Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


all good bro, np man… pff wait until u see the thong the clothing guy is wearing.


Well bones, you have to admit, in the beginning when the game was first released there were many more major issues with the game, and I described one of mine.
It’s pretty easy to identify in a few sentences a whinny post.
My solution…don’t finish reading it.


some of you guys are posting about bugs, stop posting off topic. stick to the other 1200 threads about bugs if you want to discuss that.


Didn’t really see an issue with the combat part, but I laughed at the second half!
Thanks for posting!


i had a bitch post as well at one point during the “no random encounter” days of 1.3. if you play this game chances are you lost it at some point and had to vent somewhere lol. well that is accept frel … hes an angel :slight_smile: ive yet to see him loose his shit .


Unless you actually wrote the specs, there’ll be not a few situations in which you don’t know whether an issue is a bug, a poorly designed element or an unanticipated artifact/behavior.


I think WHS’s vision for their game matches my own vision for a game like this.
I think their studio has done an exemplary job at researching many aspects of this game, including history.
My understanding is that they scanned real plants that are native to the area and modelled the topography of the game to what it is today. That says a lot about their dedication. I wonder if any other studio has done as much? Some of you die hard gamers might know, so clue me in too.

I can only imagine the amount of discussion WHS spends on many of the suggestions and criticisms that come from this forum. Like many people in the beginning I thought the combat and lockpicking system was horrible, but after playing for many hours, and accepting the challenge, I wouldn’t suggest they change the mechanics of defense or lockpicking. In fact I strongly advise against it. Skyrim and W3 combat systems seem so striped down and one dimensional compared to KCDs.

I can’t believe anyone ar WHS takes criticism of their game personally, something we all should not do when reading comments.

We should all be working to better our understanding of each other’s concerns and criticisms.


Exactly. Its just the amount of whiners and jerks that just wanted to hate was a very large amount.


what are some of the main things that your referring to that people want WH to change …


I would not change the lock picking or battle mechanics if I could choose. I love them both even though I found them both extremely difficult in the beginning, just as it is supposed to be. This is not a game where the Hero even is a Hero, he is as far as he knows just a blacksmiths boy and that is how we as players should feel at the start. The game succeeds at that and as a player it feels really rewarding to get the first nice piece of armour or whatever ones goal is.

But the game is not perfect and personally I do not think WH objects to criticism or friendly advices, we are the paying customers after all and this is a niche game. As a niche game it is even more sensitive to what the customers want than ordinary AAA titles that aims at peoples most common denominator.

And as far as I know this is the official KCD and WH forums so this is the place if any to voice ones concerns and praise.


This is brilliant. Only been one whine thread about a bug since I posted (although, yes! A duplicate thread!). Maybe we can keep this as a sticky.

People want to discuss the game and are getting tired of “bugs”. Like someone here said, a lot of the time it’s not a bug as they would have needed to program it to know what one was.


That’s cool. We can use this whenever someone posts a complaint that cant clearly be something broken.


heaven help us if that’s true


So glad you said this. …
Your harsh swear reply (emphasis and passion) on this thread seemed uncharacteristic- I knew it was just to highlight the importance of what you were saying and its’ very essential nature…
Just wondered if casual readers here were going to misread that ‘you were a part of the problem’, or being personally defensive (it was neither)…

I dig egoless writing.
(I’d say “teach me Obi Wan”, but it might sound sarcastic)


scary :scream: you understand what i was trying to get across :blush:


How much are they paying you? Is this a parody account? I can’t believe that there is a real person behind OP’s account.


Umm… when I read this thread I thought that last comment was a lighthearted reply to the post above it… turns out it was a reply to me (i clicked in the corner on my portrait and ‘here we are’.

Whats the beef?
I write too much positive and channeling words and so must be ‘undercover’/a worker for the company?

I appreciate the sentiment that I put some time/effort in here (peeps like acknowledgment, and I am a ‘peep’)

If my words are garbage simply cause I come off as an evangelist - maybe question WHY am I so passionate?

Until I know what message yours was pointing towards I dont have the necessary context, and the internet being without ‘tone of voice’- I will just use whatever tone, in my head, to read your message that allows me to say ‘thankyou’.


Edit: Actually forum is throwing a spaz. The link off my portrait no longer exists. You might not have been writing to me at all (like the lack of a reply balloon on your post may indicate).
Mayhaps you were talking about Kirksy (your post mentioned the OP)?
They are either real or its an evolved computer AI that I believe is capable of taking over the world. (I hope its the former)


I was responding to OP. I didn’t quote or reply to anyone.


This is an issue with AI, not with combat system. Anyway you can’t pull their ‘aggro’ if you don’t get really close so don’t exaggerate things


So the combat AI isn’t a part of the combat system. Thx for clarifying

I’m not exaggerating. I’m sharing an experience gained from killing over 3,000 enemies in playlines 1 & 2