Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


so far i have never had that or the back turning npc happen to me . thats new to me. ill have to pay more attention to see it . if its even happening on PC. i think id have seen it after 64 hours , of my current play through.


I have seen and experienced it on PC. Not quite on horseback but turn to me, ya


Happens literally all the time. It is very bad in random encounters.


ive seen on this current play through an npc turn his back to me to fight other npcs that were attacking him, but i find that totally acceptable. if hes getting rekt from behind then its realistic to try and address that.
that sounds totally different then what your describing to me though.


it would be nice if they fixed this . have u ever been hit or blocked a hit while you were backed up into a bush and it just shoots you up in the air lol . that i know still happens lol i hate that .lol


I can write an essay on combat tweaks that could improve realism and reduce exploits. That though gets us off topic. The topic is providing feedback. There isn’t anything about this game that’s above reproach. Therefore, if the betterment of the KCD product is desired, feedback and a discussion of that feedback not only shouldn’t be squashed as Kirksty wants … that feedback should be cultivated and allowed to prosper.


In a polite and civil manner. not saying you aren’t. just some people…….


Am I otherwise?


Rest in peace old classy lockpicking screen. I will avenge you


I’ve read a lot of comments on this forum, but admit not all.
Maybe you’ve read many I haven’t.
Most of the comments I have read have been constructive criticism, except those which described game bugs and crashes, but those are issues that WHS needs to address if the game is to command a user base that supports their future efforts.

In Patch 1.43 I began to have extreme horizontal frame jitter and frame drops, which became so bad I could not visually look at the game any longer and stopped playing. Did I want to stop Playing? Hell No! It just became impossible to play. I didn’t play for about six weeks. Was I angry? At times, but I was more disappointed because I fell in love with the game almost immediately.

Then Patch 1.5 came out and I no longer had frame jitter or frame drops, although after about another 100 hours of play time, I’m beginning to notice them again. If this gets worse I’ll be on this forum to let them know.
You know my system: XBox One and I have no modes and deleted all other games on my system except Skyrim. It was a drastic thing to do, but I wanted to remove anything that might be hampering my system to accommodate this game. But even after all that, at the time, it did not correct the horrible frame jitter.

I’ve hesitated to load Patch 1.6 because of the many negative comments of the problems “it” caused.
I’ll wait for the next patch and watch the forum again. If things look better, I’ll load it.

One of the things I suggested was that WHS address the horrible visuals while riding a horse.
The players visuals are “locked” into the horses path and it can be hard to watch when traveling on a narrow winding path. Almost as bad as the past frame jitter. I’m wondering if the two are not related. The visuals get pushed 40 or 50 degrees one way in less than a second then snap back the other way in less than a second. I would hope this item could be fixed without having to change WHS’s concept of the game.

I believe their desire is to give gamers an immersive experience, and visuals, dialogue and believable quests should all be at the top of their list. Of course items that cause game crashes should be above all of that. Some of those other things people wish to change will just have to wait till modders do it.


I’ve said it before and Ill say it again. Theres a fine line between critisism and feedback vs being a whiny bitch. There were soooo many people in the beggining dogging the game.


i 100 % agree with ya bud. evey game needs feedback. but i dont agree with game changes that will change the over look, style, and feel of the medieval setting they are trying so hard to achieve , thats all i ment. like i said if they made combat like skyrim or even the witcher then fuck all realism and just add the damn dragons already . lol


The problem with that comment and Kirksty is that it’s not specific. It’s arbitrary

Want to be more productive in feedback to others here operationalize what you mean

In the multiple walls of text I’ve provided with respect to ashes, none of what you said was asked. iow, straw man


Criticism can be put in many forms. It is WH who decides what they listen to. I personally don´t care much about the form, sometimes people who yell are right, sometimes people who are very polite are right. I don´t think it is all that important how it is filed. Fundamental things won´t really be changed anyway, would take too much time and risk.


Constructive criticism? Most of complaints I’ve seen are about nights being too dark, captain Bernard too strong, something is not like in skyrim and similar “issues”. Written in a such whiny manner. Here it’s more or less ok, but Steam forums are swarmed with autistic children. And some people say WH should listen to feedback - if only it was that easy


yea i know, i was going to ask for some examples from him to find out what he means but his post is from 2 hours ago and he hasnt been back since lol.


frel is this the combat bug you were talking about, this is from my current play through when i wasnt maxed lvl. during the fight when i was literally fighting an npc he turned away from me to fight another npc that swung at him and missed lol. and i also put another bug i filmed recently in here that i forgot to post on the forums. it was funny as fuck. one day i went to rattay and the guy who sells clothing looked like this lololol


Here my criterion… restated from forum that triggered this one: does ashes well provide playable realism for the daily challenges, opportunities, tasks and rewards of a medieval bailiff in the Holy Roman Empire c 1400?


did u see how i backed up 5 feet and that npc turned away from me and almost died for it . was that the bug?


Have watch it later… there are a good number of combat anomalies. Sounds like you provided a vid of one