Is Lockpicking Too Hard?

I don’t know, what do you guys think. Is lockpicking too hard for the console or is this just something that players are having difficulty getting use to? I haven’t picked many locks, maybe 10 or 15. And I just picked a hard lock with a level 2 lockpicking on the Xbox One.

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im inclined to not believe you since the game wont even let me try the harder ones. It instantly breaks the lockpick. The controls arent too terrible so im definitely sure it actually requires higher levels - it is difficult, but not difficult enough for people to be throwing the fits they are over it

Breaks instantly? Maybe you are using a lockpick that is already damaged?

I get very delicate lockpicks too. I assume it’s both my lack of skill and Henry’s. But lockpicking is frustrating mainly because the tutorials aren’t really that good in my opinion. I’m sure some YT tutorials will help me out.

At first it’s really really hard (even on very easy one) but later it’s really easy even the very hard chest.Just keep opening door / chest using a lockpick and you’ll easily level up.My lockpicking level now is 16.

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No it’s not too hard. Ever try picking a lock in real life? It’s damn frustrating.

My main issue is it seems like unless you’re going to constantly tresspass and/or be a hardcore thief, training it up isn’t feasible.

I’ve had to painfully ignore so many locked chests throughout that game that wouldn’t have been stealing, because I’m playing Henry with some common decency and not going crazy with the thefts and invasions.

No he’s just trying a lock that is “too difficult” BUT I think there is a real problem with lock picking right now.

On console it’s tough because it’s just obviously designed to be done with a mouse and you’re not going to get that same kind of control with your thumb stuck. Though even on computer I feel like it’s very janky it feels like the dead zone will lag behind or get ahead of where it should be which involves you kind of randomly moving your mouse to find it again which causes that weird thing where the cursor keeps blinking in and out of the sweet spot and then the lock unlocks.

Also I’m not sure if the way the cursor jitters during the minigame is intended or not but it’s definitely weird and kind of distracting. I think the real issue is that the dead zone is way too small especially on harder chests. You’ll break a ton and then suddenly do it perfectly. Monastery doors were a good example of that to me.

I think in the end whatever way in which the lock pick loses durability has way too many 100% damage events and not enough visual or audio cues to let you know you’re damaging the lock pick. There are points on some chests where if you don’t start moving the cursor the immediately when you press D the lockpick instantly breaks and my timing isn’t that awful so something is kind of obviously weird about the the windows and safe zones.

I think a big part of the issue is a lot of people here want the game to be hardcore so actual discussion of systems gets drowned out by this idea that things are just being dumbed down. I don’t want it dumbed down but the idea that the system is good just because people fail it a lot is just nonsense.

Apparently when the Miller in Rattay teaches you it you can do that chest as much as you like to build up your skill. I think that’s part of the issue is people with really low lock picking trying chests that are just on the edge of the game giving you to the “too hard” message.

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My father was a locksmith in real life. He told me a story about a brand new lock type what was supposed to be very secure. Tradeshow people were all excited. Dad’s boss picked it with a bent paperclip.

It is hard and frustrating- until you know what you’re doing. I can rebuild a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, set valve lash, and degree a camshaft. If I didn’t know what I was doing, I’m sure that would be hard too.

In the game, Henry acquires skill. I’m OK with it, but still, it is- right now- hard for me. I’ll get better though.

Does it refresh after some point? I opened it up like 6 or 8 times, went from like level 5 3/4ths to 6 1/2p and then it didn’t lock itself any more.

Have you ever tried to brew a poison antidote, skin a boar, convince a robber baron to peacefully leave your territory, or set a broken leg? Those are all incredibly hard things we can do in this game with relatively no frustration! It’s no excuse to say it’s hard in real life because this isn’t a simulation game. I honestly like the minigame but there are certain times when it really doesn’t feel like it works right, much like pickpocketing you can try it, reload and just be instantly discovered for no apparent reason. There might be reasons it works that way but they’re not really well explained to us in game.

@BoogieMan Honestly I don’t know, I didn’t try it at all and only saw guides on youtube long after the chest despawned. I find the best way to skill up is doing some of the random easy/very easy chests and doors in Rattay. It’s pretty easy to sneak around there.

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Skinning a boar, setting a fracture and brewing a potion aren’t dexterity mini games within KCD. Lockpicking is.

If all the twitch based activities in this game were too easy, we would finish this game in a week… And then what? I’m having a great time patiently immersing myself in KCD. Not looking forward to finishing anytime soon.

@Emothic i dont think lock picking is hard on console but its still not possable to pick hard locks on level 2 even on PC

Honestly ive been using the joysticks and its easy. I dont understand why people have been having trouble rotating two sticks at once. its really not that hard since i can do easy and very easy locks in about half a second

(On Xbox) I was completely unable to pick “very Easy” locks, including the training locks at the start, and didn’t bother to pick any locks for many hours of playing. Yesterday I managed to pick locks ranging very easy to hard… with no change in what I was doing. I picked every lock, on every container and door in the Rattay Bailiff’s office/home. Many of which I could pick in one try. With all these locks opened I got to about level 4. I can even challenge very hard locks that say they are too hard. EDIT: My advice would be to make sure the you roll the left stick counter clockwise, around it’s furthest outer edge of movement.


Do NOT use your thumbs directly on the joysticks like a stick-shooter. Instead, pinch both joysticks between your index and thumb while the controller sits in your lap so you have direct control over the lock movement. This makes lockpicking a million times easier because you can control exactly where the dial and dot are. I’ve been able to pick “very hard” and “too hard to pick” locks this way after a couple tries, and I always get “very easy” to “hard” locks on the first try.

Going to try this out :wink: After I find some lockpicks that is :slight_smile:

lol if they increased the lockpicking deadzone a little the game isn’t going to lose 20 hours of play time.

Its probably a combination of it not being great on controller and people not noticing the ‘too difficult’ message.

I dunno why you guys gotta cycle through the same arguments anytime people got a criticism of this game. This is obviously too much of a sacred cow for you guys.

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Youve never used a rake i guess. In real life lockpicks dont break as much.

The short and sweet: NO, like everything else in this game it gets easier (sometimes too easy) with PRACTICE.

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