Improvement demands unfair to Warhorse


Awww shucks…

Thanks to ye both.

Will bring extra cabbage to market day.

OT: lot of valid points raised in thread.
Mostly -can’t discuss what we don’t know about, so logic that we need to discuss everything ahead of time (magic 8 ball?) is impossible.

The same person who states that it HAS to be that way: used opposite logic to shut down my discussion in previous thread (that triggered this topic).
Literally told me I couldnt discuss what I hadnt bought.

Due to binary nature here-there is no grey… not even a millisecond in between…
Or is the conditionally acceptable time -to be allowed to discuss DLC- only after buying, but before installing?

Can I report my failing logic circuits- they need a service/tune. Or a beer.
Probably a beer.


That’s because when we started discussing original idea threats of posts being deleted or reported started being thrown. I had one hidden but managed to get it viable again by editing it after 10 mins


Service tech here, looks serious. need to apply 3 beers and 2 shots to correct the fault.


Due to massive bandwidth on the downstream can I put the shot in the beer?

I now have either
A) one too many beers
B) one too few ‘shots’

Think a massage will help…

Have we ascertained if only mods can ‘remove’ posts?

Warhorse have a great forum here.
Microsofts/forzas is probably an example of a really bad one.
Thousands of threads removed highlighting PC platforms gimpings (on week for announcement of new product) and most posters banned if even mentioning forum rules or asking why someone got banned…

I was banned for hundreds of years ffor giving support and making PC veraion work.
Mod who banned me made up three lies for why they did… then deleted all references ‘just to be sure’ (like the tactical nuke in movie ‘Aliens’).

These forums give freespeech and nurture healthy discussion.

Lets not all get ‘personal’/attack each other.
We have a common ground of loving gaming.

C’mon -we seek joy.


Can try , mebbe one or 2 to see how the circuits handle . hafta be careful of a system overload and shutdown


Off topic: got in trouble with my manager one evening when running the ‘basement bar’ for a private function one evening…
Guests wanted ‘depth chargers’ (jagermeister shot in bottom of a beer). Was told to serve them at the bar and remove empties straight away.
(Something about ‘against the law to serve them’…)

On topic: how awesome is it when discussions become ‘two way’?!..
Bet a few peeps tune into the live Q&A, and Yay to WH for engaging and explaining whats going on.

We kinda need it. Communication is key. Many of us have faith they will deliver…
So far all I have seen them give is ‘constant strivance to deliver better and more’.

If their product had been the typical eight hour corridor shooter I doubt anyone would find problems (its pretty easy to playtest linear experiences)…

Non linear RPGs are smegging hard to nail ‘perfect out the gate’, and is the reason they just arent made.
So many years to develop and real hard work.
Or make another cookie cut clone of whatever flavour of the moment is… half as long to make/require smaller team and less asset creation/easy to test and polish and sell for same amount.
So a studio can make twice as many projects and still own IP and can sell it onto more platforms etc…

Not a lot of money in RPGs.
Last couple of ‘elder scrolls’ games are exception- where they found the more they dumbed down the ‘difficult’ “roleplay elements” the more commercial success could be found.

By the time Skyrim came out they were just pretty medieval walking simulators ripe for modding to make even prettier or to add gameplay that was fun/immersive/challenging.

Dont get me wrong - I love Skyrim with hundreds of mods (my minimum req to bother to fire it up), whereas I LOVE me my vanilla KCD.

I know my KCD experience today is nothing like the ingame world I will have in eighteen months…

Hearthfire as an example: mods based on it proved vastly more refined and deeper experience. Those mods couldnt have happened with the mechanics that Hearthfire brought to the table.

In that regard I hope that is how KCD DLCs prove longterm valuable.
Any assets or scripts they bring is what we are paying for, ultimately.
These prove the foundation for the ultimate KCD experience.
Due 2019 (dont forget to discuss prior to happening)


To my mind, if WH creates a little more framework, the sky’s the limit

Some examples…
Top tier changes:
(1) ability to create a kit type (eg archer type equipped with armor a, b, c and weapons x and y)
(2) ability to assign kit type to NPC
(3) ability to assign combat attitude (offensive, defensive, balanced) to NPC
(4) ability to assign NPCs with (2) and (3) to a squad (10 NPCs)
(5) ability to battle against enemy squads with squad created by (4)

Next tier changes:
[A] ability to assign an object to a slot (eg golden goblet to table location or Magdeburg longsword to rack location)
[B] ability to commission goods (eg pick alternate color scheme from a list for shield, gambeson, etc or pick different hilt from a list for swords, mace, etc)
[C] ability to engage in multi-person (Henry + 2-3 NPCs) mini-game (eg drinking game)


Yeah I think I saw a recent post (of yours?) mentioning no armour holders…
And it got me to thinking on what conditions it could appear on them…
Eg after sleep and if you’ve hired ‘help’, upon waking armour is polished and ‘on display’.

Your depth in description above should be bookmarked.

Also a fan of simplifying math mechanics for armour etc to relieve cpu stress during large scale combat etc. (As frel has recently mentioned)

I really think a few tables (made up of combinations of outfits) could help out… most importantly for gpu side… pre rendering new ‘shells’ combined of multiple armour/outfit combinations.
Would remove 6x the drawcalls created by people?

Ye be onto it.
Shine on!


@Urquhart please can you close the thread? I said what I wanted to say and now it’s totally off topic. Sure you’d agree.