Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


Because he keeps flagging and pretty much deleting posts that he don’t like or agree with!

No one except mods and devs should be allowed to hide posts the flag post should just bring it to attention of a forum mod. The troll is just abusing this over sight


I don´t know if you have time, but I gladly will help with trying to find those things and make a report.


I’ve sent messages to mods and devs it’s a universal answer, “yeah we know and are looking into it” same bs everytime. I can’t have a discussion on this forum without him getting to big for his boots and thinking it’s his sole job to put the forum to rights.


The troll is a real killjoy. I noticed that when I was a lurker on these forums and sadly the situation is not getting better, in fact it is rather moving to the opposite. It seems the troll that henceforth shall not be named, cannot tolerate people that has different opinions than the troll.


What a weird thinking. Of course, critics are good.

How would OT feel, if no-one ever would oppose him?

Critics are life for these games. They just have to be on point and not rants without reason.


guy , you overdoing it, chill and try to act less trollish,please


:laughing: very potterish guy!


I am just looking out man. My constructive may be reported by the all mighty troll who is not to be named :frowning:. I have to make sure not to anger it, or it shall unleash it´s wrath upon my poor posts.


Do not fear the troll, they will run back to hide under a bridge or their parents basement when they realize that no one actually likes their posts.


Feedback is being actively solicited by WH


How doe that relate time wise to EST US and how to watch it?
I don’t twitch, tweet or just about don’t use social media.


Says 5pm CEST. 5pm CEST is 11am ET, non?

Forum is becoming unusable

In gmt is 10pm


ok, but how? Guess I’ll hafta wait till someone posts a link to watch the recording Like the E3 DLC one.


It will more then likely be on twitch


Oi get outta my cabbage patch (i thought that was MY role)

Suppose we can share.

I will take tuesdays, thursdays and discount pizza nights.


Lol! Well, you are the good type of town fool. The one that actually makes people happy, sadly the same cannot be said about the other one.


No, you are the scribe/partime standup troubadour.


I think this topic has gone too far from the original idea.


I think this topic has gone too far from the original idea.