Is anyone still playing this?

It’s called an investigation. Everyone else had an alibi. You didn’t.

Don’t commit crimes if you don’t like being called out.

Nah, it’s a karma system, not a criminal justice system.

Karma systems seem intractable in games. a quarter of a billion dollars was spent on RDR2 but game wasnt able to do away with a karma system

No, I was disappointed when the game ended on such an anti-climatic note, and have been waiting for a dlc or a continuation of the main quest to get my attention, but nothing so far seems worth my while. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, on the otherhand, been playing for nearly two months and still only 50% through the main quest. Now that’s, value for money.

Mind you, I’ve just bought a 4k 43 inch Tv so I may be tempted to re-install just to see how it looks.

Yeah, what happened to the mods tools we were promised?

Very last DLC for late 2019 . Just in time for the beginning ebbing interest in the game

I’m still playing. I’ve recently obtained the few last trophies I was missing. So far, I’ve finished the game 4 times and my 5th playline is parked before Vranik ready for the upcoming DLCs. I’m also thinking about starting anew and slaughtering Skalitz myself (one of the few things I haven’t tried yet). I also want to know exactly which houses contain what. So far, I’ve only checked about half of Rattay and the places that we’ve all looted (no need to deny it). I’m also thinking about playing without any main quests beyond training with Bernard, etc. But I also have a lot of exploring left to do with my main playline - I like to think I’ve been to most places, but the internet map shows loads more graves and places of interests yet to discover. It’s fun riding around looking for these places (I’m only playing in HC these days) and fighting bandits along the way.

You have far more patience than I.

Renewing Pribyslavitz without being able to read was particularly hardcore. Not because of the lack of reading skills (I figured out the code in seconds), but because it somewhat changes the order of quests, possible outcomes, etc. And the reason why in my latest playline, just after arriving in Rattay and after one bandit&deer money trip, I pretty much just ran to Merhojed for Warhorse Jenda and then rode to Uzhitz to the scribe. Anything else had to wait for these very important improvements of my enjoyment of the game. :smiley:

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Yes, dear.

Pc gamer review score of hans capon dlc is 60/100.

Says it all.

Well, to be perfectly honest, people are more likely to leave a review when they’re not happy, so that skews the results a bit. Plus when you read the reviews, the vast majority of them haven’t played the Ledetchko haunting (i.e. the largest part of the DLC). I know it didn’t trigger for some people due to a bug, but many haven’t had any problems with it (including myself), plus it got fixed in the patch.

No it doesn’t.
I have seen high scores on games I think are crap and stupid.

As we all know. Any review is seen from a personal view.

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EVERY dlc do far has had to have a patch shortly after is was released. says something???

You play much like I do, but I have not contemplated mass killings.

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When Christian comes on here (ie WH forum) soon after the release of amorous to acknowledge bug(s) that cause much of the content to be inaccessible to many of the users, that’s not a personal view

WH does vignettes well. Ceteris paribus, when a company mucks up the roll out of what it does well, it tends to leave a negative impression

Personal view: look forward to amorous but it doesn’t address what are shortcomings of KCD. The continued development of vignette DLC perpetuates (dev) imbalance. Hope the expansion and bastards introduce new game mechanics (at least one of which is a missed Kickstarter target)

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would rather have a slower roll out of a full sized game adding DLC than a bugged mini story or incomplete ( as far as players think) that does not add to the whole game.
It’s like wanting a Turkey and ham club sandwich and getting a toasted peanut butter sandwich in burnt toast.

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Interesting play style. My style is more pedestrian. Doesn’t matter Dragon Age Inqusition, Fallout 4, or Kingdom Come Deliverance. Once home is evident, I explore. Kill as many monsters and bad guys as possible. Then, I harvest whatever I can carry, and craft if possible. Really not into nuanced, mystery crafting (Divinity Original Sin 2, Skyrim potions). Move forward in main quest when bored or forced.

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And putting modding tools at the ass end of the DLC road map that doesn’t appear to enhance or add mechanics is to add insult to injury for some

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And causing the modders that did do what mods there are to walk away from the game in disinterest as they feel they are done with the game. Leaving behind many broken mods. The many and rapid patches that affected their mods didn’t help.

Ok mate…

I guess some people might like paying over the odds for lame DLC.

The game companies love those guys.

Hi Savyym, what game was it caught your interest?