Improve reputation

Anyone know how to improve reputation with citizens. My rep in rattay dropped to -100 I got it back to 0 by killing bandits in the camp outside but it won’t budge from there. I have no idea why it dropped maybe when I fought the executioner but no one saw that. Now the swordsmith will only give me 8.3 groschen for a weapon worth 1.3 k lol

when you sell things give them a little extra money,
do some quests that beggars or peasants give you in the town

but If you have no Idea why it dropped it can also be a bug since I think the rep system is still bugged
I have rep 90 in rattay

Did you kill the executioner? They really, really hate you if you did.

No forced him to give me his sword because it’s a really good sword lol but I went back to see if I could pay him off, he fought me again, terrible mistake on his part. Knocked him out let him regain consciousness and he ran outside into bandits haha I think he got away and I killed them when they came back.

I’d like to do quests for them to raise it unfortunately they won’t give them even after paying ridiculous amounts of money. A peasant with 210 groschen lol come on.

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I have that exact same problem except I already did the bandit quest so im at -94 and i cant move it

Wonder how this is going to work out for me when I get to this point in the game? I killed the executioner in the fist 20 min of the game when the Miller guy told me I had to get a ring from him… I killed him along with his dogs, took the ring back to the Miller. Then I went into Rattay… I had no problems with REP…

Before I even went to Sasau my reputation dropped and it’s around -90 now and can’t change it, I had almost 100 reputation in Uzhitz but that also randomly dropped to -70. I have no idea why that is, since I act the same everywhere and in most places my reputation is literally 100.

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Ok, so i was doing the quest restless spirits in the point when you have to steal the necronomicon, and being as unstealthy as i am, they spotted me and now my reputation at the monastery is -48. Is there any way of inproving my reputation there?

I don’t know, the reputation system is extremely buggy, I got caught stealing in sasau and my reputation in rattay dropped to -100 with the citizens somehow. I did kill the executioner finally but how can they know that when I chase him almost to sasau and do it in the woods…makes no sense

If your reputation gets rediculously bonked, you can just go up to a guard in the town, punch him, then surrender and serve a jail sentence. Your reputation will then be reset to a level where most people will talk to you again unless you specifically did a crime against them, like beat the snot out of them.

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I don’ know its really stupid i went to the monastery to pay gold or go to jail but the guards just stare at me, i even have a reward for stealing in the monastery i they still won’t arrest me

in order to reset your rep you’ll have to endure jailtime
that will get your rep to 12 (which is very fucking bad) but rep slowly resets from that

after getting out of your jail sentence, do some bandit/cuman hunt around the area
donate to beggers and such, that will gradually raise your reputation
it’s a slow ass process and prevention beats a cure

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I have 0 reputation in Sasau, and i give every merchants a bonus groschen when i’m buying something, but still i have 0 reputation.

Dress differently then, and get the “ordinary mug” perk if you leveled your stealth
high charisma will also affect how much rep you’ll be gaining from merchants

ploughing the bath ladies will also increase charisma (a buff for two days, increases charisma by 2)

Thanks. I’ll try it later.

yeah its kinda ridiculous how low your rep gets after one theft and how easy it is to lose rep but there seems to be a massive lack of ways to boosts it back up. if youve completed the side quests and activities youre screwed. have to go to jail basically from what ive seen.

You can haggle and give them a bonus, that raises your reputation.

supposedly. I’ve done that on every transaction and its never went up once.

Try looking at reputation, haggle upwards (in their favour) and then check again.
If that doesn’t work for you then you’re experiencing a bug, it works for me and the game even says it works.