Is this game better than Oblivion

Let me start.



Two Very Different games Kingdom Come and the Elder Scrolls.
But l never really liked Oblivion. After Morrowind and the fact the enemy’s scaled to my char made oblivion rubbish. Now Skyrim that is better then this game and Fallout 4 is better then them all.


Don’t know. More existential angst in beginning of KCD and end of Oblivion. Like grinding in KCD much more. Liked in quest combat desperation in Oblivion more.

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At the time it came out maybe not but now an easy yes.

I’ll start off the discussion, although I should admit I only played “O” for about 10 to 15 hours and I only started playing games seriously about 6 years ago, when a friend gave me his 360
He also gave me one of the Fallout series (played one hr.) GTA, Skyrim, and three or four other games, which I never played. I don’t like shooter games and racing games get boring quick.
I really liked “O” until I had to go into Oblivion. I hated the graphics and sound track there.
I couldn’t handle the reddish “hell” there, creepy music and those little imp things.

I played SKyrim up to level 70+. I pretty much loved everything about SR, but I immediately fell in love with the scenery graphics from an artistic point of view. THe Sky at night, WOW. And of course the sound track was a symphonic masterpiece. I’d wake up with the music playing in my head!

I consider Skyrim on par with The Lord of the Rings movie artistically.
I took many art and astronomy classes in college, so I appreciated the creative hard work that went in both.
But they are two different things. Skyrim only needed the images, but the Rings had to craft hard items for the movie, so it was a much bigger undertaking.


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The objects, characters and quests of Skyrim and Oblivion required much more artistic and creative thought than KCD. I can appreciate the research required to produce KCD, but it used mostly objects, places and people from life, so it did not require the imagination creating the fantasy world gamers like me knew and loved.

But after playing those fantasy games, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a game based on history and real life.
The drama seems much more real, and Henry seems like a real person as does the world of KCD.
KCD may not appeal as much to those who prefer fantasy games, and those games will always have their appeal because they obviously stretch the imagination farther.

I played one other game for a few hours based on history: WWII, the one with the landing on Omaha Beach.
It was too real as war games go, and I can’t imagine anyone who actually fought in WWII wanting to relive it by playing that game.
The landing sequence made me realize how horrible it was for those young men and what a waste.
I don’t like games that glorify war or killing people. Shooter games bore and disgust me.


Sorry I have to make so many separate posts.
I’m using my iPad, and when the text gets too long, it becomes hidden behind the keyboard. Can’t see what I’m typing.

I think whenever someone asks, “Is this game better than…” the question is not easy to answer, and the answer will depend on not just the games, but the people playing them.
I think KCD is the best game I’ve played so far, but my tastes are my own, so the question is totally subjective, and not based on any deductive process. Like the question, “Is the earth flat or…?” That answer is not subjective.
That’s my wordy opinion.

I’m wishing KCD a long life as games go and I can see other KC games based on history being successful.


careful what your saying is Heresy i wouldn’t want to see u burned at the stake here.



It’s better than all TES games. I would say it’s as good like Risen and Elex.

there completely different games, i dont know why everyone likes to compare apples to oranges i didnt know kingdom had argonians and khajiits in the game … and tes numbers says otherwise… you might as well have said battlefield 1. i dont know why people like to single out skyrim or what ever people like to think up but its stupid. why are you comparing a game that came out in 2006 to one that came out in 2018 , that alone is a huge compliment to oblivion. i never even played oblivion btw.

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i love warhorse and i hope they come out with more games just like this all through out the medieval ages . for there first game this is fucking amazing. i love the style and pretty much everything about everything in this game and the era it takes place in. thats why i get salty when people have compare fantasy to fiction . bethesda is there own thing, they make billions of dollars doing it lol. i think if warhorse continues on this path of making realistic medieval games they will be doing the same right there with Bethesda years fom now. but until Bethesda makes a realistic game set in the middle ages then ill compare.

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As a long time fan of the “fantasy” rpg, I can confidently say that I am converted. When I first heard about this game, I thought it would be boring without orcs, elves, dragons, etc.

The very interesting thing is that by fighting only humans, it makes all of the encounters much more interesting. For example: In oblivion, you see a monster up ahead and you attack. In KC, you see a human up ahead. Is it a merchant? A bandit? Someone that needs your help? It isn’t as simple. It completely changes how you approach things.

Yes, this game is much better than oblivion. At least for me.


In that respect, I would compare KCD to Red Dead Redemption. Completely different approach to combat, but the open world…only humans…not sure if the figure on the road is a traveler, a bandit, etc. feels very similar. I remember one time a man was running up the road, screaming for help as three men chased him. I intervened and shot at the pursuers, only to find out I had just attacked a Marshall and his Deputies in pursuit of a bandit. :open_mouth:

Two completely different games.
Obliv. has a deeper guild system than the two or three miller quests, plus the skill trees are far enough apart from each other to clearly see that one game is fantasy and the other is historical.

I just finished the game and half of Talmberg is still in tents. Sir rob is standing at the trebuchet while his lord and wife sit in the castle lol.

I can still ask questions about the siege even after its over so from a bug perspective Obliv has the upper hand but Warhorse is working with what they have so you gotta roll with the punches. Get both games play them both for 120 hours, dont eat much, call out of your office job and then come back and tell us what you think!


Oblivion was the first quasi-fantasy open world sim so yeah… It has similarities. You can compare kcd to it. I’ve doesn’t need the fantasy elements. I’ve isn’t triple A. But does a great fuckin job. So evade the comparison all you want

Loved Oblivion! Mainly due to the setting and design.

FO4 I found really boring - just shooting baddies compared to the previous FO games.

Still, each to their own. :slight_smile:

its a great game dont get me wrong but for me oblivion was better back at its time vs this game at our time.

how ever really really super hyped for (from the ahses) DLC I have been asking for this DLC since the beginning and also asking WH to add more things so we can spend our ingame money on with this DLC they will add both am really thanfull that WH listens to there fan. with this DLC it might become better than oblivion (for me).

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Well my dad said Oblivion was the best open world game ever for 2005 and I said its not. It’s fun but doesn’t come close to KCD eh guys?

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it got released on 2006 and it was game of the year.
there was no other good RPGs around back at that time.

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