Infinite loading!


Infinite loading!

Even after 1.3.1 I still get an infinite loading screen at the mission where you need to escape out of Vranik fort. Pls fix this, I love this game so so much,but this is ruining it (again).


Exact same problem here!

Infiniti loading screen in the die is cast mission (Xbox) HELP!

Same problem, can’t do anything, game is broken. I mean… Ihope i dont get to wait 2 weeks for a patch. Release a fix ONLY for this, not a fix and other 100000 fixes…its the MAIN STORYLINE THAT IS BROKEN


I get this too while reaching Neuhof when I travel with Captain Bernard. I reported this issue via e-mail 2 days ago with no response yet. I’m getting very irritated with how this game can be deployed with so many bugs. It would be a wonderful game if the game was delayed to accomplish adequate QA :frowning:


Its amazing that 2 consecutive updates didnt solve the problem. Its not like its a side mission, ITS THE DAMN MAIN STORY THAT IS BROKEN !!


Same here. Stuck when coming back from escaping the camp. I spent hours and hours on this game. Yeah as soon as Radzig says lets talk in private the infinite loading starts. And yes you can hear music in the background looping.

I cant finish the Game!!! One more thing! Just remembered, does anyone still see the monastery mission running in the background? Like saying go Pray but that mission ended after you finish off Antonious? Did anyone actually kill him at the monastery and not finish the mission with him? I am starting to think that if you kill him at the monastery and not do what he says the games bugs out after that… then the loading with Radzig is the final straw as I can see the mission is running in the background saying, go pray, go eat, go to library even though I am not at the Monastery! anymore.


I get this Infinite loading screen after trying to sleep. Also have extended loading screens for cutscenes and opening my map. I play on XboxOneX


Managed to complete the mission. Its a problem with the monestary. You need to turn in pious.