Its coming home!


I am not upset mate, I have way more important thing in life than being upset with a forum person that I do not know. As I said, England is so far obviously the better team but that can change fast.


Sure i would hope not. I want everyone to get on. Hopefully we win yea? Croatia are looking good this half.


I understand your excitement mate, I would act close to it if Sweden was in the same position as England is now :slight_smile:


The game seems to getting more exciting by the minute!


I can’t watch it I’ve got kids that seem to think standing in front of the tv is the best place to play


Haha! I know the feeling. I have a seven year old and a four year old. The four year old used to think our TV was a touchscreen.


Let’s go Croatia!


Not playing good now.


Both teams are sloppy right now.


Croatia right now is much better than England.


Nice feigning injury there by Croatia


It seems the Cup is coming home to Croatia :wink:


England can’t expect to win without soccer


It’s coming to Croatia’s home :wink:


The Cup is coming home to Croatia, finally!


Or it = England


well they did us proud. had zero love for International football or any buzz for the world cup and they have managed to inspire and make the country dream once again ! .

now i guess its time to just bring that old hag may down


certainly comported themselves well relative to the ‘golden generation’… and better yet, they’re young


I agree, England was great this World Cup. But as England kicked my nations butt, I had to go with the underdog in this semifinal. I hope Croatia wins it all, I like when smaller nations play as great as Croatia did today.


Proud of our boys. The England squad made the whole nation proud as no one thought they would get into the 2nd round even. Good job lads!


Ok who’s cheering on England on this sunny Saturday? :sunglasses: drinking me some beers lads :beers: Belgium watch out!