on texture streaming. We know this is still an issue and will continue to address it in further patches.

So again for all of your pretense, you have a demonstrably poor take on the customer pov.


If not for the console, the game would be much better and more beautiful. Graphically, the game is worse because of the consoles. The developers were forced to downgrade it, although they promised that the downgrade on the PC will not and everything will look like in the beta version. Console are holding back progress. Priority developers was the console market, as there is more money, it is sad that this affected the owners of the PC.