Is saving regularly involved in Game world Glitches?


I’ve been playing this game on and off even since it came out, and not once have I been able to finish it due to some sort of game breaking bug. I re-installed it this month, and the experience has been the best I’ve ever had so far… untill last night.


It started after the third mission of band of bastards, where I was attacked by several bands of enemies at once by coincidence I guess (bandits fighting cumans near a cuman camp which also joined in…). I was stuck in combat mode after that, with no way to skip time, save, or whatever… During my attempts to get out of combat mode I found Fletch lying on his face in the midde of the road along with his horse near Sassau (not dead, just inert), and Sir Radzig’s horse suddenly appeared somewhere (not sure where, I just know it wasn’t supposed to be there - Radzig himself was still at Perkstein). After booting up the game this morning, I decided to re-load a save I made just before a dice game with Fletch, only to find out that the dice wouldn’t roll and were viewed in a pile from below, clipping through the table. At this point I was kind of discouraged to continue…

I had some mods installed (playing on Hard Core mode):

  • Easy to see Herbs
  • Instant Herb Picking with Hand Movement
  • Player Map Marker Restored
  • Show Reticle for Bows (yeah I’m a pussy for even wanting this, bite me)

I guess what I’m trying to find out is what may have caused this sudden breakdown, whether or not saving regularly (sleep and Schnapps - I think I was at or nearing the 100 saves) is involved, and if there is anything I can do to prevent this sort of thing from happening again? I read somewhere that saving only sparingly helps… not really sure where I read that, or if it was even KCD…

I love this game, I know it’s always been a bug-fest, but it’s improved so much since launch… I have hope yet :slight_smile:

Absolutely not a problem

+2.2k saves and counting… :wink:

Savegame file is the issue (I think), try using another… :thinking:

Well there goes that theory ^^ Thanks for your reply by the way :slight_smile:

Still, there must be more to this than mere chance, how come you spend hundreds of hours in game without problems? Do you use mods? And do you use normal mode or hardcore (because fast travelling)?

I may have over-reacted a teensy bit by uninstalling the game, all saves, and disabling cloud storage heh… I’m afraid the re-loading ship has sailed. Definately good to know saving is not an issue though, I’m a staunch supporter or “Saving Smart, Saving Often”

Really dunno, since I see many ppl with gamebreak issues but not for me… only gamebreak bug was when talking with Old Straw, in pestilence sidequest, was bugged, but it was fixed.

I play both, normal & hardcore mod with no gamebreaking bugs so far. I mean, there are/were some overall bugs, like, samopesh’s blacksmith in the roof, or Pribitslavitz’s blacksmith traveling daily between cities, guard resting arms in a table that doesn’t exists… but, it doesn’t means problem with the main game, fixed when reloading saves

No mods at all, but manually modified “MM_SaveGame.xml” since I don’t trust mods… hehe

Me too, that’s why I modified “MM_SaveGame.xml”… However, I did it manually… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now, here my advice, not from a pro, just my thoughs:
The savefiles are small (7.6MB at most) not matter how you have progressed in storyline. So, I guess not everything is stored in that file, some current actions are preloaded/stored in a different file (In example, if you are standing or crouching, savegame file doesn’t save it, when reloading savegame - not restarting, you’ll be as in your previous ingame stance, don’t know if you have noted this), or something like that… that’s why I try to make savegames while Henry hasn’t started preloaded/scripted actions, before to take action…


Thanks a million for your in-depth response; starting a new Henry in 3…2…1…