Its showing a black screen after loading,,



i have a problem in beta , when i opening the game after the short video story and loading it showing a black screen but i can see : beta and in developing words on up side of the screen also i can hear songs of the game

can anyone help me please?


Anyone still facing bugs? or are actually playing this game?
Can't start game

this problem can be caused by sound driver.
Look here, there is solution at the end of the discussion.

Beta Launcher Black/Blank screen

thanks a lot :slight_smile: can you tell me more about sound drive problem ? and can you tell me how can i solve it ?


Truth be told, I have not experimented with the sound driver.
The improtant information fro mthe issue is this:

Problem is Fixed! It depends on the Sounddriver. Installed P17X Series Support Pack 3.0, the unofficial Driver Pack and the Games runs again on my Mainsystem.

Try to dig out what sound driver you have and then look for updates or some unofficial packs, same as the OP have.


thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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