Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


When a dev team release a game despite a few bugs the final product is finished. Is it really fair to pepper the forums with suggestions of how the game mechanics should change, add new features, requiring so much more development and testing? And yes, this may break the existing code and develop bugs - not feasible.

I have to see Warhorse’s side here and say that the game stays how it is. If they want to add stuff later they should do so but shouldnt be mandatory and should only be at their own discretion.

Please stop demanding warhorse change the game after the DLC is released. For $7.99 You get additional DLC thats great value for money. They shouldn’t be changing any game features after release!

Feedback is OK.

What isn’t is demanding they change key features of the game. It’s wasting your own time. This is their vision and how they wanted it.


Short answer, no.

Long answer: We will not. We shall do as we please, games only get better from feedback.


chill out :wink:


Support the vision of a company- especially if it aligns with your own. (Yes!)

Not give feedback (critical/positive) is silly. Feedback can be useful. Unless we are talking amplifiers.

If WH demonstrate continually that they dont have a clear identity for their product and are just jellyfishin’ round in the ocean… then we all lose.

Need clear direction.

Not engaging in official forums, yet listening to wider net (and the wealth of knowledge that goes into tweets) is dangerous as WH might lose contact with their demographic.

Gaming to them is worth millions of dollars.
Id say feedback is handy when millions of dollars is on the line.
What they choose to do with it…


Feedback is OK.

What isn’t is demanding they change key features of the game. It’s wasting your own time. This is their vision and how they wanted it.


Look I get your rant.
I came to this thread from the one that triggered it. .

I do not think people are demanding what you say (its hard to tell, its a little loose)

I personally like WH.
You do realise that most of the discussions here are legitimate in origin?! (People dont all have such free time as to just write random unthought out stuff (clearly I do))
Kirksty on many threads you are a warrior for WH.
(You arent alone- I do it too)

Minimalising peoples issues the way you do makes it hard for me to believe you are listening.

Its nothing personal to you- as immature I am, you are one of the few on this board as passionate an big mouthed as I am.

WH arent sore with these forums and they do read theough them.
VS six weeks ago these forums are DEAD.
They now actually stand a chance of serving a useful function.

I treat WH (as a studio of individuals) as the artists I imagine they are.
Ive met a few artists, and most thrive when away from constant negativity. I understand why WH downplay their time on these forums.

But… they are big boys with big boy shorts.
People arent attacking the team or individuals; we are discussing their product, generally in practical ways…
They can take it.
These forums were created for backers.
For years they would have been a great place filled with supportive and excited/passionate words.

In time that will come around again.
In the meantime we alm tey to steer their ship towards delivering us the best product.
With seven billion people in the world, no doubt more than one method/way to deliver that product will be suggested.

Otherwise: do the forums only exist as a support channel?
RPG forums can prove some of the best…
The variation of userbase (albeit generally readers with a penchant for fantasy) provides a great cross section and a diverse place for talk.

Kudos to you for honoring board members in the videos to watch thread… Kirksty: you are a champ for WH/KCD… many here are just as passionate, but perhaps less vocal.

I know I only signed up to the forum cause so many naysayers insisted the software couldnt work properly; and yet everyone I knew who had the game had near flawless game experiences (or very infrequent issues of no relevance) .

I wanted to bring balance to what was being represented… and ‘one angry person telling ten’ was order of the day.

The game needs change.
Straight up I would list some assets that need fixing to improve performance.
Then general gameplay imbalances…
Then world/immersion breaking issues
Then Id ask for a self removing HUD (some screens dont like permanent high contrast edges)
Then for the game ‘backgammon’ (I will pay ten euro for that) to be included (one of the older gambling games; fit the realm well)

Some of these things are for the game in general and fixing them helps sell the product… some are personal preference.
WH choose their path- some of us like that path and choose to walk along it.
Many forum posters around game launch wqnted the game to be made for them/vastly different.

Without a lot of work and tonne of menu options the game cannot be all things to all people.

It is however a ‘master of some’ aspects and is rare to find on the marketplace.

Niche game lovers will make up the forum userbase.
As well as peeps with product issues and RPG nutters in general.

Lets see who sticks around!


I think the main issue is the tone people use when talking about these things. It’s perfectly okay to mention suggestions as long as players are not actually demanding them. Stuff like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Henry could do A, B and C in a future update?” These things help the devs know what people might be interested in for future updates/DLCs/new games/etc. That being said, I really don’t get why people complain so much. The game is great, it’s got literally hundreds of hours of fun to offer and there is even more coming with the future DLCs and updates. I’m really looking forward to the tournaments, for example. I’m also planning to finish the game in Hardcore mode with all negative perks once I get some free time - that’s bound to be another 100 hours of fun at least!


Kirksty I must ask, do you have a problem that peoples opinions do not align exactly with yours!? We get it, WH could do anything with the game and you would still defend it and it is ok to be a fanboy. But please do not for a second think that all others playing this game will be like you and you should really try to understand that the world do not have Kirksty as the center.

I think KCD is an awesome game but showing and telling about the bugs and bad decisions that WH has made can only improve the game, why does this bother you so much!? Try to accept that most people are not like you, thankfully!


WTF is this WH forum for if not to provide feedback. WH has a vetting process. So, the obligation WH has is only to do that which they themselves willfully accept.

Have you ever worked with a SaaS provider? If they don’t listen, they lose insight and touch with their audience/clients. And that ultimately erodes their bottom line.

Users here aren’t asking to add dragonriding to ashes so they can swoop down from the sky and torch the bad guys during the attacks on Vranik and Talmberg. They’re largely requesting changes so that the role of bailiff has more playable realism.


i actually agree with kirksty, i very much like the game it self, the story , there vision of medieval Bohemia 1403 and most of all hardcore combat. i really hate when i see the hordes of people begging for them to change combat because they think it sucks… you know instead of practicing and becoming good at the current game’s combat system they would rather have the combat be easy for them . thats pretty shitty i hope war horse stays strong with the vision and dont cave to a fruitless easy button for there game. combat is just one of many things i hope for the future stays the same.
suggestions and feed back about performance, bugs, or constructive criticism is always necessary and needed. if warhorse made a shitty quest that was boring and what ever else bad you can think of, well then they need to hear about it and be told the truth. otherwise the same bad stuff will always go on.


I agree. I am still learning how to do combat better. Like I didn’t know on a controler that to make a swing you hafta hit the Rt. trigger and let go.


not sure you understand the breadth of feedback. combat needs considerable tweaks. It’s frickin silly that enemy NPCs turn their backs in the middle of fighting with their opponent and then target someone else. It’s suicide and needs to be rectified. This change won’t make combat easier. It’ll make it more realistic … and probably harder because you’ll have fewer chances for cheap shots.


ya, thought that was dumb. Best and hardest fight are with the heavy plate bandits in top gear and a slightly smarter AI.


If you want to mop up in Pribyslavitz, Vranik and Talmberg battles, get on the flank and start hacking. You’ll destroy them. The squad AI is crap. Guys that engage you then disengage. After that, Magdeburg steel puts then into a deep sleep


see now thats a bug worth reporting, npcs turning there back in combat is not the combat system it self. i dont need them to change the way i swing a sword and block. for example skyrim. if they made combat like skyrim’s combat thats it im done lolol


i honestly think there combat system is the most realistic one i ever played in any sword game. i like it better then chivalry MW and mount and blade.


It is. It’s the combat decision tree used by the NPCs. Been reported


Nice! job man


wish I could but my 4 core system can barely handle the fighting @5-11FPS :frowning_face:


You find it realistic that mortal enemies disengage from direct melee combat with each other to chase down an unaffiliated dude in a horse that cuts through the battlefield

The dude on the horse is Henry