Is anyone still playing this?

I mean, it was nice, but very bland actually.

I was excited about it but… short shelf-life, ya know.

DLC’s have been rubbish.

It’s over, I guess.


Yes I’m still playing. I can’t really complain I love it. :grinning:


I stopped for now, I finished it once, and I needed new content to have something fresh out of it, so I got 2 DLCs, Ashes DLC was very short while I did not get far to try the Hans Capon DLC yet.

I am currently playing different game which caught my interest fully so after I finish that game, I will jump back to try KCD.

However I am expecting the Womans lot DLC (last one) the most out of all DLCs. Even after that, they plan to support modding which should significantly help the game to come alive once again for most players. But I am not fan of mods adding more content that is not related to original game story.

I am mostly expecting such mods which will fix some issues or tweak things that WHS was not able to fix themselves, like enemy visibility, maybe add some quick slots, 3rd person view and I would like to not get stuck in bushes and be able to swim.

To be candid, I stopped once I couldn’t trigger the tourney, and RDR2 came out. Have replayed a few times since. Will play once in a while but waiting for expansion and bastards before trying start a new playline

I’m still playing and enjoying it.


I can’t stop playing KCD. It’s the perfect time-waster for me.

Almost 250 hours on the clock on Steam and going through the campaign the second time but on Hardcore.

Every patch since 1.2-1.3 has generally pulled/removed high/ultra quality settings…

Now give a kid candy and then take it away and listen to what comes from that.(!)

I patiently waited for WH to get a handle on their product.

Sadly, patches still seem to break more than they should, generally happily drop quality further and seem to exist mostly to sell half thought out DLC (generally realising less than they promise, patches maybe remedying…)

My patience for the game to be made ‘improved’ is gone.
(I honestly just dont care anymore)
I am playing Dragons Crown (ps4) as casual entertainment now.

I now leave KCD unpatched and have no interest in DLC (future or otherwise).

When game is finished and left al0ne by the devs, and modders can rely on the studio not restructuring folders and mixing things up randomly, regularly, then a bunch of medieval mods towards realism will be my focus.

Killing the dice game was one step too far.

Warhorse never identified who their audience is; they cater to multiplatform cash grab sales.
First DLC (soundtrack) is compressed (heavily) and is a genre that compreses badly. Many asked for lossless music, no delivery by studio - and it wouldnt have taken a day to do…
The quality drop , consistently since launch, is a lot to wrap ones head around.
Gimping pc ultra when consoles run custom medium settings is WRONG.

sadly, years from now we might just all be left running whatever last effort Warhorse approve. If the past is anything to predict the future by… Warhorse , irrelevant to the time/effort they haphazardly toss into the pot, the meal has too many cooks nd no real vision.

It HAD vision, alas everything from using twitter as the main/sole method to engage their audience (great for COD players, not so much for medieval enthusiasts), to cash grab after cash grab after cash grab, it looks really poor.

I hope they will fix their maiden product. If they do it means at least their loyal wont be burned too badly for staying faithful.
The joy of being playtesters and program/platform support- we invest money and time to help a commercial entity to make more money off us… in any other market that would be a joke that no one would endure… gaming? Warhorse dont know how lucky they have had it with regards to consumer backing. They have certainly had a very miserable time with regards to making a whole, cohesive product.

Anhow… keep taking the sugar out, keep replacing with artificial sweetner, and change the wrapper. Maybe make some new customers (who wont buy again), and leave all the old loyal customers looking for an alternative…
Strange sales technique for a niche product- perhaps all that fan loyalty shouldnt have been squandered pointlessly.
Enjoy releasing DLC with less that eight weeks polish, that require three months of polish to be of sound /fit for merchandisable quality.
The loyal who pay top dollar and give free quality assurance will dry up.
So will their biased reviews.
Then we will have an exceptional game buried gy bad PR (mostly earned), with no one to talk it up. -in this light - product will never make it to future platforms. Future platforms should have been kept on the radar when developing and OPTIMISING this game.
Culling ultra quality shows no interest towards future proofing this piece of art.


Still playing and enjoying discovering new things. Admittedly after completing the main quest the fun is in exploring the map. After five playthroughs I will have wait for the new content.

Wish WH had a public facing quality statement that they tried to hold themselves accountable to

They will be held accountable by their sales figures moving forward. No hiding from that.

I put about 70 hours into it

There seems to be threads and posts appearing in the forums. This might answer your question.

I can’t wait for mods. They will be great if we can do what we want with it.

It’s only rubbish if you have no taste.


that is if there is enough interest that late in the game life w/o mod support. Getting by now on what essentially tinkering with what can be gotten to ATM is at best minimal at what can be done. I am not disparaging what is done now by no means, good work there.
Also will the authors of the mods already posted on nexus come back and update or will new modders take up the challenge.

I keep checking this forum, on average about once a week. I am waiting for the day that 80+% of the forums topics aren’t about game stopping bugs before I start playing again.

Also waiting for modding support, because only a few lines of code should be able to turn the ‘ashes’ DLC from garbage to great.

I never have finished it yet. However, I have started and played about 60% of the way through, 3 times, before hitting a gamestopping bug.

I started playing it on the Xbox when my friend let me borrow it. But there was a bug in the first area that made me a criminal after about 30 mins or more, doing a crime that no one saw. I restarted the beginning 3 times before giving up. I did like the game apart from the bug. So I got it for PC only to discover the same bug happened. So I pushed through with the help of console commands and came across another bug that stopped me getting the pick pocket ability. So that was it for me.

It is so much a bug as an annoyance. If you pick a lock or steal anything there is a chance you will be called out and challenged, it is in the programming.

What over 30 minutes after the crime, not seen and while picking herbs then suddenly the jail icon shows up, is not a bug?
I have reported it to Warhorse and they are looking into the bug.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you. When I play it is common to have guards stop and question me after committing what is an unseen crime, There is a dialogue window that warms players that may happen.