Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


Wasn’t even thinking about the slight turns. I’ve seen them do near 180s. Less with Henry. More with each other … bandits vs Cuman vs guards (I’d include traders but they die too quickly)


Yet the entire DLC was brought about from customer interest in a “stronghold” component, right here on the forums. It was not, apparently, in their original vision or how they wanted it. People made their case, and they listened. As one of the people who were making the case, I appreciate that.

That said, I generally like Ashes. I do believe, however, that it’s missing something, and with a few missing somethings resolved, it would be a truly great addition to the game. After reading through various forums, I can see I’m hardly alone on this. These people love the game, and love Warhorse. Love is a verb, which includes criticism and making demands to keep their vision going. This is to help them become a truly astounding game studio with the values that its fans appreciate.

For me, I’m drawn to the game and the studio for its attempt to create a more realistic RPG with significant depth. That’s something that has been echoed here quite a bit. Ashes doesn’t meet the expectations of many in this regard, or perhaps some other. It would be an act of hate to not criticize it and not make suggestions.


The suggestions should be before release. Not after it.


thats YOUR suggestion :wink:
We all live in a free world and this is a free forum =)


Sure, which is why we’re making suggestions for the next patch and update release for the DLC.


This is fine. Just funny how they expect an to react to stuff they already released and tested.


No no no, you go off topic all the time, and now tell us not to go off topic. That´s not how it works.

On the subject of suggestions. The thing is, most of had the image that this DLC would be great. A center on the map to return too. For me, a bathhouse is standard town stuff. I didn´t expect the DLC to turn out horrible as it is. How are we supposed to suggest something for example on FtA when we have too little info to do something with it. I didn´t think we had to discus FtA all too much until after the DLC because then I realized the DLC was a pile of garbage. What are we supposed to suggest about the Hans DLC when we barely know anything?


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You can’t report posts when your doing far worse then them in multiple other posts. Play fair and play correct.

I said when the announced fta that they was giving way to little information out. I said this many times while we waited for it to be released. This is the reason I was worried about the lack of information. The DLC while enjoyable isn’t finished. Just like the game. Aspects of it can’t be completed because it is in direct contrast with the main quest. It’s not a home base it’s just something else to do for a few hours. I feel mislead by warhorse about what the DLC is and would do. And I understand why people feel the same. Would I buy the DLC if I knew then what I do now? Yes. But I think wh needs to be more open and trust there player base more. This DLC was rushed, poorly integrated and missed the mark of what it was trying to do. I haven’t even returned to “my” village since building was complete as I really don’t see the point of need. Plus I would only have to go to another town if I got injured on the way.,


This is stupid why is the biggest ******** troll on the forum allowed to flag perfectly relevant posts because he doesn’t like them! Can we have a mod in here asap I can’t tag anyone!


I’m a paying customer and they will take my critique and smile. Customer is king.
Isn’t the boss some kind of hardcore capitalist? He should know the rules.


they respect the customer which is why they allow you to voice your opinion here. however, suggesting massive changes like "make it so we can build walls round cities"to a finished product is wasting your own time tbh as your time to suggest has been and gone.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


Suggestions aren’t a magnum attached to the forehead of developer, Rather i’ts like an idea that can be grafted onto fertile soil :slight_smile:


Of course WH could implement the possibilities to erect a wall in Pribyslabitz. It is not an unreasonable request or idea, even now after FtA has been released. Developers and companies in the software and gaming industry add or change things and details to their products all the time. And yes, even after a DLC or update.

Saying that we as customers should have reviewed or criticized the dlc before it was even released is just BS. I am sure WH is competent enough to implement changes to the DLC and even the game obviously, and most certainly if they want to have happy customers. I am not saying they need to or even should do everything and anything requested on the forum, but doing it the Kirksty-way and just stop doing anything to a product once released is stupid and idiotic to no other end than that the product will die.


And I am starting to see that if this forum was a medieval city in say Bohemia, you Kirksty play the role of the town fool with great perfection.


The great thing about this forum is. The troll who is not to be named, is able to troll as much as he wants. And we are allowed to ignore and disregard the opinion of the troll who is not to be named as much as we want. If we want to make a suggestion after the release of a DLC, who stops us, certainly not a troll who is not to be named.