Its coming home!


Congratulations from a Swede. The better team won, easy as that.


U guys were better in the other games


I agree that Sweden did not perform as well as we did vs other nations. But I still am fairly certain that England would have won either way. We Swedes also have a huge amount of respect for English soccer. In many ways it is thanks to English way of playing soccer that Sweden made it this far in the World Cup since we more or less play the same way England did a few years ago.

Unfortunately for us this time, England has evolved and played really well. England has played world class so far this World Cup and if Harry Kane will get some chances in the remaining games, I am certain England will take it all.

I am happy as long as England wins and not France, so God Save The Queen!



France v England final is the stuff of wet dreams


This is hilarious. Good job lads!


Its not coming home. Yet. First youll Need to win vs Croatia.

Then, Maybe, you`ll have to beat France. Which seems rather impossible.

Wembley 66 is Long gone. Greetings from Germany.


Greetings from Sweden! I hope Croatia wins this World Cup, but in the end we can all agree it was a nice and exciting World Cup! Except the game England vs Colombia, I must agree with England that Colombia played ugly as hell.


Modric FTW!
Someone needs to tell England that they aren`t Penalty kings…


In Sweden you have your free month, right?
Lucky people you are.


Yes, I have five weeks of no work :slight_smile: But I will only be home this week and then I will take my family on vacation. First to Dubai and then to Tokyo, my wife is Japanese and our children has dual citizenship so we try to spend at least some weeks every year in Japan.

Sorry that Germany did not go to the finals, believe me when I say that most Swedes has Germany as their favourite nation after Sweden of course.


Sweden-Japan that`s a mix. I wonder what the kid looks like? 2m tall blonde and asian? Happy vacation, dude.

Mh? Germany did take part in WC? Didn`t even notice…
Normally I like the underdogs…So I supported Iceland and Sweden, after we got out.


England its coming home tonight!!!


Pfft… Croatia after Penalty 5:3


American Anglophile here, with heavy Eastern European ancestry, who usually supports the underdog…
So I’m really torn.
Just hoping it’s a great match, and I’ll end up happy and support either team against France.


2-0 To England tonight


SCORREEEE!!! HAHA england 1-0 in first 5 mins. Owned


Owned!? Please Kirksty, behave like an adult. I say this in all kindness and with respect, but that kind of behavior is why people may have problems with you. England has played great, nothing else to say about that.


How didn’t we own that 1st half? I know you are upset w me but lighten up dude.


Mate, read that reply from you today… are you a time traveller?


They won’t win.