Its coming home!




the curse is broken … congratulation!


@Colombia u ok hun?


penalty shootout won by England… :wink:


Italy didn’t even make it. Germany and Argentina are out. And, England wins on penalties. Crazy times



I think that France will win and revenge the 100 years war in the final with England (or did they win ? who knows)


! England!


Columbia were Cumans in this game. Utter animals. Half of the team should have been sent off. Ref forgot his red card. Won’t be visiting them anytime soon.


World Cup has been really wild this year, can’t really predict what will happen, but instead hope for the best!!


We’re gonna smash it!


Three words what the f***


“Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’”


Congrats that after 100 yeears england wins ther first penalty shootout . Belgum will win the worldcup and england will be not longer on colombians deliver list for ther best product for the next years :rofl:


Only reason you beat us was we didn’t want to win the game. It’s called fixture tactics.



One of the most accessible & popular sport in the world, yet one of the most boring to watch. I speak for myself only here and my opinion is not shared by everyone I know. You are free to love what you want and it’s the way it should be.


I think it’s one of the most exciting to watch because every goal matters. In Basketball where you have like 30 “goals” a game thats just boring :smiley:


So all those billion or so fans are wrong?


No, they are not, but most of them probably don’t even care about any other sports since they don’t know anything else really.


2-0!!! Haha


Absolutely smashing the Swedes